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 Posted By: jeffreydavidmorris269 
Hello, I live in the general area of Los Angeles, California. I believe in peace, love, & friendship...
Signed: 7/21/2003 10:14:07 PM
 Posted By: mystic_seas92805 
great site love it and will be here a long time
Signed: 7/21/2003 2:44:04 PM
 Posted By: Bill Dixon 
Love your site keep it up. I live in Stuart Fl. and have enjoyed nudism in Fl for many years.
Signed: 7/16/2003 4:16:54 AM
 Posted By: John 

As each year goes by, we, as nudists in Vermont, are losing our Nudist sunning areas, beaches and outdoor recreation spots one by one.

The demise of The Ledges, the uncertainty and police problems at Huntington Gorge and the banning of nudity in other areas of Vermont due to local ordinances are leaving nudists with no where to go for outdoor recreation. It is time for Nudists of Vermont and those from other states who come and enjoy our nudist places, to join forces to take back our lost Nudist areas and to create new ones.

We cannot continue to allow the conservative fringe, religious right and other close-minded people to do as they please, while we say and do nothing and simply allow our nudist areas to be taken away from us. It won't be long before we have no where to go and we see the end to a long standing Vermont tradition. We must do something now!

We propose the creation of a Nudist Land Trust in the State of Vermont. This Land Trust, funded by contributions from individuals, businesses and fund raising, would allow Vermont Nudists to purchase land for the sole purpose of nude recreation. By purchasing our own land, we eliminate irate landowners, angry boaters, law enforcement intrusion and all the other problems that Nudists face while nude outdoors. The land would be bought and governed by each and every one of you, the Nudist community, via an elected Board of Directors.

In the very near future, we will be hosting informal gatherings to discuss a possible Land Trust. The dates, times and places of these gatherings will be announced well in advance. In the meantime, we are creating a website for Nudists with the main feature being constantly updated information on our proposed Land Trust. We will also be including message boards for discussions. We anticipate the website's completion within the next couple of weeks.

Please do your part and forward a copy of this message to your Nudist friends, family and Nudist supporters. Posting copies on any and all Nudist websites that you frequent would be appreciated. Please help us spread the word far and wide!

Feel free to use the Yahoo! group NakedInVermont at for any Nudist Land Trust discussions until the new website has been completed.

E-mail with questions and comments concerning the proposed Vermont Nudist Land Trust should be sent to
Signed: 7/10/2003 10:24:39 AM
 Posted By: paul 
great site!
Signed: 7/7/2003 10:50:35 AM
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Nude beaches   [35%] 663 votes
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On the boat   [5%] 88 votes
Nude hiking   [5%] 100 votes
Nude cruises   [1%] 12 votes
Nude camping   [4%] 84 votes
Nude volleyball   [1%] 10 votes
Nude bowling   [0%] 5 votes
Nude golfing   [0%] 6 votes
Nude tennis court   [0%] 3 votes
Nude house parties   [6%] 115 votes
Just my home, I don't travel   [14%] 258 votes
Other not listed here   [4%] 68 votes
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 Site News - testing membership levels
Posted by Admin On 06/20/2021 At 11:13:12 PM
Does anyone want to help me test the membership levels on the new site?

When one buys an $8 Membership, they will enjoy elevated privileges for a year. This can include private messaging, image uploading or other features.

I need to make sure a member can purchase the membership (it's a PayPal interface, any credit card works.) If you want I can send the 8 dollars back, I just need to make sure it's working for everyone.

If you decide to help us test this, please forward to me any emails you get, so I can check that your experience is the best one.

Thanks! - testing image uploading
Posted by Admin On 10/24/2020 At 3:14:46 PM
The image upload function has been activated. It uses the Attachment button. Instructions are on the site.

Let me know how it works out for you. - thumbs up or stars?
Posted by Admin On 09/06/2020 At 11:49:08 PM
We have the option to choose whether a member can vote for another's post in a thumbs up/down manner, or with 5 stars.

In other words, if someone says something epic, do you want to be able to have 3 choices or 6 to express your enthusiasm?

3 choices:
no vote
thumbs up (100% yes)
thumbs down (100% no)

6 choices:
no vote
1 star (strongly oppose)
2 stars (moderately disagree)
3 stars (meh)
4 stars (moderately agree)
5 stars (strongly support)

In discussion forums I think everyone is accustomed to using the thumbs up system. But I can see how the more nuanced voting with stars could be better.

You might want to express your moderate support, for instance, if you have some small disagreement.

Your thoughts? - refining the topic structure
Posted by Admin On 07/16/2020 At 11:00:48 PM
Soon I'll be putting the categories in place. They'll be largely empty for a time, as was the case in the original NRO.

If any of you have time, could you look at the All Forums page and suggest improvements to the order of our categories?

On NRO, I had put the most common entry topics near the top, and personals at the bottom. How can we improve this topic structure? Thinking it through now will make setting it up easier. - phase 2 of testing
Posted by Admin On 07/16/2020 At 04:09:49 AM
Thanks for helping in the first phase of testing. I have deleted all content and memberships. Please re-register and let me know if everything is going smoothly.

Any problems, the more info you provide the better.

Behind the scenes, the PHP protocol has been updated. Permissions have been optimized for better security. The Admin username has been retired as it was a hacker magnet. The confusing social media registration was removed.

Begin Testing Phase 2! Let me know if you find out how to break anything. - finding the bugs!
Posted by Admin On 05/09/2020 At 4:55:29 PM
Our new site at is up and running. In this phase we track down every possible malfunction and fix it.

If you're helping to test (and please do) any detailed information you can provide makes it easier. Providing the exact wording of the error (if present) helps a lot.

It would be nice if everything worked perfectly out of the box, but that's why we chose software with a professional support crew and community. Something breaks, it's just a matter of finding the answer. Thanks everyone for helping in this phase of development.
Funding the new site
Posted by Admin On 02/22/2020 At 01:49:45 AM
Here's a thread to discuss what you'd like to pledge toward our goal of $2300 for a brand new remake of NRO. Get ready for 2.0.

If you'd rather pledge privately, just PM me.
If I provided a private multi camera chat room...
Posted by Admin On 03/13/2016 At 2:52:20 PM
Would you use it?

I've talked about Google Hangouts On Air as a basis for a nudist talk show on YouTube. I can also configure this system to NOT record, and NOT broadcast. Only those invited to the room would be able to see and talk to each other.

Up to ten people can video chat simultaneously.

You could also talk with your camera off. In that case only your Google avatar will show.

If you're interested, let me know in this thread and I'll RSVP you for the video chats coming up later next week.
Would you be part of a YouTube nudist talk show?
Posted by Admin On 03/04/2016 At 10:52:45 PM
I've recently developed the studio setup to host live multiple webcam talk shows. It uses Google Hangouts On Air, which broadcasts live and then is playable on demand on YouTube.

To appear as a guest on camera, all you need is a PC, tablet or phone with a camera. If you're out and about and using your mobile plan, it takes about 1/2 gig per hour of streaming.

I was just wondering if that sort of project is something we'd have fun with.

I believe YouTube allows nudity in certain contexts. Why not share the best of our community?
Recent site upgrade
Posted by Admin On 03/03/2016 At 12:23:41 PM
You might notice the site is a bit quicker than before. Yesterday we moved the database to a newer, more powerful server. There seems to be a significant improvement in speed.

It would be helpful if you guys and girls could report any weirdness or glitches that show up. My email address is

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