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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Admin Posted - 07/20/2002 : 4:45:46 PM
[Remember, the topic here is non-erotic nudity, and anything outside our guidelines will be deleted.]

What and where was your first time nudist experience? Even more interesting, why did you do it?

Just hit Reply To Topic to submit your story.

15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
FireProf Posted - 03/05/2019 : 5:41:45 PM
When you see things like a first time poster, posting links, always send Admin an email so he can check it out and get rid of the person if they are indeed a spammer.

Loves being naked. Plays well with others!
rkitek Posted - 02/28/2019 : 12:18:39 PM
Not about to click on the link above. New member with one post. I'm guessing porn.
james621lara Posted - 02/27/2019 : 08:31:10 AM
This is a great post. I like this topic.
oldnudyman Posted - 11/19/2016 : 08:22:58 AM
Originally posted by ranul

Originally posted by oldnudyman

I don't remember it well, but someone was holding me upside down and then they slapped me on the butt.

I think it is suppose to refer to a time when you had a choice to be nude or not
You need to get a sense of humor!!!!

Nudony Posted - 11/19/2016 : 12:30:35 AM
My first time with social nudity was actually pretty boring. Went to Gunnison with my best friend, went nude, he joined me and we spent the day nude playing with a Frisbee. Sure I was really nervous at first; but all in all it was pretty uneventful. I did realize that day though that I wanted to be a social nudist.

My GF can boast an actual STORY behind her first time. We went to St Martin last winter. She knew I wanted to go to Club O., but had no real desire to go herself or disrobe in any way. On day 2, we decided to go to a lesser known beach, Happy Beach. The current that week was especially strong, actually "knock you on your ass" strong. We got in the water, sat in the surf. And before we knew it the current knocked us around, dragged us and tossed us back on the beach. At that point her bikini top was under her chin. As she tried to stand up and untangle her top, the current knocked her down again and her top came completely off. We finally got back on our feet, and she was laughing at her sudden unexpected toplessness. She just threw her hands in the air in an "oh well!" moment and just kept it off.

She probably thought that as the end of it, but the same exact thing would occur later. After chatting and chatting, we came to an agreement to visit Club O. She figured she had already been topless, so the "worst" that could happen is that she would go topless again. And so she did. Later in the day we decided to go for a swim, and I convinced her to try skinny-dipping once in the ocean. So she removed her bottom once we got in the ocean. We swam around for a bit - she really enjoyed swimming nude - and after a while we decided to return to the beach. She was still holding her bottom and getting ready to put them back on when the current got us - again. Knocks us off our feet, pulls us back in and spits us out in the surf. And my poor GF is rolling around, legs flying everywhere, still holding her bottom. I help her on her feet and ask her if she needs help with the bottom. Laughter ensues, and she tells me it's a little too late, as she is now standing up on the beach completely nude! And so we walked back our chairs and she just stayed nude the rest of the day.

For many nudists, the first time is a planned event, with few surprises. For my GF, who had never been nude outdoors and actually had no intentions of even trying, this was a very unexpected and "visual" transition.

ranul Posted - 11/18/2016 : 4:24:48 PM
Originally posted by oldnudyman

I don't remember it well, but someone was holding me upside down and then they slapped me on the butt.

I think it is suppose to refer to a time when you had a choice to be nude or not

oldnudyman Posted - 11/18/2016 : 08:11:15 AM
I don't remember it well, but someone was holding me upside down and then they slapped me on the butt.
ranul Posted - 11/17/2016 : 5:58:51 PM
This summer I went to a clothing optional beach for the first time .
While I was going down the six hundred or so steps I was wondered if there would be any nudity on the beach . Sure there were signs warning that there were a clothing optional beach ahead .
When I finally reached the bottom a saw that there were many people that were nude .
I didn't feel comfortable undressing in the open went to the rest room and after using them I undressed and walked out into the beach .
Enjoying the freedom of being nude out in the open .
One thing I notice that most of the children were dressed or either or wearing swimsuits even if there parents were naked .
Next year I plan on returning back to the nude beach

free2be Posted - 10/23/2016 : 3:23:50 PM
Sometimes you never know. I hate to jump on the troll bandwagon too soon. I like to give the benefit of the doubt when I'm not too sure of the post.
FireProf Posted - 10/23/2016 : 09:24:58 AM
I didn't even glance through any of it the first time but did after you mentioned some of the content. It could be age or just a troll ... either way, these types of posts ruin a good conversation!

Loves being naked. Plays well with others!
free2be Posted - 10/23/2016 : 09:24:45 AM
It was very difficult to read and focused way too much on his penis's first visit to the resort. This may be a one post and done thing but I hope the poster is legit and finds that subsequent visits to the resort will be better with less worries and more enjoyment of social nudity.
Daretobare Posted - 10/23/2016 : 06:46:46 AM
I too find it too hard to read. The parts that stand out to me though is of sexual nature. Bet we will see this character and his stoy on True Nudist too.
FireProf Posted - 10/22/2016 : 10:05:45 PM
Gotta be honest ... I'm not going to try and read this post. That is one huge paragraph. How 'bout you edit it and break it up some so it's easier to read. I think many here would agree.


Loves being naked. Plays well with others!
bluespirit339 Posted - 10/22/2016 : 9:54:38 PM

I went to a nudist rv/camp site resort for a quick day trip. I am 24 years old and enjoy running and working out so I am in good shape but not like model /weightlifter shape. I like being nude since It makes me feel free but have never nude around others. I am still a virgin since i have never met the right woman for me. A weird thing about me is that I am in shape but i am only physically attracted to bigger women, plus size or bigger. I tend to finder older girls attractive since they have more mature features and a lot of confidence. They also are more interesting to talk to. My preference in women is what prevented me from going to the nudist resort in the past since bigger women tend to be at nudist resorts and i was scared that i might see one and get an erection.

Once i moved about 45 minutes away from the nudist resort i decided to visit it for a day. I masturbated an hour before leaving just to be safe since this would prevent an erection later on. I donít want to get an erection at the resort that day since i wanted to socialize with the other people there.
I arrived at 10:30am and got nude and lay out by the pool. At that time no one else was out. I felt really nervous about being exposed but also kind of free. I started to get a slight erection but hide it with my extra towel. A couple showed up and sat by the pool I looked up from the book I was reading and they gave me a look. I decided that i was best not to look at anyone since that could be taken the wrong way. I felt really free being outside nude and walking the trails. The only thing that bothered me was that i would randomly get an erection at times and have to cover it up. It was never a full on erection but only a slight one. Throughout the day this would happen less often and I was able to walk past clothed or nude females without having to cover up. I felt like I was getting these slight erections out of nervousness. When I would walk the trails by myself i would see how long i could walk without having my towel hide my penis. On the trails my penis mainly obeyed me and wouldnít get hard. Once i went to the dock at the end of the trails i was by myself so i layed out on the chair facing the creek without having to worry about covering up. I got a throbbing erection out there but i didnít have to worry about it since there was no one around to see it. I felt free out there and didnít even feel turned on. I swam in the creek to get a good shrinkage going just to see if that would helped. My goal was to see what would work or not work so that i could return to the pool without having to worry about my penis doing whatever it wanted. The cold water did help but for some reason i while flaccid i kept randomly producing precum. This would happen throughout the day. Small amounts of clear precum would randomly seep out of my penis/foreskin throughout the day causing me to have to discreetly wipe it off. My biggest fear there was that I would accidently get a full erection.This never happened but I would often lay in different positions to conceal my penis if it started to recover from shrinkage just to make sure that no one would look at it and think that i was getting an erection. I know that people always think the worst about single men. I just didnít want any of the men there to assume that I was checking out their wife or girlfriend and give me a big throbbing kick to the balls.Thankfully I didnít think that anyone there thought that i was there to check them out. That was not my goal for the day. I stayed at this place for about 7 hours.I would read by the pool and then jump in the pool and lay back out letting the wind and heat dry my body. I was ok with exposing my shrinkage and normal flaccid penis to everyone around me. I believe that only one person may have seen my precum at one time. I never felt it seep out and would have to look at my penis/foreskin every now and then to see it i had any seeping out. Sometimes i would get to comfortable and not notice it till i would reapply sunscreen. Not much people where there. It seemed like everyone there was a couple. The women there were older but good looking but I didnít stare at any of them. My goal was to talk to people and make friends but that didnít happen. I would get stared at some times but i was ok with that. I wanted to talk to the people that were there but I couldn't since I didnít want to risk anyone seeing my precum or slight erections. The other guys there seemed to not have to worry about their penis and having to cover it up. I found myself wishing that i had control over my body but sometimes stuff just happens. Being uncircumcised I tend to produce precum without wanting to or knowing that i am and tend to get slight erections easily without wanting to. The scariest moment was when I was in the indoor pool, one of the pool jets shot water at my penis. It was a normal pool jet flow of water and it felt really good on my penis and balls for the 5 seconds i was by the jet but that instantly triggered an erection. Not a full one but a slight one that stayed for a while. I had to swim with this erection and walk to the chair area with it to get my towel. Thankfully no one was in the inside pool area so i was able to swim it off and walk around with it slightly hard without having to worrying. But it was a scary thought that I could have been completely exposed without any way to cover up since i was in the pool. I wonder if there is a pill out there that could prevent erections and precum so that I could freely hangout with the other people at the nude resort. I wish that people at nudist resorts would understand that this happens to guys and it is hard to control. The internet tells of how single men at nude resorts are not going to be welcomed since everyone assumes that they are there to stare at the women. If i wanted to stare at hot women i would go to a beach or the mall. I was there to enjoy the nudist lifestyle and feel free and be one with nature. I would like to someday go back there or get a membership it seems like it would be fun when there are a lot of people there.
Gregfresh Posted - 07/28/2015 : 12:51:56 PM
I have to Say my first time was just three weeks ago on Martha's Vinyard! I was so nervous but just said it's now or never. I felt so free and never wanted to leave but knew it wouldn't be my last time. I was maybe the youngest person there for a wile but there was one couple the looked close to my age the last two hours I was there. I'm excited to go back might do it again this weekend! I just want to get more comfortable with being nude in the open and then maybe go to a resort or event.

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