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 Apollo Beach, FL
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david nichols
Forum Member

Posted - 09/23/2016 :  3:45:35 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
was at Apollo Beach Labor Day week. the paving is finished and looks good. wish they had made the parking lot at 5 bigger ....but no
anyway was very enjoyable except for Saturday. the wife suggested we get up early and go to the beach to see the sunrise au natural.
well sounded good to me so we get up early...checked out of the hotel...headed down to Lot 5. as soon as I opened the door I was attacked by a million mosquitos well we managed to get to the beach and there was no breeze and everyone was swatting mosquitos and gnats up until about 10 am....but I got to watch the sun rise while I was naked on the beach

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Forum Member

Posted - 09/23/2016 :  7:29:56 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi David - besides the mosquitos, it sounded like a great way to start the day.

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Forum Member

Posted - 09/24/2016 :  4:39:18 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Mosquitos will definitely put a crimp on your day considering how large a target area they have.

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Forum Member

Posted - 09/27/2016 :  6:22:32 PM  Show Profile  Send Warmskin a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Perhaps you could set up a mosquito net and watch from inside it.

I rise early almost every morning and sit in my chamber, without any clothes whatever, half an hour or an hour, according to the season, either reading or writing.
Ben Franklin

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david nichols
Forum Member

Posted - 09/29/2016 :  5:04:14 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
yes we really did enjoy the day. my wife said "all I wanted to do was have a leisurely morning watching the sunrise on the beach naked"
lol well we didn't relax much but we walked steadily as we watched, so we got exercise and was able to be on the beach at sunrise naked
It will not stop me I don't think

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$ Supporter

Posted - 04/17/2017 :  11:32:21 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
...been awhile since any posts here so let's get things going! We'll be in NSB May 8-18 and plan lots of daily beach time interrupted by evening pilgrimages to our usual dinner spots whenever we're not barbecuing at our villa. Our favorites are The Breakers (great burger$), Cafe Verde, Lost Lagoon, and Toni & Joe's. Pity about the Dolphin View's closing. We'll also be taking in the classic car show downtown NSB on May 13. This is probably our 12th year at Apollo, but who's counting? Trip report to follow.

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david nichols
Forum Member

Posted - 04/19/2017 :  5:44:17 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
hello we plan on being back to NSB June 25-29
looking forward to getting back to this beach
end of April and May we will be at Riviera Naturist Resort
Tansailr thanks for the references on dining places
will keep them in mind

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/19/2017 :  9:18:36 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I was there the 1st of April, eat at Ocean seafood. In past year also eat at Ma Mai Mexican restaurant and Black Beards. Always stay at the Aloha Motel and apartments not fancy but affordable

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david nichols
Forum Member

Posted - 04/20/2017 :  5:19:28 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
thanks for the suggestions. we plan to make trips to NSB 3 times this summer, June August and September. we have a trip planned fro Cape Canaveral in December and if the weather is like it was 2 years ago we will be on beach then too.

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New Member

Posted - 07/17/2017 :  3:17:54 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Been ages since we've been to the Nat'l seashore. Have in mind to fix that. Here's what I have in mind. It would be a kindness if you'd reply with any corrections/warnings or improvements/suggestions you might have.

We'd probably stop in Daytona for dinner (Bubba Gumps probably) and then stay overnight (August 2nd, a Wednesday) in New Smyrna Beach. Would b'fast before going into Canaveral. There's a launch scheduled from the Cape between 9:02 and 9:42am. It would be great to be there to watch au natural. I'm not very sun-tolerant, so we'd probably be gone by 10am.

What's going to go wrong? How early might we need to arrive at Lot 5 to park and access the c/o section? Does the launch (it is unmanned and a weekday morning) draw enough people to make this unworkable? Does it even draw enough textiles that on launch days nude is unwise?

Thanks for the help!

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$ Supporter

Posted - 07/17/2017 :  5:45:16 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
What could go wrong??....sounds like you want to bkfst in NSB then go into Canaveral -- hope you mean the seashore and not the cape. With some previous launches NASA showed up at Lot 5 with trucks and observers the day before a launch and we all had to vacate to Lot 4 for the remainder of that day and all of the launch day. You might want to check with the Park staff to see if that's still happening. Re the presence of textiles.....if you're in the nude section of Lot 5's beach, no problem, but being a launch day, there might be a crowd of textiles in that area too. Normally arriving by 8:00 Wednesdays gets you one of the few remaining parking spaces. Hard to say what'll happen on a launch day.

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Forum Member

Posted - 07/18/2017 :  05:26:20 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I suggest getting up early. Driving down to Titusville. Have breakfast there. There is some decent and cheap places. Go out to beach 13 at playalinda beach. Its the nude area and watch the launch. I have seen a couple launches from there.

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