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 Nudist Men - From the Male Point of View
 Unwanted Erection
 Where do you stand on Male Arousal?
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Forum Member

Posted - 06/15/2005 :  04:19:20 AM  Show Profile  Click to see bilbo_baggins's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
It is true that a cold beverage does work well... especially when it is tipped down the offending regions! :-)


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Forum Member

Posted - 08/26/2005 :  9:54:41 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
new here, read pages 1-20, then 38-40. You people need some humour (spelled humor - for the Southisses - not pronounced like saussice) - go get the full salt shaker before reading on: <g>
Here is what I learnt so far:

I always thought it to be very convenient for women to immediately see on what time zone a man is. 7-9 no big deal, 9-11 run for cover (don't forget to ask me for my car key first) and hide on the back seat!

If I happen to get a hard one at a nude resort because my eyes happen to see a triangle of three blood-filled raspberries I will go over to the beautiful lady and ask her to hang her hat over it - to cover up.

I always carry at least two bottles of very cold beer with me, so if IT starts stargazing I press it between the bottles.

The beer also helps to refill the bladder - and then elevate the time zone. Most guys (and gals) know "how to get rid of a hard one". Implicit.

If there is a cool, nipple-raising breeze I'll spread my legs to allow it softly blowing the dust of my so dangerous weaponary. What a feeling! What a reaction! Just hot air!

So far it never happened that women were lining up to personally _handle_ the situation. So where is the danger?

When I am sitting in my bath tub with Hardy and my 6 year old daughter comes in and wants a cleaning revenge using soap and wash cloth I'll slam a bucket over her head so her innocence will last a few school days longer.

As for those males who never have an unplanned erection because they are always in control: You may be in control of your stick, yet manipulated by society. This may reverse with getting older. The power To Rise Again fades, so you can loosen the suppression. It won't heal the lack of power - though!

Enough with the humorous:
For me it is normal to have 5 erections per night sleep. I tend to have 2 erections in the office every morning, and likely at least one more after lunch coffee. So just why should there be none happening when I am at a nude resort?

Why should I have to _suppress_ a pleasant feel? (Control is not a better word). I won't go around and "exhibit" - jumping up and down as in volleyball. I won't run for cover either. I have no control over what other people look at.
Unmanipulated erections are like hair rising - they won't be up for ever.

Looking for nice lady. Uploading picture later.

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New Member

Posted - 09/04/2005 :  05:33:12 AM  Show Profile  Send dlmurphy8311 an AOL message  Send dlmurphy8311 a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Hi All, NEW MEMBER HERE! 46 yr old male, nudist/naturist! Not sure what to say next!! New here, and new to any forums period, new on the internet!!!

To the guy that says that everyone that does not post messages should be kicked out, you have a point, kick out everyone that has not signed on in the last ___days! Don't kick out the ones that just come here to read and increase their knowledge. My Grandfather always told me that a wise man keeps his mouth shut and his ears open (you know what I mean), listen and learn, read and learn, if you are running off at the mouth, you are not taking in information!

Male erections in public have been going on forever, caused by many reasons, very few of them are sexual.

Males usually wake up with one. I do. Several times a night. It is natural, nothing to be ashamed of.

I have never had an erection at the beach, but I have seen a few, and I think they were all just natural accurances, uncontrollable at the time. Meaning nothing offensive to anyone. Usually the guy went into the water, or the shower room to hide it. I was not shocked, and the girl I was with was not shocked, get over it??

I think this is a good place, I like what I see here, I hope I am not kicked out because I don't post, or kicked out for what I just said. I will rarely post, but I will read and learn as much as I can!!

Am I wrong?????

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Forum Member

Posted - 09/06/2005 :  5:21:40 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The instigating catalyst, erotic or physiological, is irrelevant. An erection should not be made apparent in a naturist context. The biological function of an erection is reproduction, sex, if you will. Every philosophy underpinning nudist activities, of which I am aware, mandate that sexual behavior is absolutely forbidden. If voyeurism or sexual gratification is one's desire, please find another location.
I concur that there are times when the aesthetics of the human form are pleasing. I cannot say that such is not a small part of the reason one might first try nudity on. It is just that one seems quickly to learn that it is truly a small (but not insignificant) part of naturism . . . that mandates certain body parts also remain small and insignificant.

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Forum Member

Posted - 09/06/2005 :  7:46:13 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
An uncontrolled erection is nothing more than a normal bodily function. If a man sees a beautiful sexy lady and has no reaction, he has a problem. You see, us men were built to be attracted by the female beauty. You ladies would be in serious trouble if it were not so. Why do you think women dress in tight blouses and short skirts? To attract the eye of men. So they should not be surprised when a man sees this sexy attire and has an erection. An erection is nothing more than a physical reaction to the male seeing a woman he could or would snuggle with.

I have had an erection on the beach just from the breeze, water or view. Ladies, it is a compliment not an insult. I am not ashamed of it. I became a nudist because I didn't want to hide anything about my body from anyone so why should I be anything but satisfied with my body.

Let's enjoy the naked body and all that comes with it.

No Tan Lines

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old hippie
Forum Member

Posted - 09/07/2005 :  10:30:55 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Two lines of thought are running here: (1) that erections are a normal response to the stimulus of an attractive woman, and
(2) that promoting or maintaining that response in not what is expected in a socially nude setting.

These two views are not mutually exclusive. Go back through a few pages of these posts, and see which are describing the physiological response, and which are describing the social intent. The separate threads are speaking past each other, not to each other.

And yet a different thought, thanks to Dan from VA: there are those who, for medical reasons, cannot experience an erection. To them (or to me), there is no such thing as an "unwanted" erection. We might more accurately refer to an "unexpected" or "unintended" erection for these discussions.

Dum vivimus, vivamus!

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Forum Member

Posted - 09/09/2005 :  4:34:02 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I relent slightly.
SEANekkid's comments reiterating that a naked body is nothing to be ashamed of would allow:
In a group of true nudists, an erection should not be an occurrence of note. Flaunting such, however, would be discourteous and clearly disrespectful in my opinion.
I think marpie's opinion that "a woman should not be afraid of seeing a man have an erection because of her" seems disingenuous if not dangerous advice. (See Kimberly's comment at the top of page 20 of this forum.)

In an uncontrolled environment --as most nude beaches seem to be-- how does a woman know if "an erection because of her" stems from temporary passion or from a need to dominate? Passion, sans response from the cause, normally should be deflating. The guy needing to dominate and demean has little respect for females. That is danger, marpie.
Re: Old Hippie . . . until one has, say, a red blinker for Response and a green blinker for Intent, what difference does the cause of an erection make? No one really knows, do they?

Edited by - GeeWilly on 01/19/2006 1:08:55 PM

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New Member

Posted - 09/10/2005 :  7:35:00 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Like I said in a post in another thread:

Attitudes twords erections will vary from place to place. In some areas, they are seen as non-threatening at worst and, at best, complimentary. In others they are ignored. In far more (most commonly in the Uptight United States) having one is grounds for serious berating and possibly dismissal. Basically, if one 'comes up' and anyone gives you snotty grief about it, get dressed and leave. No arguments needed. leave people to their prejudices and go about your business.

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old hippie
Forum Member

Posted - 09/10/2005 :  11:11:42 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well put, rendered. we do tend to over-beat the dead horses, don't we? And if a quiet departure is not practical (say, your ride won't pick you up for another hour), just moving away might suffice.

And I guess I wasn't clear enough in my prior post, that I was commenting, not on the nature of the erection, but on the two disparate threads of commentary: one with a focus on the physiology of the event, and the other with the psychological aspects. I was trying to point out that the discussion might make better progress if all were singing from the same page, as it were.

Of course, some discussions are not conducted for the purpose of progress, but just for the purpose of discussion. If that's case, we have many pages to go yet........

Dum vivimus, vivamus!

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New Member

Posted - 09/12/2005 :  05:45:12 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Agreed, old_hippie. Discussion is good. Direct face-to-face argument with a member of the Boner Police is a public environment is not. My position is simple. In the event said-incident ocurrs and someone gives me grief about it, I don't argue. I don't smart off, talk back, try to change their mind. i said "I understand, excuse me." I get dressed, I leave. i never, ever return.

I use simple logic. If it isn't okay clothed, it isn't okay unclothed. But that's a behavior thing, not an appearance thing. having an erection in a public place isn't a behavior. Trying to stick it in people at random, playing with yourself, those are behaviors.

Behavior does not equal appearance.

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New Member

Posted - 10/24/2005 :  12:03:16 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It is this feeling that an erection is bad even in a NUDIST/NATURALIST resort is what keeps most teens from ever enjoying the freedom that is a nudist beach. I'm a teen, and I can random often embarassing erections from nothing at all. I get them at school, church, swimming, so why wouldn't I get one at a beach were EVERYBODY IS NUDE! If I got an erection and some one called me on it, I would tell them that is the human body disturbs them, they should not be at this beach. And, if by the slight chance I got anyone else aroused, I'd take it as a huge compliment.

Notice: This moderator, operating under username 'Moderator', has been terminated for repeatedly censoring or altering posts without providing a clear indication of which policy was being enforced. Her actions were not sanctioned by this organization.

Edited by - Moderator on 10/24/2005 09:36:40 AM

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Forum Member

Posted - 01/05/2006 :  02:22:25 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
In my nude experiences, we always went by the rule of "No Advertising". Perhaps I should lay it on the table and see what develops:

This was (fairly, I believe) aimed both at men and women.

For men, it meant that if you get an erection, so be it, but don't go advertising with it. Even non-erection lewd behaviour is included here. When erections ocurred, there was no duck-and-dive-to-cover reactions, no agression. Obviously some actions get suspended that would make it just too visible, but if you were just sitting chatting, or tanning, etc. no-one cared beyond saying "he's enjoying himself" or "he's excited". Only in the cases where a guy "struts" around with it was it a problem.

For women, the rule meant not going around waving parts (aroused or not) in guys faces. Believe it or not, some movements and poses are very overtly sexual when performed by women, and are in my opinion to be frowned upon as much as bad male behaviour. Nude is OK, but lewd is not - irrespective of gender. Once again, only when a woman "struts" (or jokingly called "sluts") around with her body was it a problem.

Often, sometimes when you see it bothers some-one (or could potentially bother some-one), we'd just do a polite "Sorry about that" or "excuse me". Both men and women would often just say that little line - clearly indicating that what they have just done, (or posess) was not indended badly. Sort-of like saying "excuse me" after inadvertently letting out a burp in public. We're not barbarians after all...

Now I must say - after reading about 60% of this thread, that I have become a bit anxious about going nude here in public. Being new here, I'd make the observation that maybe it's just seen plain differently in North America. It seems people are a lot more edgy and sensitive about it. Although I have not had an excessive amount of them, erections have happened to me, but I have never experienced them being a problem before in the company I found myself. It seems to me that in North America, I have to be much more cautious.

Because I would like to adapt to my new social environment, this leads me to ask for some guidance towards the appropriate behaviour in this area where I find myself in now in the form of two scenarios:

1 - I am tanning in the sun (5 minutes max in my skin ), fall asleep, and get an erection due to my bladder being full or even having a dream (it happens). Should I have my partner wake me up and tell me to cover up? Would I be in trouble if she did not notice quickly enough?

2 - I'm walking down a beautiful stretch of beach chatting away with my partner, and she makes a reference to something semi-erotic that may happen later the evening, or even have happened earlier (both in private). Once again I get an erection that will go away in a few seconds if I ignore it (it happens!). Should I stop walking and cover up as fast as possible? Would I be in trouble walking on with an erection for perhaps a few seconds?

Thank you all for all this very interresting discussion! It's providing me with a lot of interresting reading!

Closing off - I feel that we should always be considerate to others and either adapt to the social norms where we are (when in Rome, do like the Romans), or go elsewhere.

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Forum Member

Posted - 01/05/2006 :  12:42:52 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
1- Yes, ask you partner to please tap you on the shoulder should this happen. You can just turn over.
2- Maybe take a dip in the water. Perhaps before you venture out to the beach with your partner ask to please keep conversation away from the erotic.

As previously stated, it just doesn't happen that often. The greatest problem is the anxiety.

Regards, Cheri

Doing what I can to positively promote nudism

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Forum Member

Posted - 01/06/2006 :  01:10:20 AM  Show Profile  Click to see Enjoyit1961's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
I once had one in public on a nude beach where we were with a group of people and it really is no big deal.
An erection is a perfectly normal occurence and since the setting had nothing to do with sex but only everything with the joy of being nude, nobody paid attention to it.
I believe at that time I took a dip in the water and...voila: "problem" remedied in a discrete way.
For the rest it is as with everything else in life: as long as people behave a little bit normal and as grown ups, there is no problem...also not with erections.

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old hippie
Forum Member

Posted - 01/06/2006 :  5:45:07 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
...Looks to me like Elrin has a good attitude here; "no advertising" is a respectable way of describing the approach that we - or at least, I - would like to have practiced.

...It appears to me that we may have more than two separate conversations going on here.
. (1) Fellas new to naturist settings are apprehensive about how they may be treated in the event of a physiologic event they percieve as almost inevitable. They should be reassured.
. (2) Many practicing nudists do not want pervs or boors to be parading about subjecting good-hearted folk to suggestive or bothersome displays. They should be supported in this desire.
. (3) Some cautious gents are getting worried that they may be accosted, or banished, if they experience a momentary arousal without any unsociable intent. Here, I sense a divergence of opinion; there appear to be some who suggest that this temporary condition should be seen as no worse than a sneeze ("Oops, I'm sorry, excuse me please."), and others who feel that the subject individual should promptly absent himself from the group until the arousal has been subdued.
While both positions have some merit and are defensible, I tend to come down on the side of the former. If four of us are traveling in the car and it becomes obvious that someone has polluted the air, it is only courteous for the individual to apologize; it is equally expected that the others will recognize that this was an uncommanded event, and will sometimes occur despite all efforts to the contrary.

Dum vivimus, vivamus!

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