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 Pubic Hair Style - design, grooming, and trimming
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Forum Member

Posted - 06/28/2006 :  12:14:14 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I meant accept, not except. It's been a long couple months. Thank you again Cookie.

Bye Bye

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very curious
Forum Member

Posted - 06/28/2006 :  9:30:59 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hey Tom,

Your encouragement to NudeDiver is great and all, but judging the way you're built, who would mess with you? I mean, I recently met a guy who was wearing a skirt. The dude's muscles were huge!! All I could think was: "Man I wouldn't dare say a thing about that dude wearing a skirt - he'd eat me for lunch!" I think when you are built tough, you can pretty much do what you want without flack. Bottom line though is that you simply cannot control what other people think. It seems to me that the beauty of nudism is getting to a point where you don't care what other people think about what you look like nude.

Edited by - very curious on 06/30/2006 09:26:44 AM

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Forum Member

Posted - 06/29/2006 :  3:07:43 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Very Curious, you can edit your already posted posts by clicking on the little pencil and paper at the top. I just learned that trick.

Bye Bye

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New Member

Posted - 07/10/2006 :  10:23:56 AM  Show Profile  Send therainmakerman a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I used to shave completely smoothe, but i prefer shaving below and trimming very tight and close up top. I leave a small patch, but it looks great! (so I have been told)


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Forum Member

Posted - 07/17/2006 :  1:46:23 PM  Show Profile  Visit Ace's Homepage  Reply with Quote
For me shaved in the genital area and very trimmed in the pubic region is the best, the wife is shaved.

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New Member

Posted - 07/20/2006 :  11:37:12 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

This is just one man's opinion. I say, to the ladies, I feel the pubic hair on a woman is a beautiful sight to see. "As a guy, I personally think about this wonderful treasure hidden somewhere in this forest!" The good new is that a woman with a large mound can still keep the guys wondering. But a guy can't do this. You ladies can see everything a man has right up front. We guys can't hide anything from you. Thus, I would prefer to see a nude woman with a large beaver. The longer and thicker the hair the better. Thus, keep us guys wondering.


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Forum Member

Posted - 07/20/2006 :  8:46:44 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

First welcome to the "group"!

I have to agree with you, I also enjoy seeing a full "bush". It was years that either my wife and I did any trimming cutting or shaving until last spring. The reason we did it was that we went to DS and found out that we were in the minority, so while we were there we slowly but surely trimmed and shaved. By the time we left the "left coast" we were both comp. smooth.

My wife said she would stay that way, but slowly but surely she let it grow back. She stated that she missed "bush", and she also enjoyed dyeing and coloring her "bush". Being a blonde, she would surprise me with diff. shades.

Generally she would be either a plat. blonde, or a strawberry blonde. Well, she def. surpised me last weekend.

We went to our fav. spot in Conn. and she is a "raven black".

So as you I enjoy having he full look.

The smooth look is good for a time, but like like you I enjoy the mystery.


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Forum Member

Posted - 07/21/2006 :  1:10:29 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
To the last few threads: there is something surprisingly refreshing about a woman with a bush. Even though I am a complete pubic shaver, that is just what I do. I enjoy seeing different pubic hair styles (in pictures, etc. b/c I've never been to a resort) and seeing how other people groom themselves. Will, you are completely correct. Men cannot hide anything, and that was another reason that I went ahead and began shaving over a year ago. It feels great for me, and additionally, what do I have to hide? As always, I'm interested in the what some more of you think on the matter.


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Forum Member

Posted - 07/22/2006 :  11:26:27 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
For comfort I shave my genital area & keep the pubic hair trimmed as it can grow long & look untidy to me anyway. My wife is naturaly fair haired & has a very tidy natural pubic bush which hides nothing. She does not need or wish to shape or trim her pudenda and I think it suits her shape very nicely.


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Forum Member

Posted - 08/03/2006 :  12:53:19 PM  Show Profile  Visit HarborGuy's Homepage  Send HarborGuy a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I really don't think this question is even nudist relatede. Personally I think how you wear your hair is your choice, but if anyone wonders about my lack of body hair it's because hair makes me itch and I especially have a problem with my arm hairs because I sleep with my arm covering my eyes and hairs sneek between my eye-lids and infect my eyes.

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New Member

Posted - 08/03/2006 :  2:11:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My GF and I are both totally smooth and love the look and the feeling. Other times the "goodies" are shaved with a trimmed strip above. Just a few minutes in the shower with a Mach 3 razor and gel shaving cream keeps things really smooth. It does take time for your skin to adjust but after a 2-3 weeks the bumps and or ingrown hairs stop occuring. I've also had great success with Nair for Men that does a really nice job too. We used to worry about what people might say at a resort, beach or even the gym but it doesn't seem to be an issue these days. The natural look doesn't appeal to us at all. Do whatever makes you happy.

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New Member

Posted - 08/15/2006 :  10:20:00 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have been shaving/waxing/etc. for about 20 years now (way before it was fashionable). Body hair no longer serves any purpose as it's function is to save body odors (primarily pheromones) to attract the opposite sex. Since most of us bathe every day, no odors have a chance to accumulate. Over those years, I have learned quite a bit on proper methods to remove pubic and other body hair. Here is my methodology:

First off, any pubic hair removal technique is going to cause discomfort for the folks new to being smooth.

It is also important to know that the skin, especially in warm, moist areas, loves to grow bacteria, especially staphylococcus (staph). I believe that most skin infections are caused by staph.

Although a lot of the red bumps are initiated by ingrown hairs, they would be nearly unnoticeable if not for the bacteria. The bacteria is what causes the really nasty bumps - the minor ones are very easy to deal with, and will often go away on their own if properly treated.

A side effect of the bacterial infection is inflammation/ Unfortunately, the inflammation causes the ingrown hairs to *really* ingrow.

In light of the bacteria connection, there are some important, though quick steps that I take.

First, I take my normal shower, and save the shaving for last. This way, the warm water will have time to soften the hair.

I then use my standard conditioning shampoo (Suave 2-in-1 for men) as a shave gel. I have heard that straight conditioner is better, but I like the lubricity of the shampoo. But I also keep a bottle of providine (water soluble iodine available at WalMart, drug stores, etc.) in the shower. In my hand, I place some shampoo and some providine. I lather the area well with the mixture (no, it won't stain your skin), and allow it to sit for a few seconds to allow the providine to kill the germs.

Next, I apply the providine to my razor, a 4-blade battery-powered unit from Gillette. This razor, incidentally, is great at shaving without irritation.

Next, I make sure I have enough shampoo on the area and begin shaving. I have found the best way to do it is perpendicular (at right angles to) the direction of growth. This means that my abdomen and pubic mound get horizontal, medium pressure strokes. Going against the grain causes more ingrown hairs.

When I am done shaving, I apply a last coat of providine, and rinse it off. When I get out of the shower, I then apply a thin coat of hydrocortisone lotion, and then a coat of triple-antibiotic ointment (Neosporin, or equivalent). The cortisone is not for comfort, but to prevent inflammation. The antibiotic, of course, stays on the skin and prevents newly acquired bacteria from growing.

All of this only takes a couple of minutes, and is well worth the trip.

Having said all of that, I usually wax a few times a month, and only shave after waxing. But sometimes I go without waxing and just shave. It all depends on timing and how smooth I want to be. I use the standard Nair hot wax, and I shower first, applying the providine/shampoo solution. Even waxing can cause infections in an area where bacteria loves to grow.

With this methodology, even some with sensitive skin (like myself) can be smooth without bumps. If you are new to pubic hair removal, it will take a few weeks for your skin to become accustomed to shaving or waxing. Waxing is much better because the regrowth is much finer and only about half as dense, but you need to wait until you get a few millimeters of growth before it can be grabbed by the wax.

Anyway, I have never liked pubic hair. I was horrified when I got my first pubic hairs. I love the feeling of being smooth, the wind on my bare skin and the way it looks. I know that many people like pubic and body hair, but to me, it only obscures the much better-looking curves of the human form.

Oh, and to those that say shaving pubic hair is unnatural, so then is men shaving their f

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New Member

Posted - 08/15/2006 :  10:28:05 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am a nudist in nz and have been smooth for the last 15 years have been with my partner for 8 years and she had never met a smoothie before and now even she has trouble keeping her hair on.

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Forum Member

Posted - 08/20/2006 :  10:11:05 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi Barely Mike,

I too have been removing my pubic hair for a long time. Actually better then 25 years. Right now both my wife and I are smooth.

I used to use a razor daily, but went to the epilator three years ago. So now I only need to "clean up" about once a month.


Keep it smooth !

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New Member

Posted - 08/27/2006 :  8:07:15 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am totally shaved .. But i like my girlfriend to keep hers Au Naturel

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