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T O P I C    R E V I E W
IslandGirl Posted - 07/28/2002 : 10:02:59 PM
Imagine a trip alongside the coast of more than half of South America. Exotic places, different styles, habits and colonization.

This is what the Brazilian coast has to offer you. If somehow you are able to cover the distance by car or by bus, from North to South, you will feel like you have been in at least six or seven countries. Even the language differs! Let's try to show you a bit of this rich culture and wonderful places you have to visit on the Atlantic seaside of Brazil.

Our trip starts in the Brazilian Northern border, near the French Guyana. Everybody in the world knows that Brazil is a big producer of coffee, but few people are aware that everything started from this point on the map.

Nearly two centuries ago, coffee production was restricted to a few regions in the world. France was trying to develop this production in its colonies. At that time, there were some border conflicts between Brazil and French Guyana in the north. An army official, Colonel Francisco de Melo Palheta, was sent to the region to settle down the border, which he did very successfully. While going to Cayenne to sign the agreement, the French Guyana governor's wife fell in love with him - and gave him the first seeds of coffee that were planted in Brazil!

The Brazilian border with French Guyana is located on the Northern State of Amapa. If you start your trip to the south, you will find the foz of Amazon River, near Marajo Island. Marajo is an important cattle-raising center and the foz is known by the pororoca phenomenon - this is the Portuguese name given to the waves formed by the river waters, when reaching the sea. A true spectacle throughout the year.

On the other side of the Amazon River, you will find the city of Belem (the capital of the State of Para). Belem is not known for its beaches, but rather for its handcraft and nice food. Typical dish there is pato no tucupi, a duck cooked in an oil extracted from the Amazon Region.

From Belem, you can take a ship trip to Manaus, in the middle of the forest, through the Amazon River. Simply a traveler's dream!

But where do the good beaches start? We are just around to find them. The next State capital after Belem is São Luis, in the State of Maranhao. Founded by the Portuguese in the 16th Century, São Luis is located on an island and is famous for its colonial architecture and beaches.

A bit further to the east, Fortaleza is the next state capital on the Brazilian seaside. Known by its tropical beaches and lovely people, the capital of the State of Ceara was the origin of a number of folk tales and romance books. Natal, the capital of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, has become a popular place for sport events and honeymooners for similar reasons.

Then we arrive at Joao Pessoa (capital of the Brazilian State of Paraiba), located at the extreme eastern point of the Brazilian seaside. Joao Pessoa claims to be the place where the Sun appears first in Brazil - thus, it will be the first city to see the Sun of the 21st Century! Local government intends to promote tourism to Joao Pessoa by using this calling argument.

Going a bit further, you will reach the two most important cities in the Brazilian Northeast Region: Recife and Salvador. The first is known by the two rivers alongside which the city was built: Capibaribe and Beberibe. It was also the place where the Dutch conquerors installed a local government in the 16th Century, thus giving the city an European air that survives still today. These two factors gave Recife the title of "Brazilian Venice".

Recife's beaches are among the most beautiful of Brazil. Beware! Sharks can be found in some of Recife's open sea beaches. Near Recife there is the city of Olinda - smaller, but as important as Recife in terms of historical buildings. UNESCO has declared Olinda as Cultural Heritage of Mankind.

From Recife, you can take a plane tour to Fernando de Noronha, a paradise island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Fernando de Noronha is a natural resource where dolphins and many fish species can be easily found. A good infra-structure has made the island become one of Brazils most visited places.

Passing through the beaches of Maceio, we reach Salvador, the first Brazilian capital with strong African influence. "Smile, you are in Bahia!", says the outdoor in the airport of Salvador (Bahia is the name of the State of which Salvador is the capital). This phrase best defines the spirit of the region: Salvador is known for its Carnival, merry people, feasts and music.

Salvador has very typical food for you to taste (beware with the pepper!) and a historical center which was also declared Cultural Heritage of Mankind. Its beaches are spread over the open sea and Baía de Todos os Santos (All Saints' Bay), where you can take boat trips to islands and other isolated places in the region.

Shortly after Salvador, you will reach Porto Seguro, still in the State of Bahia. This was the place where the Portuguese first reached the Brazilian territory. On April 22, 1500, Pedro Alvares Cabral arrived for the first time in Brazil and declared the land - which he thought was just an island - a Portuguese territory. This is why the place is called Porto Seguro (Safe Harbor, in Portuguese) and big celebrations are planned for April 22, 2000, when the 500th anniversary of Brazilian colonization will take place.

After leaving the State of Bahia, we will go further south to Guarapari (a beach which sand has medical properties and is indicated against many diseases), Vitoria (one of the most important Brazilian ports) and then you arrive at - Brazilian postcard - Rio de Janeiro!

Rio de Janeiro is worth a single article about it. Nicknamed the Wonderful City, Rio has much more than Carnival to offer. Where to start? Worldwide famous Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, among many others - Barra da Tijuca, Leme, Leblon, Vermelha... Pão de Açúcar (the Sugar Loaf) and Corcovado with the Christ Statue and the view to Baía da Guanabara... Paquetá, an island where autos are forbidden and you can walk freely across the beaches... and many, many other beauties...

From Rio de Janeiro, you can reach Parati, a historical city built in the 17th Century. Parati is a planned city, so its streets are straight and well built. A modern thinking for a town where houses are colonial and streets are made of stones.

But let's go further south. You will pass through Ilhabela, an island alongside the coast of São Paulo known for its beautiful beaches and... lots of mosquitoes! Don't forget your repellent, because the trip is worth it!

Then we arrive at Guarujá, called the "Pearl of the Atlantic Ocean". A nice town with beautiful beaches which suffered with pollution a few years ago. Things got better and Guarujá returned to be one of the favorite places for paulistas to visit during summer. Enseada, Tombo, Pitangueiras, Guaiúba,... all these beaches and many more remain full of tourists not only in the summer, but all the year round.

Take a boat from Guarujá and you will arrive at Santos, the biggest port in Latin America and the hometown of the soccer club where the great Pelé played for most of his career. And from there you reach São Vicente, the first village founded in Brazil back in 1532.

A bit further to the South (from São Vicente, you only need to cross the beautiful Ponte Pênsil, a bridge built almost 100 years ago), you reach the South Coast of the State of São Paulo. Praia Grande is the first town. Formerly a district of São Vicente, Praia Grande has been known for years as the preferred place for one-day tourists (those who come from São Paulo in the morning and return on the same day).

Things have however changed, and Praia Grande developed a lot in the last ten years. It has now progressed and become an important commercial center. From there you can go to Itanhaém, also one of the first towns founded in Brazil, with lots of beautiful beaches like Sonho and Cibratel and many historical buildings.

After crossing Iguape and Ilha Comprida, you arrive at the State of Paraná, with its important port, Paranaguá. Don't forget to take the train trip from Paranaguá to Curitiba, one of the most beautiful (and least-known abroad) views of Brazil.

From Paranaguá you can easily reach the beautiful beaches of Paraná and northern Santa Catarina State: Matinhos, Caiobá and São Francisco do Sul (a historical town in Santa Catarina).

We are now reaching the Northeast side of the State of Santa Catarina, mainly colonized by the Germans. The typical architecture and lifestyle will make you feel as if you were in Europe, especially when you visit Blumenau and Joinville.

A short distance further takes you to Florianopolis, the State capital, with its lagoons, beaches, sand dunes and boat trips. The city is located on an island near the coast and its postcard, like São Vicente, is a metallic bridge (Ponte Hercílio Luz) which was the first link between the island and the continent.

But let's go further to the south, to the historic town of Laguna, to Araranguá and its lighthouse, and to Torres, already in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. The beaches of Torres are known for the high rock towers that can be found along the coast.

From there the road will take you to the State capital, Porto Alegre - no beaches, unfortunately, but from there you can take another road alongside Lagoa dos Patos, the largest lagoon in the South American continent. Right on the extreme end of the lagoon (beside the link to the Atlantic Ocean, we reach the port of Rio Grande, and from there the road will take us to the coast of Uruguay and the country's capital, Montevideo.

From African influence to European immigration - the Brazilian coast proves to be a joining of various countries in a single one. Variety is the keyword: but words cannot describe it in its entirety. For your next summer, include a visit to Brazil and you will personally see how so many cultures can live together, in harmony, under a single flag, a single nation.
15   L A T E S T    R E P L I E S    (Newest First)
calif2007 Posted - 08/08/2008 : 9:04:08 PM
Can anybody tell me anything about praia del pina in brazil...the best place to stay what it is like etc thank you
Barefeet Posted - 06/02/2006 : 12:42:07 AM
sorry shortcuts didnt work ;)

bye the way. calheta at florionapolis is official nude/optionel.

here a few links


Camping Naturista da [club name deleted at their request] - Taquara-RS -
Camping Naturista Pedras Altas - Palhoça-SC -
Camping Naturista do Complexo Turístico Praia do Pinho - Bal Camboriú-SC -
Camping da Associação dos Amigos da Praia do Pinho - Bal Camboriú-SC
Camping do Mirante do Paraíso - Igaratá-SP -
Camping do Rincão Naturista - Guaratinguetá-SP -
Camping do Recanto do Paraiso - Barra do Piraí-RJ -

Pousadas, pensions and hotels

Albergue Naturista da [club name deleted at their request] - Taquara-RS -
Hotel Ocara - Taquara-RS -
Pousada Naturista Pedras Altas - Palhoça-SC -
Pousada Naturista do Complexo Turístico Praia do Pinho - Bal Camboriú-SC -
Albergue da Associação dos Amigos da Praia do Pinho - Bal Camboriú-SC
Pousada do Mirante do Paraíso - Igaratá-SP -
Pousada do Rincão Naturista - Guaratinguetá-SP -
Pousada do Recanto do Paraíso - Barra do Piraí-RJ -
Pousada Dom Quinzote - Conde-PB -
Pedras Altas - Palhoça-SC -
Galheta - Florianópolis-SC -
Pinho - Bal Camboriú-SC -
Abricó - Rio de Janeiro-RJ -
Brava - Cabo Frio-RJ -
Olho de Boi - Buzios-RJ -
Barra Seca - Linhares-ES -
Massarandupió - Entre Rios-BA
Tambaba - Conde-PB -
Barefeet Posted - 06/02/2006 : 12:23:20 AM
a litle late. but thx Cheri. couldnt find anything about Sao Luiz.exsept getting back here to you lol.
Morro de Saopaulo is beutifull. but when I was there I was the only nude. supose to be ok at the "third" beach.
Rio has a lovely beach close to town. but no busses to there. go >< and klik at the flag.
Porto Alegre in south brasil has a nudecity/wilage. you forgot somehow to mention that here ><
WOLFPACKSTUDIO Posted - 05/01/2006 : 8:42:21 PM



Cheri Posted - 04/14/2005 : 11:10:46 AM
Originally posted by Barefeet

Hi !! did hope to find informations about Sao Luiz .MA. (maranhao)
any knows ??

Welcome to these message boards. I can recommend you do a Google search at In the search criteria, enter: "Sao Luis"+"nude beach" - some hits came up, but they appeared to be in Portugese.

Regards, Cheri

Doing what I can to positively promote nudism
Barefeet Posted - 04/14/2005 : 09:38:34 AM
Hi !! did hope to find informations about Sao Luiz .MA. (maranhao)
any knows ??
heinz1 Posted - 06/21/2004 : 4:51:01 PM
hello from germany ........
a little question:
i stay many times in brasil -- most in nova friburgo (rio d.f.) ....
is in the near from rio city a nudist beach ?
Kimberly Posted - 04/07/2004 : 04:23:54 AM
Looks very beautiful gporta, and welcome to the forum.

Kim =^.^=
gporta Posted - 04/07/2004 : 01:22:45 AM
Just a brief note:
The island of Florianopolis in Southern Brazil, has one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen called Galheta beach. It is a nudist beach very peaceful and very pristine.
I think you can see some pictures of it at (there are some posts in the forum of this site about Galheta).
If you ever have a chance to visit it, you won't regret it.
hltodd Posted - 03/10/2004 : 3:24:45 PM
Are there any official, or unofficial but tolerated nude beaches near Rio? I have heard about a beach called Recreio beach near Grumari. Are there any Cariocas out there who might know. I'll be going to Rio and thought I mnight enjoy a day at the nude beach.
papabare Posted - 03/03/2004 : 7:25:54 PM
I MISSED the 10 best naturist beaches?!?!?!

Anyone have a copy of it?

"On the 3rd day of Telecommuting, Dilbert found clothing to not be a necesity" -That Dilbert Dude (quote takin from memmory, dont quote me on it )
hltodd Posted - 03/03/2004 : 1:06:14 PM
Does anyone here have the information on the popular nude beach in Uruguay, near Punte del Este?
irishred Posted - 01/20/2004 : 07:58:32 AM
Althoff, welcome. The beach looks really nice.

Kimberly Posted - 01/20/2004 : 05:18:01 AM
Welcome to the forum Althoff. I saw that episode on the travel channel about the 10 best naturist beaches. It looks like a lovely place to go.

Kim =^.^=
Althoff Posted - 01/19/2004 : 9:56:03 PM
The best way to spend a great time in Brazil is to go to Praia do Pinho, which was chosen by the Travel Channel as one of the top 10 Naturist beaches in Brazil.

Check out this site:

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