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 Aspergers and nudism
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New Member

Posted - 11/27/2013 :  12:22:01 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Until this year, I've never heard of Aspergers, a functioning form of Autism. I'm 44 years old and several months ago was diagnosed with Aspergers. One of the the problems with Aspergers is being very uncomfortable with making eye contact when speaking. I've always tended to look away from the eyes when speaking with someone. I'll look below the neck, up at the ceiling, or turn my head looking off to the side somewhere. I've had a few instances in which the person I was speaking to thought I was "checking her out". Even when I tried, it was very difficult to maintain eye contact. Because of social interaction problems I've had at work, I sought help and counseling. Eventually, through multiple forms of testing, it was discovered that I've lived with Aspergers all my life. Knowing the general symptoms of Aspergers and my emotional triggers has made my performance on the job greatly improved (along with medication and some counseling). Everyone at work all noticed the improvement. Have any of you ever come across someone in the nudist community who could never seem to make eye contact that you may have assumed he was a pervert? If he wasn't staring at the nudity and was just not making eye contact, he may not have been a pervert. Have any of you ever known someone with Aspergers, or some other condition, in a nudist setting?

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Posted - 11/27/2013 :  4:27:46 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I may have come across or communicated with someone that had Asperger's but I didn't know it and they didn't divulge that information. I have communicated with a couple of male internet nudists that had Asperger's but didn't know it in the beginning. They were considered ... "difficult" to communicate with in this medium and at times, in the beginning, many of us wanted them banned from the site or message boards because of their "difficult" nature. But after we were told that the members had Asperger's and we knew what it was, we were much more tolerant and understood them better.

I can understand not wanting to divulge personal medical ailments or too much personal information but sometimes a simple intro, such as yours, helps others who do not know where you are coming from in your posts can be more patient and understanding knowing you have these symptoms.

All I can tell you is that ... we know more about our nudist friends than we do our textile friends and we've known our textile friends for over 30 years and have only known our nudist friends for over 10. Nudist friends, true, close nudist friends open up to one another and share so much more with each other than textiles are willing to do. Textiles are so concerned about what you'll think of them, their kids, their family, what they do ... Nudist friends just open up and are honest about everything. At least ours are. We won't judge them for mistakes, their opinions but find the good in them and are friends with them for many different reasons besides nudism. If your desire is to be accepted in the nudist community, then it is incumbent upon you to be open and honest with those you meet. Maybe then, you will not be thought of as perverted for not being able to make eye contact in a nude social setting. Who knows ... you may even find others that are well acquainted with Asperger's and find friends that are more than willing to take you in as a friend. They can also help with those that don't understand.

Good luck to you. ;)

Loves being naked. Plays well with others!

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Posted - 11/27/2013 :  11:01:26 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My 25 year old nephew has Aspergers. His whole life we knew there was something "wrong" with him. And by "wrong", I'm not saying that it's not acceptable or anything, I'm just saying we could tell he wasn't like all the other kids. He always had a problem keeping eye contact, he would often repeat things, and just always seemed uncomfortable. My sister took him in for test after test after test, and doctors always said they found nothing. My sister then did a ton of research and diagnosed him with Aspergers. She then found a doctor who confirmed this.

My nephew's life revolves around working (he works for a major chain of stores, collecting carts) and playing video games. He loves to go into work and they all love him there. He has a couple of friends that he hangs out with, but his social circle is very small. He always expresses interest in having a girlfriend, but he doesn't have the social mindset to ask any girl out.

He's not into nudism though, nor is anyone else in my family, so I can't relate it to that aspect.

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Posted - 11/28/2013 :  12:24:25 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have a son with autism, and have done a great deal of advocacy work on behalf of people with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum. First of all, I am more than a little astonished that a person with Asperger's Syndrome has expressed an interest in nudism. People with AS tend to struggle with social interactions even in the most routine circumstances, and I'm having trouble coming to terms with the notion of a nudist with Asperger's. I'm not saying it's impossible, but it strikes me as unusual to say the least. Having said that, there is far more to AS than poor eye contact, and it strikes me that a bad-intentioned pervert would have no trouble making eye contact with a potential victim. I think most of us would regard someone with AS as an odd duck, but not necessarily a pervert.

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Forum Member

Posted - 12/01/2013 :  12:52:39 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
One of my sons has high-functioning autism, and the other has Aspergers. Since my wife and I are nudists, they have been raised in the lifestyle from the beginning. We have visited several nude beaches and resorts over the years, and average about two visits per year. They are now 21 and 18, and we believe nudism has contributed very positively to their social interactions and self-confidence. They have many friends at the resort, and always look forward to seeing them again.

If God wanted us to be nude, we would be born that way!

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New Member

Posted - 12/01/2013 :  11:50:19 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
While some of you associate nudism with social interaction, my first nudist experience was on a beach in Rhodes Greece. Though there were plenty of people, we all were separate and weren't interacting together. I swam, laid out, and had a nice relaxing time. The beach wasn't crowded and I could see exits should things get too busy. When I went to nudist campgrounds, I didn't participate in any functions. I swam and hiked what little trails they had. It was peaceful and solitude. I enjoyed the feeling of swimming without a bathing suit, the feeling of the sun on my skin, and the freedom of movement when hiking trails (not so much the mosquitoes and stickers.

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