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Nudist I M
New Member

Posted - 04/07/2003 :  10:08:38 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a general question for all my fellow naturists. It concerns shaving of the pubic area on both men and women. My partner and I are both avid shavers for many reasons both sexual and non. We are noticing that it is becoming more popular in men and women all the time. I was just wondering how the naturist/nudist society views it.


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Forum Member

Posted - 04/07/2003 :  10:19:46 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Kevin, I've not seen any increase in people who shave at nudist venues. Actually, I've acquaintances who are not nudists and shave and vice versa. It's a personal preference really.

Doing what I can to positively promote nudism

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Nudist I M
New Member

Posted - 04/07/2003 :  11:07:51 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Thank you for the quick response to this question. I'd just like to know also if you feel that we might feel uncomfortable being shaved in the presense of others at a club or beach. I feel sometimes that people might think we are sex freaks or something. When all we really like is to be completely "smooth and nude"

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/08/2003 :  08:46:53 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You'll find those who are shaved at many clubs.

Doing what I can to positively promote nudism

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New Member

Posted - 04/08/2003 :  11:51:14 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm totally shaved and in my experience, no one treats me any differently. Very few people even ask about it or comment. But shaving or permanent hair removal has become more popular in the past ten years.

John M Hoppe

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New Member

Posted - 04/08/2003 :  11:58:08 AM  Show Profile  Send beaver0933 an AOL message  Send beaver0933 a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I shave every other day, I find it more comfortable and being a widower and the oppinion of others hasn't been a concern to this point.

enjoying the freedom of being nude


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New Member

Posted - 04/08/2003 :  2:41:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

About shaving Do what you feel comfortable with I removed my pubic hair because I never like that. I go to the beach and I am very happy for being free of hair and enjoying people around me who share your spirit not your physical aspects

Michel Sauvage

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/08/2003 :  9:35:42 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My wife and I had this discussion a few weeks ago while spending a few days at a resort in Palm Springs. We noticed the increase in smooth nudists. The younger nudist either have very little pubic hair or none at all.

What was surprising to us is the increased number of older nudist following suit. We've notice many middle aged and older women that are smooth. Wonder if they've been smooth for along time or are keeping up with the fashion trend.

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/11/2003 :  11:48:59 AM  Show Profile  Send gordotus an ICQ Message  Click to see gordotus's MSN Messenger address  Send gordotus a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I am shaved here and use a inhouse (apartment) pool and shower , very busy area , have noticed one other person that is shaved. No one seems to mind that there is no hair , I do not hide it !

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New Member

Posted - 04/27/2003 :  4:01:07 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My wife and I have also noticed an increase in shavinf amongst people in their 30's through 60's. About 5 years ago my wife, in her late 30's started shaving a little to keep in style at clubs we have been attending. Over the years she has progressed to almost completly shaving. She loves the neater look. She wishes she had started shaving 15 years ago. I starting trimming a lot more recently. I think it is a great trend and I hope that it continues.


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New Member

Posted - 05/05/2003 :  12:14:54 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Besides for the comfort factor, being smooth is much more pleasing to the eye. If we'll be honest with ourselves, a lot of body hair is not very pleasant to look at. We maintain the hair on our heads for looks, so why not the hair on our bodies?

While I don't remove all the hair from my body, I do trim most of it to a very short length. Its my preference to remove the pubic hair rather than shave. Shaving leaves stubbies and shaving can irritate the skin. Both of these detract from the feeling being smooth imparts.

Ultra Hair Away is a great product to retard hair growth. Although expensive, the results are far surperior to shaving.

Smooth and Happy!!!

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New Member

Posted - 06/05/2003 :  09:24:46 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am new to being a public naturist, but I have been smooth since high school. I never liked body hair. My wife doesn't mind. It seems to me that quite few naturists trim their body hair - which to me, is a good thing. But as they say - each to their own.

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Forum Member

Posted - 06/06/2003 :  11:58:50 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I must say I have a fashion sense. I like being smooth but leaving a little tuft up top. You know, the classic girl pubic hair cut. I don't know what it's called. Anyway think it looks attractive and it shows that you take the extra measure to look good, rather than just quickly shaving everything off. I also think it looks trendy and hip. Say, while we're on the subject how many pubic hair styles are there? It would be funny to see a comb-over.

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New Member

Posted - 06/23/2003 :  2:19:19 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi friends
i am new to this wonerful worl...but feels good when shaved...

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New Member

Posted - 06/24/2003 :  12:00:05 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Wife is shaved and I am not. She started shaving before we were nudists and she likes the feeling of no hair.

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New Member

Posted - 06/25/2003 :  09:26:14 AM  Show Profile  Visit flash's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I fell in love with "Bomba the Jungle Boy" TV show in 1964 (I was 5). As I went through my childhood and later puberty it was never far from the forefront of my mind. When Pubic hair began to appear I would shave it off as quick as it grew. I am now a 45 year old WM and I have not let my body hair grow at all. I shave or nair at leasst once every 2 days. I don't really know why, other than I find smooth skin attractive and harily skin no- attractive.

I have been married twice and while both of my wifes thought the shaved look was "cool" they both hated the virtually perpetual nubs as they both found it a constant distraction while snuggling. I suppose on another note those of us who don't particulary like looking into the future with binoculars, probably associated smooth skin with youth and in some ways we do it to remain young (at least in our own minds).

Edited by - flash on 05/05/2004 06:36:21 AM

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