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 Do you take nude photos? Is it porn?
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Posted - 11/24/2007 :  02:11:13 AM  Show Profile  Visit Phydeau's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Way old thread, and I didn't read it all, but as someone who not only appreciates fine art nudes, but is also aspiring to be a photographer that MAKES fine art nudes, it's only porn if you intend it to be.

Now, in response to the original post: if someone was asking you to send them pictures of yourself in the nude, chances are they're not interested in artistic quality. I'd handle those delicately. But as for having pictures of yourself in the nude and feeling OK about sharing them? I would hope that you'd have pride it what you were sharing. That being said . . . porn shares something with art (in fact, they can overlap). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately, so is pornography.

I'm only mentioning this because it's an argument that comes up in the artistic community about 12 times a second.

If the response wasn't over 4 years late, I'd suggest to Melissa that she have some "implied" nudes that she could send to people she thinks are legit.

Other than that, the common artistic opinion is "Screw you. Go somewhere else, pervert!"

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Forum Member

Posted - 11/25/2007 :  3:24:59 PM  Show Profile  Send Warmskin a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Pictures of nude people are porn only if they degrade the inner beauty of the subects in the picture.

That government governs best, which governs least - Thomas Jefferson

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Forum Member

Posted - 12/01/2007 :  4:16:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Nude picture alone isnít porn but it could be used to masturbate due to the fact that the organs that are used for sexual purposes are exposed. Then again, one can use picture of a clothed person to masturbate.

Taking pictures of you naked, giving pictures away or posting.. Itís entirely up to you as individual. There is no standard to it. You are not right or wrong what ever you chose to to.. itís a personal choice.

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New Member

Posted - 12/01/2007 :  5:16:35 PM  Show Profile  Send SmoothfmrMarine a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Wow, that is tricky. I have been to parties where everyone was comfortable with each other, and photos were taken. On the flip side I have been to other fuctions where there was no pictures allowed. I guess it depends on your own idea of porn.

To see a naked person is not porn; whatever the age: but to see that same person with another naked person? Well it is up to you to decide.

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Forum Member

Posted - 12/02/2007 :  10:54:13 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have only been visiting this forum for a few months and I have to say it has given me a lot of good reading. I love some of the comments and there are a several people who always have something meaningful to say. Cheri you are a wise, wise woman! Sorry back to the subject.
I believe there is a clear distinction between nude photos and porn, and itís not to difficult to spot. There are many sites that talk about nudism but quickly take you to locations that are pure sexual in nature. Thatís OK but letís not confuse that with nudism. There are also true web-site that have the true lifestyle correct and the nude photos are respectful and do not cross the line. Clear as a bell to me!

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Forum Member

Posted - 12/19/2007 :  12:38:52 AM  Show Profile  Send newtoallofthis a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
This is our first post so we will try not to sound naive. We have just begun to take a few nude pics of each other and we find it fun. Though we havent shared with anyone yet, in our way of thinking just the taking was kinda fun, no porn, just nude. Our thoughts for what they are worth.

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Forum Member

Posted - 12/19/2007 :  01:04:10 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by melissastarr

I've seen nude photos on many nudism sites and I'm still living in quandry-land about it all: how do you differentiate between a nude photo and porn photos? Do a lot of nudists take nude photos and allow nude photos to be taken of them? What do you do with the photos? I've had many people- ok, men- who are (or claim to be) nudists ask for nude photos of me. To me this is more sexual than let's-get-to-know-one-another. Am I being oversensitive? Now that I have a digital camera I COULD have nude photos of me.... but do I want to? And what would I do with them if I had them? Any insights about the whole photo thing would be appreciated.


My clothes have low self-esteem... they know they're not wanted.

From time to time I will take pictures of myself or a consenting adult female. IMAO if the person or persons in the photo are not having sex with themselves, or any other person place or thing then it PROBABLY isn't porn.

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Forum Member

Posted - 12/29/2007 :  08:10:16 AM  Show Profile  Send newtoallofthis a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Agree. And I think it depends on the purpose they are used for. Normal pics could be porn (I guess?)

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Forum Member

Posted - 12/29/2007 :  1:18:02 PM  Show Profile  Visit Phydeau's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Heh. It's funny. I spend a lot of time at sites for artists, and I was about to go into another rant about Art vs. Pornography. I'm glad I took the time to read a few pages so I could remember why the question was asked, this time (I'll read more, later, but I wanted to answer before I forgot).

Obviously, having one's OWN picture taken is an issue to be cautious about. Goodness knows where those pictures could end up.

But my answer to "Is it porn?" is going to be the same as it would be at an art site. Photography is photography. Nudity is nudity. The only thing that makes a nude picture pornography is it's intention. Pornography specifically intends to arouse sexual feelings in the viewer. I don't think I need to give examples of the kinds of postures and acts that would do that (especially to people who are used to seeing nudity in every day life and have lost what one of my friends calls the "nudity fetish"). There's gray areas, to be sure, but for the most part people with common sense can easily see the difference.

That being said? Sadly, the world is overpopulated with people who don't have common sense. There are things I won't photograph that could be very beautiful, simply because I don't want to feed the sickos out there.

Believe it or not, I recently bought a camera specifically so that I could get into artistic nudes. If I hadn't sparked THAT interest, I never would have been curious about North Carolina public nudity laws, and I never would have found this site. Now I'm working on becoming a nudist, myself. So . . . Yay for photography!!

And by the way . . . complete strangers asking for nude photographs? Creepy.

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Forum Member

Posted - 01/01/2008 :  2:08:39 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well I have taken nude photos of myself and my wife. Some are just ordinary nakedness with no sexual intent and then there are some very private ones.

How the nude is posed and what the nude is doing will determine if it is sexual or not. But, even the most innocent nude pic can produce sexual arousal if the viewer is in that frame of mine.

Most folks thing nudity inflames lust and if you hardy ever see nudity it most certainly does. or if your desire to see it is to satistfy lust.

My avatar is of me standing in the middle of the woods I own. I don't think it is sexual,if it were a woman similarly posed it wouldn't be sexual either.

But, I am careful with any public display of my nude pics to conceal my face. Not out of a sense of guilt, but over the irrational reaction nearly everyone has to nudity.

"Nude" just means barefoot all over.

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Posted - 04/07/2008 :  8:32:02 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Several years ago the movie "Eyes wide shut" with Tom Cruise and his then wife Nicole Kidman came out, and prior to it there was a series of semi nude b/w head and shoulder images of them and the intial image was done very tastefully.

However, the rest of them I would consider pornagraphic even though no genitals or breasts were shown because of the facial expressions of the two actors.

The closest images I have seen that look very good (artistically speaking) are the ones where the mom, dad and newborn are nude and the look is pure innocence and joy in the family's eyes.

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/07/2008 :  10:35:32 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Just my opinion, but to me looking at the eyes and the smile of the model tells me what the intent of the picture is. I enjoy sites that aspire to the true Simple Nudes philosophy, such as DOMAI, but still there are some photos there that I feel cross the line. If the eyes and smile show the genuine joy of being nude, the nudity is simple. Otherwise it is clearly an act to entice.


Live - Laugh - Love

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/14/2008 :  07:14:06 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have seen here that some people have had their pictures taken while at a club. The club I belong to, Valley View does not allow cameras. I don't really know what I think about that. I can see all sides to the issue.


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Posted - 04/16/2008 :  10:05:01 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
VVRC has had the "No camera" policy for several years, and it has been my experience that only staff members may use a camera to take photos of club events. Think about it-do you want someone with a camera phone taking pics of you, your wife or underage child?

When I shoot nudes, I have a plan ready to go, and don't normally deviate from it unless there is something the client wants to try within reason.

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/17/2008 :  4:14:18 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
No...I would not want someone taking any pictures without my consent. That was a great point!!


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