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Posted - 03/09/2007 :  5:58:59 PM  Show Profile  Visit jmg33188's Homepage  Send jmg33188 an AOL message  Send jmg33188 a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Hi everyone. I thought maybe it would be interesting to hear a point of view from the otherside. I am 20 yrs old. My parents began bringing me to Light House Beach (Robert Moses) on Long Island when I was 4 or 5 years old. Originally, it was me, my parents and my grandparents. I remember playing around in the sand and having fun with many kids my age, all of whom were nude. After my grandfather died, my parents started bringing some of their friends. As expected, i hit that akward stage around 12, 13. But that soon passed. My point being that, since I was exposed to the idea at a young age, I am very comfortable being naked around people. My friends wonder how come I am always walking around at parties and stuff with no close on. I tell them, "it's just natural and normal" Being exposed to nudism at a young age is liberating. A child becomes comfortable with their body and to be honest, doesn't care what anyone thinks. It is a great experience and I am glad that I began at a young age.


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New Member

Posted - 11/16/2008 :  06:06:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
i m a muslim boy at the age of 23 and not married. i belong to a conservative family but i want to visit nude beaches with my mom and sisters showing our bodies to nature. the problem is that only i have such thoughts not the others. so i am unable to share my thoughts with others. you guys are requested to help me in this metter. plaese give me yours replies.thanks


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Posted - 11/16/2008 :  07:32:58 AM  Show Profile  Visit HarborGuy's Homepage  Send HarborGuy a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
You are 23 years old. You are an adult. Just go. Why is it so important that you bring your mother and sister with you?

How are you ever going to meet a like minded girl if you are so obviously with others?

I understand that women in the Muslum religion can't go anywhere without a male, but you as a male can. I'm sure you have alone time when they are not with you. That could be your "ME" time and maybe you will meet someone. At the very least you could meet new friends.

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New Member

Posted - 11/20/2008 :  03:33:46 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am a boy at the age of 23 still becholor.
I belong to a conservative muslim family. i always dreamed to go to nude beaches with my mom and 2 sisters. the problem is that only io have such thoughts not the others so even i couldnot shere my thoughts with others. still i hope that time may change and my dream come true. you guys are requested to help me.
thank a liot

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New Member

Posted - 11/20/2008 :  05:15:41 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
true but family nudism is a much more fun.
similarly as in west every one feels free to be nude even to his or her parents brothers and sisters so i want to be and want my mom and sisters to be.
our skin has not seen any more sun since our birth and as for as my concern i am hungry for it


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Connie and John
Forum Member

Posted - 12/02/2008 :  4:26:17 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We too were worried about our children spilling the beans, but for us, our two small children just tell our friends and family that we are going to a resort or a beach. They just think that going to a nudist beach or resort is just going to a resort or beach and do not specify the difference.

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New Member

Posted - 12/03/2008 :  12:10:02 PM  Show Profile  Send vikinwarrior a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
at 4, hes more likely just to say they you went to the beach.

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Forum Member

Posted - 12/03/2008 :  7:39:59 PM  Show Profile  Visit HarborGuy's Homepage  Send HarborGuy a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I work with a bunch of rednecks. I live in a pretty conservative part of Florida. I live with two of my kids and 3 of my grandkids in a nudist community and I am the very first to tell everyone where we live. After the eyes get shoved back into the heads they come out of I never hear another thing about it.

My grandkids go to regular public school and the school knows where they live and any kids they choose to tell at school is up to them.

I'll be damned if my grandkids should be ashamed of who they are or their beliefs. To them naturism is the same as any religion is to other kids. Some of the other kids who live here are even in high school and they have been as open as my grandkids are.

If you feel you have to tell your kids to not say anything about nudism or the places you go then you are ashamed of it and that is reflected in your kids.

If you were Jewish or Catholic would you hide that too?

When I was raising my kids I was a gay parent with a gay lover and all my kids were completely open about that as well.

I'm not saying you should be as open as my family, but if you are ashamed of it, then perhaps you should start wearing clothes again.
During World War II Heinrich Himmler found a blond haired blue eyed boy of about 16 in a concentration camp. Because the boy just didn’t look Jewish he was sure the boy had to be German and was perhaps adopted. He offered the boy freedom if the boy would denounce being a Jew. The boy knew what he fate would be, but still refused and was then sent to the gas chamber immediately after.

To anyone who would dare tell me “It’s not the same thing” I would then say you are right. Nobody is going to send anyone to the gas chamber for being nudists.

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Forum Member

Posted - 08/03/2009 :  12:53:08 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I would recommend that if a family were to introduce children to nudism, it should be in a highly controlled environment at a facility with a good reputation with the highest standards. As a middle aged male, I would be very uncomfortable being nude around children, no matter what the age, if the parents weren't present, and also nude. These days, it's not a good idea to leave children with "strange" adults, clothing notwithstanding. Common sense should prevail here and not at the expense of someone's practice of nudism.

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Forum Member

Posted - 08/03/2009 :  08:23:53 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
"Highly controlled environment at at facility..." makes it sound like you are talking about a maximum security prison! Are you inferring that a nudist resort should be run like a penitentiary!?LOL!

When I took my daughter to the resort, I always made sure she was within my peripheral vision. Always cautious; never paranoid. Even if she ran off to the other side of the grounds to play with some kids; fine as long as I could still see her. And other parents would do the same with their kids. Never in all my years in nudism have I ever encountered a situation where there was an "incident" with a child. And I've seen people let their kid run off all over the resort.

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Balto Bob
$ Supporter

Posted - 08/03/2009 :  11:16:56 AM  Show Profile  Visit Balto Bob's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I love these EXPERTS who either don't have children or never tryed to raise them as nudists. I was at the Baltimore Skinny-dip last month. Near the end of the day that last folks in the pool were a girl about 6, a boy about 12 and 6-7 men over 40, all nude. The kids were having a great time. The parents were out of the pool but watching, as were 20-30 of us who have raised children. TRUST me, kids in a nudist setting are VERY safe.
You can also, take children to a public C/O beach like Gunnison, etc. Due to how few kids are there, they will be carefully watched by the lifeguards, Rangers and ALL of us who have children or grandchildren. I just read about a child who drowned at a waterpark, with lots of kids I guess 1 could be missed. Most nudist venues are at least 80% adults. The (few) kids all have lots of us watching them,FOR THE RIGHT REASONS.

Have a nice NUDE day !!

Edited by - Balto Bob on 08/03/2009 11:31:23 AM

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Forum Member

Posted - 08/04/2009 :  09:14:09 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have to agree with Balto Bob. I raised my kids as nudists and was at a nudist park every week with them.

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Forum Member

Posted - 08/04/2009 :  4:03:02 PM  Show Profile  Send Diger a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I agree with Bob also, We have been at Apollo Beach and seen kids a couple times. It's so natural for them and if anyone had tried anything they would have had a dozen people on them in a minute.


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New Member

Posted - 02/18/2010 :  8:02:01 PM  Show Profile  Send fugi an AOL message  Reply with Quote
My suggestion would be to make this a special thing between your wife and yourself. Remember the resistance your wife first had with your nude beach visits.
That's the general public persona. Why create potential problems. Your wife and you do not share everything with the children anyway and shouldn't.

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/18/2010 :  11:02:27 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Though I do agree that a man and his wife should have outings alone without children...the beach is a nice place to take the kids and enjoy/experience family nudism there.

We've taken all our grandkids to our nude beach and they love it! 3 outta the four strip off and stay that way most of the day. The oldest usually keeps the suit on but they all went with us to Club Orient for a week, their parents included and...they want to go back!

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