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 Nudist Men - From the Male Point of View
 Unwanted Erection
 Where do you stand on Male Arousal?
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Posted - 11/01/2004 :  12:43:46 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Yeah, but you're one of the few here that helps the Admin. to keep it on trac.

Keep it up.


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Posted - 11/01/2004 :  10:26:29 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You know, I can't see this topic without the same thought recurring. I don't recall anyone else saying it in this thread. Maybe if I get it out it won't jump at me every time I see the topic.

And that is this irrelevant thought:

If you literally took a stand on male arousal (ouch!), it wouldn't be a problem any more.

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New Member

Posted - 11/01/2004 :  11:13:25 AM  Show Profile  Send okeedokkee a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Its amazing that it has to even be addressed at this juncture...

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Posted - 11/01/2004 :  11:36:12 AM  Show Profile  Send nudeisntlewd a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I think a long time ago, on a page far, far away, that someone did say something about the unpleasant prospect of standing on it. I think I'll use other methods to control myself .

But I like the way you put it apiarist. This thread needs a little more humor.


Edited by - nudeisntlewd on 11/01/2004 11:39:06 AM

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Posted - 11/28/2004 :  12:37:25 PM  Show Profile  Visit Ketchummaine's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Where do you stand on Male Arousal?

As far away as possible :)

Have a GREAT Day!

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Forum Member

Posted - 12/14/2004 :  8:26:56 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
To summarise a discussion (not for the first time)
Is an erection a sex-readiness sign? YES (even if it is caused by other reasons).
Is an erection a visual sign of a man's arousal? YES
Does men have erections because of naked women on the beach? YES (mostly)
Does it mean that a man wants to have an immediate sex with that woman? NO
Can women be afraid of seeing a man having an erection because of her? NO

Thus, an erection is VERY strong linked with sexuality. However, in my opinion, even if it could be treated as sex-readiness sign, it does not pose any threat to women. A man that cannot control his erection does still control himself to a degree that he would not do any harm. An erection happens because of for example naked women passing-by when walking down the beach.
I personally treat it as a highest compliment for beauty and nakedness of a woman (apart of course of simple pleasure of having an erection for a man).
One can argue about many reasons about going to a nude beach, but apart from them most of the men (even if they do not want to admit) like to see naked women and considerable part of women like to be seeing naked. Accept that fact and everything that result from it.

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Posted - 04/19/2005 :  11:39:49 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think Marpie has put together a very sensible statement on this subject and a very honest assessment of the entire thing.
I agree with the last paragraph in which Marpie states there should be some admission by most people that they go to a nude beach to "see" or "be seen". We all pretend to have such high ideals about nudism, naturism, etc... but I didn't go to Orient Beach with 8 other girls on Spring Break last year to "become one with the sand and surf"...I went because I thought it would be an adventure! (it was!) By the same token..I don't doubt the motivation of legitimate card-carrying nudists to be speaking the truth about their own reasons for enjoying nude recreation and I do believe many or most of them have higher and more noble ideals about it than I do at my age. for the fact that boys/men may not be able to prevent having erections at various times, they ARE (generally) able to have an erection without a totally uncontrollable urge to have sex. I'm not a guy...but I can tell you that my brother is 15 and he's probably had about 500 erections by now ( maybe a million..I dunno ) but..he's had ZERO sex***.. so I guess that proves the point :) He's been able to curb his "urges" by virtue of a solid Christian upbringing, good moral fibre, he can't drive yet, a mild case of acne, and the simple fact that his little girlfriend won't let him!! lol

Footnote: *** Sex defined for purposes of this forum message as "an act between two mutually consenting members of the opposite sex".

Ok..I stuck my foot in it..but I said my piece! lol


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Forum Member

Posted - 04/29/2005 :  4:50:42 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've read all the responces in this section. I agree that the bold display of an erection is bad manners. Roll over cover up, what ever, until it passes.
I do agree that as you age you should gain some control, but total control, I must disagree.
I on several occasion while doing this, that or the other thing in the house or yard I have become erect or semi erect. This happens for no good reason and I'm not sexually aroused. I write it off to a sense of well being, that triggers some pleasure zone in the brain. When I become aware of it, yes I can gain control.
I asked several of my male nudist friend if they had this happen to them and they said yes.They had no explaination for the erections. One guy told me he had one while washing his quad in the back yard, just out of the blue.
My wife says she doesn't have a problem with males being erect. She considers it a natural thing. She fully agrees you don't paint it red and wave it around, but it happens.
Further she says she has observed me rake a flower bed or what ever with an erection, and agrees it's got to be some pleasure buss of some kind.
She's just happy that after 32 years of marriage, and being in our 50's that everything works without little blue pills.
In our cirle of friend an occasional erection springs up, everyone ignores it, their usually short lived. We feel it's a natural thing and if your not waving it around like a winning lotto ticket no big deal.

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/29/2005 :  8:23:45 PM  Show Profile  Click to see natur31's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
Marpie has summed it up pretty well.
I go to nudist beaches to get an overall suntan, but am not ashamed to show off a little.
Yes, I have seen men getting erect looking at me, but have never had the fear that I would be sexually attacked.
I once went to a dance at a naturist holiday village. Of course the intimate contacts of dancing produced erousals. It was a pleasure to feel them against my 46 yr old body. BUT AGAIN no sexual attacks.



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New Member

Posted - 05/02/2005 :  6:07:52 PM  Show Profile  Click to see SEANekkid's MSN Messenger address  Send SEANekkid a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I'll probably get seriously flamed for this but I've never understood how nudists could be so anti-erection. I often hear the arguments from nudists/naturists that they enjoy being nude because it's "natural", because nude bodies are beautiful, because being nude feels good, because a naked body is nothing to be ashamed of. And yet there is so much shame associated with an erection. To me erections are "natural", beautiful, feel good and nothing to be ashamed of. I just really don't understand the often venemous attacks against erections.

Just because I get an erection doesn't mean that I want to have sex. It doesn't even necessarily mean that I'm terribly arroused. Sometimes a warm breeze is all it takes. It goes up, and then it goes down. Why should I have to hide myself or be ashamed of that?

Naked in Seattle

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Posted - 05/03/2005 :  12:03:42 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Sea Nude:

I use to think along the same lines that you stated. However, about 10 yrs. ago, I was at Red, White, & Blue Beach, just North of Santa Cruz, and I changed my mind. I saw a fellow coming towards me and a couple of women who were tanning near by. He had a full erection and was stroking it. Needless to say I was taken aback and the women were horrified. I got up to confront this fella but two bigger nude dudes, who had also seen him going at it, got to him first. They told him to get off the beach or he would have to deal with them. Since I was leaving anyhow I went back for my things and when I got to my car I saw him getting into his car. Bottom-line was I was able to tell the beach manager about his activities and the fella was permantely banned from RWB.

Incident still disgusts me when I think about it.


Everyday is another reason to be yourself. So "Smile! Be Happy!"

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/04/2005 :  02:24:17 AM  Show Profile  Click to see EuroTim's MSN Messenger address  Send EuroTim a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I have to agree with SEANekkid that I can't understand all this talk about erections. I always spend my vacations in nudist areas and on occassion see other guys with erections. No big deal, as long as they don't flaunt it. I DO NOT go to nudist places to "see" or "be seen". I go there to be naked myself, to experience creation the way God intended it.
Unlike SEANekkid if often happens to me with cool or cold breezes. No problem, it eventually goes away.

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Posted - 05/04/2005 :  6:27:35 PM  Show Profile  Click to see natur31's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
Sloboy's story is horrying. One just not wank in public!
I can accept male erections (see my various postings).



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Forum Member

Posted - 05/04/2005 :  6:45:25 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Great summary. Me, if I get one, thank heavens I haven't had one in the Sun, I would find a place that I would be less obivious.

SLO, may your summer and holidays be tanfastic.

Everyday is another reason to be yourself. So "Smile! Be Happy!"

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/04/2005 :  8:59:49 PM  Show Profile  Click to see natur31's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
And what if a lady gets excited?
It does show, erect nipples, open labia.
It has happened to me.



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