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 Posted By: KoldKadavr 
Do you think Jesus would stop by and get naked? No, sir. It's a mortal sin! Worthy of damnation! Why? My 5-step-plan for disaster: You see these beautiful people (in my case, women), get aroused, your morals fly right-out-the-window, you invite her back to your hut, and you both make-love without marriage. Not good for your soul if you wanna have Eternal Life beyond the grave. My suggestion is this: You stop this, get on your knees, beg the Trinity for forgiveness, and, if you're Catholic as I am, receive the Holy Sacrament of Confession. Thus, Jesus will welcome you back into His loving arms and your ignorant sins will be lost to all. If not, then, I fear for your souls. Why? Mary our Mother wouldn't do such a bombastic event. And to have kids doing so! Egads! They'll grow-up thinking it's OK to get laid, further separating themselves from our Creator. Your choice. Your demise. A prophet's job is to warn.
Signed: 1/8/2005 7:55:24 AM
 Posted By: Randy 
Hello to all.
I have been visiting several different nudists websites recently. I am learning a lot about nudism - things I never even thought of. I would like to visit a nudist resort or home near me but have not found anything yet.
I am in West Texas.
Any ideas/clues/suggestions?

Signed: 1/4/2005 3:11:11 PM
 Posted By: Richard 
Hello in Salem, Oregon, formerly from San Diego, CA I know a few members here, heck I have em on my messenger, add me all:, lets chat soon, thanks, Richard
Signed: 11/22/2004 5:28:10 PM
 Posted By: Tom 
Hi all, WA State here. Western WA on the exclusive Key Peninsula. Trying to start discussion groups or friends club here to enjoy life to it's fullest. Have nice party home on secluded acreage. Click on my site and let's talk.
Signed: 11/15/2004 12:11:47 PM
 Posted By: John G 
Have always enjoyed being nude, but only recently realized how important it is to participate in social nudity. Live in Orlando and wish there was someplace closer than Cypress Cove to enjoy this freedom. Will be checking this site often to listen to others like me. Thanks for putting out all this info. See ya.
Signed: 10/28/2004 7:34:30 PM
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 Site News
If I provided a private multi camera chat room...
Posted by Admin On 03/13/2016 At 2:52:20 PM
Would you use it?

I've talked about Google Hangouts On Air as a basis for a nudist talk show on YouTube. I can also configure this system to NOT record, and NOT broadcast. Only those invited to the room would be able to see and talk to each other.

Up to ten people can video chat simultaneously.

You could also talk with your camera off. In that case only your Google avatar will show.

If you're interested, let me know in this thread and I'll RSVP you for the video chats coming up later next week.
Would you be part of a YouTube nudist talk show?
Posted by Admin On 03/04/2016 At 10:52:45 PM
I've recently developed the studio setup to host live multiple webcam talk shows. It uses Google Hangouts On Air, which broadcasts live and then is playable on demand on YouTube.

To appear as a guest on camera, all you need is a PC, tablet or phone with a camera. If you're out and about and using your mobile plan, it takes about 1/2 gig per hour of streaming.

I was just wondering if that sort of project is something we'd have fun with.

I believe YouTube allows nudity in certain contexts. Why not share the best of our community?
Recent site upgrade
Posted by Admin On 03/03/2016 At 12:23:41 PM
You might notice the site is a bit quicker than before. Yesterday we moved the database to a newer, more powerful server. There seems to be a significant improvement in speed.

It would be helpful if you guys and girls could report any weirdness or glitches that show up. My email address is

About our website - Nudist-Resorts.Org
Posted by Admin On 09/07/2013 At 02:48:10 AM
I thought I'd write a brief summary of what we're doing here at Nudist-Resorts.Org.

We support safe, supportive nudism where there is no sexual focus or agenda.

Banned for offensive language
Posted by Admin On 05/25/2013 At 9:34:23 PM
Bob Knows is permanently banned from this forum as a result of these comments . Members, please notify me immediately of any instance of offensive or racist language. We have zero tolerance for those who would destroy the camaraderie of our forum. If you're made uncomfortable by anyone, let me know about it, and I'll determine if the behavior is outside our guidelines.
Replacement for ""
Posted by Landlord On 03/14/2011 At 3:21:41 PM
Does anyone know of a replacement for It doesn't seem to work anymore, and I found it quite useful in the past.
Themes and more on your personal My Page
Posted by Admin On 09/15/2006 At 03:36:33 AM
We've added a new page you may find useful and fun, called My Page.
On your My Page you can change the color scheme of the entire site, to suit your mood. Also provided is a handy list of topics you've started and the most recent topics you've replied to. Have fun with your My Page!
Nigerian spam messages
Posted by Admin On 08/04/2006 At 1:19:34 PM
From time to time we have aggressive individuals that become members just to send nigerian spam messages. Everyone has seen these—requesting access to your bank account so you can have a share in a 'secret' treasure. Please disregard any message from these spammers. When they show up, they are banned from the website. Unfortunately, many nudists in Europe will not be able to view the website due to this individual, who has caused us to block whole ranges of IPs. Thank You for your alerts to the admin, they are helpful!
Disappearing members and posts
Posted by Admin On 09/07/2003 At 12:44:07 AM
Two of our female "members" have been deleted, as have two males. They were all fake profiles created by one male poster. We will not tolerate deception of our members. Once it was determined all four were from the same person, these posts were deleted.
One of the best things about this forum...
Posted by Admin On 09/02/2003 At 4:47:50 PM
One of the best things about this forum, is that every person has a protected place to make his or her viewpoint heard. To ensure against spoiling this environment, every post is read by a moderator and deleted or edited for being outside our guidelines. This means every post must be read, every day. Sometimes you folks have a lot to say, and we have lots of messages to read through before we can address our other business for the day. I'm not suggesting you should stop contributing. Indeed, I personally find this forum much more entertaining and enlightening than any other nudist publication I could purchase. That alone makes the work of moderating it a little easier to manage. And the amazing thing is that nearly every bit of what is posted is the best information available anywhere! I certainly couldn't write it all- it's all the amazing writers in our community. I'd like to thank all the members, and the moderators, for your wonderful and insightful contributions supporting social nudism.
Kevin (Admin)
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Reprinted from The Guardian - Saturday January 13, 2001 Phil Goddard sheds his inhibitions in a naturist resort It... 
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