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 Does your family know?
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Posted - 11/21/2010 :  9:12:36 PM  Show Profile  Send Diger a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I know the feeling Fire, more and more family and friends are finding out and we are like Oh well.


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Posted - 11/22/2010 :  05:07:50 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
If the subject does come up, we find that about a third of people have a some time gone naked in public (ie skinny dipping), a third would if they had the nerve and a third just couldn't, but nobody ever mentioned us being 'depraved'.

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Posted - 11/22/2010 :  09:51:23 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We've not had any negative response, more like little or no response, to our magazines, my info posted on Facebook or when the occasional "naked" joke is thrown out there during gatherings. Most of them seem too embarrassed to just talk about you'll think badly of them if you find out they like to hang out naked at home, backyard, skinny dip...or even visited a nude beach or resort.

I would have to estimate that over 1/2 of those we have been..."outted" to...state that "if they lose some weight, they'd try it."

I think it's more difficult to convince them that the weight issue...isn't an issue! LOL

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Posted - 11/27/2010 :  01:42:09 AM  Show Profile  Visit barefootguyinco's Homepage  Send barefootguyinco a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by FireProf

I suspect that more and more friends and family now know. I have a Facebook page with "likes" on my profile like resorts, clubs, beach groups, AANR and AANR West.

Our "powder room" has a basket with naturist magazines and the AANR Bulletin in it. My wife used to take them out and hide them when family and friends came over but she's forgot so many times that she just says..."ah the hell with it! I'm sure they've seen them already."

Fireprof, my gf and I used to worry about it a little but have decided to not worry anymore about who knows we are nudists since we've received very little negative reaction to people learning. In addition I think that in order to not worry about it we have to Truly believe that being a nudist is not wrong, but is actually a positive thing. We've recently discussed our belief that the world would be a better place if everyone were nudists as it would help lessen our body shame as well as a host of other society related problems.

So we now purposely leave naturist magazines and videos out on our coffee table to act as a conversation starter about nudism. We hope others will have questions about it and we would gladly loan them a video such as 'Let yourself be free'. It's our mission to educate as many people as we can about the joys of naturism/nudism. I guess we are basically activists now, something I never thought I'd say about myself but we believe in it that much.

Body shame, like prejuduce, is not natural. It is learned from others and benefits no one.

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Posted - 03/27/2011 :  09:37:18 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I was just visiting my hometown for a couple of days and was hanging out with some of my cousins. We got onto the topic of nudity and it turns out, they are pretty much just like me. They are naked at home quite often, then hang out in their backyards naked when they get the chance, and like to sit out on the porch naked at night. I can't wait to move back to that area in a few years so I can spend time with them that way.

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Posted - 03/27/2011 :  7:05:21 PM  Show Profile  Send Warmskin a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Well, Willy, it's obvious that your family has some extra nude genes in your makeup. I wish my family could borrow those genes from you. They are addicted to clothing, but I have to love them anyway. Funny how nudism can be more common than we might think; even among our relatives.

So, Willy, be thankful next Thanksgiving that you have the ideal relatives when it comes to nudity. Umm, do you all get along otherwise in other areas of life - like rooting for the same NFL team? Hahaha.

"Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto." Thomas Jefferson

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Forum Member

Posted - 03/28/2011 :  3:25:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Can't say as we have the same tastes in football. I grew up near Buffalo, NY but I've been a die hard Miami Dolphins fan most of my life. Seeing as how they are the Bills arch rival, and most of my family are Bills fans, it wouldn't go over very well! LOL

But yeah, I am thankful for that. Of course my own family, they are pretty prude. I think my older brother would be okay with it, as he has said that he and his friends have dared each other to run outside naked in the winter before, but I don't think he'd be very comfortable hanging out naked. My sister is definitely a prude and so is my little brother.

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Posted - 08/06/2011 :  6:48:54 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have mentioned to my cousin and one friend that I go around the house nude at times, but if I tell anyone else, it will be just one or two other friends. Like NaturistDoc commented a few years ago, it is what I do, not what I am. For me, like most other things in my life, nudism is something that is a private matter.

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Posted - 08/07/2011 :  04:04:40 AM  Show Profile  Send Warmskin a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I was about to ask if RoofTopWilly's aunt would adopt me. I have the necessary papers all filled out. All I need is her signature.

My family is too much into their social status and intellectualism to ever try nudism. I like the person who is 25% mental, 25% emotional, 25% physical, and 25% spiritual. At least that is my ideal person, but I still love my family and want the best for them. It's just that I cannot even dream how to advise them how to achieve their ideal mix of human qualities.

Still, I'm very tolerant of people who are 90% mental, 1% spiritual, 6% emotional, and 3% physical, or other such combinations. Physical to me, means they might be okay with nudism. Too many people think their body is a secret thing that only a doctor or spouse are allowed to see.

What can one do? Sigh.

"Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his (and her) conduct."
Thomas Jefferson

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Posted - 08/08/2011 :  11:45:43 AM  Show Profile  Send sunflower an AOL message  Click to see sunflower's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
My family all know I am a naturist, in fact my daughter and son-in-law have been and stayed at Costa Natura with myself and my husband when he was alive, also we all used to go to naturist swim sessions. When they came to stay with me this year, the three of us went to my local naturist beach together, all my grand children know, one of them would happily join us but the others are ok with it but wouldnīt go themselves.
I donīt make any secret of the fact that I am a naturist and talk about it openly, so my friends know as well, some of them think I am weird, whilst others are ok with it but wouldnīt do it themselves.

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Posted - 08/11/2011 :  2:09:20 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by McNigel

If the subject does come up, we find that about a third of people have a some time gone naked in public (ie skinny dipping), a third would if they had the nerve and a third just couldn't, but nobody ever mentioned us being 'depraved'.

Some people will actually say you are depraved, because they are ignorant and closed-minded about body freedom and about the true spiritual and physical nature of humanity.

In our experience, when some people whom we thought we could trust found out about our nudism, we were "outted" to some other friends and "reported" to a church pastor. We were referred to as perverts, and we decided that we needed to get away from those "friends" and allow some new friendships to form with people who will accept us for who we are.

Allowing people to know that we practice nudism has now become in some ways a litmus test for new acquaintances. We never make a big deal about it because that is not necessary, but we do not hide it. We decided not to be around people with whom we must hide who we are and what we do. We are normal people who understand what freedom is. They do not know the awesome feeling and the benefits of having the sun, the breezes, and the ocean or pool water all over one's skin without a swim suit. Alot of people are too closed-minded to discover it.

Body freedom is one of many types of freedom we all have the right to enjoy. Nudism does not define us as a couple. It is something that we enjoy. It is only a part of who we are, but it is also an important part of what we enjoy doing.

Being Naked and Being Real

Edited by - blavan on 08/11/2011 2:25:29 PM

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Posted - 08/12/2011 :  08:36:12 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
blavan. I have to agree with you 100%

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Posted - 08/13/2011 :  6:48:47 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Our family is Italian. It doesn't matter if you tell them anything or not, somehow they KNOW everything. But of course they would never TALK about it. (At least not to YOU!)

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Posted - 08/14/2011 :  07:54:19 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Make that, "At least not to US!"

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Posted - 08/15/2011 :  11:35:03 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Blavan your 8/11 post of being found out by your Pastor ( or church leadership) is my greatest fear of being discovered what C/O resort we spend our weekends at or the nude beaches we love to go to. I hate to lie to anyone but this is the exception to anyone who asks "what campground do you go to?" I feel it would be a battle I can't win so I will avoid the fight.

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