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Forum Admin

Posted - 11/19/2004 :  01:24:48 AM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I think it's important to be honest with visitors from the start:
There is no such thing as 'freedom of speech' in a discussion forum.

The Nudist-Resorts.Org forum a private place—it's my home, and you are welcome to join, but you have to play by my rules, while in my home. If you do, fine. If not you have to leave. It's that simple. If you want freedom of speech go make your own forum.

My rules are pretty simple here. NO flaming (personal abuse/disrespect), NO resort bashing, NO erotica (text, photo or link), NO deception, NO topic hijacking (please stay on topic), NO solicitation sexual or otherwise, and NO troll behavior (see below). Leave that stuff at the door. That's the only price for posting at this free nudist message board.

One important issue is to NEVER promote "swinger lifestyle" clubs as a normal part of the nudist community. They are not. Real nudism is non-sexual behavior, just like in public.

I think you'll find the members to be a marvelous group of folks, and the forum benefits and features numerous. Enjoy—the only clothing you'll require is a good nudist attitude.

Admin at Nudist-Resorts.Org

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Forum Admin

Posted - 11/19/2004 :  01:27:13 AM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
What is "Troll Behavior"?

An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial and usually irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional response, or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion. [Read more about "Internet Troll" on Wikipedia]

For those that would rather have things spelled out, here is a list of annoying things that, when too much of my valuable time is diverted to them, usually result in someone being banned:

  • Topic hijacking, causing the thread to go wildly off topic, ignoring the original subject

  • Topic hijacking, encouraging or baiting others to go off topic, ignoring the subject

  • Being generally rude to our members in your posting style

  • Verbal abuse, attacking the person instead of sharing ideas

  • Attempting to create discord and argument

  • Treating differences in religious or political values with disrespect, or with intent to incite

  • Encouraging a fixation on sex by interjecting sexual references into ordinary threads

  • Interjecting references to sexual research where inappropriate

  • Quoting the entire previous message in the very next reply

  • Quoting when it is clear already who is being replied to from the context

  • Replying to many people in a thread at one time

  • Multiple consecutive instances of "please explain" pestering

  • Posting just to post, for instance, "I agree", and not offering anything new

  • Posting just a quote, perhaps just by mistake, and not bothering to delete it

  • Excessive consecutive posting in the erections discussions

  • Only arguing back when the Admin warns in a letter, no repentance, no apology

  • Praising a member's post for its reference to visible erections, and offering nothing else

  • Commenting on whether enough of a member's genitalia was visible, or its qualities

  • Encouraging a member to have more light on his genital area in his avatar

  • Pressing a member for more personal information about their lifestyle or children, where none was offered

  • Showing an avid interest in body pose of members' avatars, and making suggestions

  • Being a champion of the Free Range Erection, no matter how "reasonably" you can argue

  • Not showing any class in choice of words, i.e., vagina vagina vagina

  • Showing no concern for posting with good spelling and grammar

  • Creating page after page of endless argument, posting many times a day

  • Adopting a false persona in order to create a false, frivolous or disruptive argument

  • -and-

  • Generally creating in my view a threat to the well being of this forum. That's enough in itself to get you banned.

I don't allow troublemakers into my house to hassle my guests, do you?

The above can all come under the heading of Trollish Behavior, generally a disruptive agenda.

Remember, I don't put freedom of speech above everything else here. What I hold highest is good camaraderie, and building an enjoyable consensus among different segments of the nude recreation community. After all, that's what nudism is really all about, that we can share the nude experience while learning to respect our differences.

The Admin and the Moderators can tell when you have a mainly sexual focus, or are promoting a sexually related or spam business. We are a spam free forum.

The other most common mistakes which have resulted in deletion of memberships include:
  • Creating avatars with the penis attracting attention in some way

  • Including "sex" as a hobby, or mentioning a strong interest in "swinging" in your profile.
The only way to indicate you are sexually available here, if absolutely necessary, is to use the phrase "open minded" in your profile and elsewhere. Anything more, you'll appear to be soliciting for it, and you're outta here.

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Forum Admin

Posted - 10/25/2006 :  2:01:51 PM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
References to sexual orientation

We encourage each member to indicate in his or her profile prominent aspects of their personality through their hobbies, personal news, etc.

We don't have a box in the profile for sexual orientation—bisexual, straight, swinger etc. for a reason. To list these things would get into actual solicitation, which is where we draw the line. As mentioned above, if absolutely necessary you can choose one of the following terms to use in your profile.

Allowed are open minded, gay, and lesbian.

These three terms are permitted because it indicates a general aspect of your sexual orientation that might be a large part of your personality. These terms fall short of actual solicitation for sexual partners, but serve more as a flag under which like minded people can congregate.

Most conservative nudists seem to be able to deal with a man declaring himself gay, as long as he refrains from advertising for sexual partners. Likewise, in polite company a couple might declare themselves "very open minded" without trouble, whereas if they said "swinger" their acceptance in the group might be brought into question.

For these reasons certain popular terms are strongly discouraged for use in this forum. If you use the terms swinger, lifestyle, bisexual, bi, straight, very sexual, sensuous etc. in your comments or in your profile, your motives will be examined by the moderators and if it is deemed you are soliciting for sexual partners you will most likely be deleted or banned from the forum without warning or notice.

Another easy way to get your profile deleted is to indicate "sex" as one of your hobbies. How original. You'd be surprised how many of these show up every month. Our community is unique in that it excludes these characters as soon as they show up. They can go elsewhere to pick up partners. If you cannot behave as a nudist and leave your personal sexual agenda to your private life, you will not be welcome here.

Posting a link to erotica, or to any website offering nude photos for sale, or where nude photos are a major focus, will also make you liable for deletion from our forum.

That about covers the references to sexual orientation. Thanks for reading and supporting our values.

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Forum Admin

Posted - 10/25/2006 :  2:15:54 PM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
What is allowed in photos

We will not allow to be published or viewed on this website any nude photo where:
  • The legs are open toward the camera
  • The genitals, breasts or buttocks are more prominent than the face
  • Attention is drawn to the genital area
  • A full or partial erection is visible
  • Nudity of minors is featured
  • The photo has an erotic or sexually titillating nature as determined by the moderators
Any exceptions (family photos for instance) are at the discretion of the moderators.

The best nudist photos show not just the nudist, but the location and setting of the activity. Everybody has seen a nude body, let's see where you've taken yours!

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Forum Admin

Posted - 11/04/2010 :  07:59:54 AM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Delete your account

This requires the Admin. Just send an email or PM to Admin at . Be sure to include your username.

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Forum Admin

Posted - 03/25/2016 :  11:29:09 AM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
How do I post?

To reply to another person's post, use the Reply to Topic link. You can find the posting links within the blue bar at the top and bottom of the page of comments.

To start a new topic, first make sure someone hasn't already started that topic. Do a search. Duplicate topics can be deleted. If you are certain that no one else has posted on your topic, then use the New Topic link. Make doubly certain that the location for your topic is correct, so others can find it when they are looking for that information.

Thank you!

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