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 Educating the public about nudism
 Family nudism equals pedophilia? Are you kidding?
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Forum Admin

Posted - 04/25/2012 :  01:49:55 AM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Poll Question:
Should a resort be banned from these pages when they openly equate family nudism with the promotion of pedophilia, which is then repeated in newspapers read around the world?

Currently in the mainstream media is one former family nudist destination that openly equates allowing families to bring their children to a nudist resort with encouraging pedophilia and child porn. This position is promoted to justify their announced plan to ban all children from the entire grounds of the resort.

They have approached a judge in order to set legal precedent supporting this view, which is very likely to affect other nudist resorts catering to families with children.

The position they are maintaining suggests that children are more at risk of pedophilia at a nudist resort than at a school, church or other social function. Many vehemently disagree.

If you were managing our nudist website, how would you deal with this?

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Ban this resort from these pages, they don't promote the nudist philosophy.   [93%] 25 votes
Allow this resort to continue to enjoy our free advertising and full benefits.   [7%] 2 votes

Poll Status: Open  »»   Total Votes: 27 counted  »»   Last Vote: 03/01/2017 07:35:01 AM 

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/25/2012 :  08:34:52 AM  Show Profile  Send nsgusa a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
L L I agree that we cannot trust the mainstream media that often sensationalizes and misquotes.
Since the resort in question uses this site to advertise, can they be asked to explain their position here in this thread?
If they are only trying to become an adult only establishment, I think that is their decision and why do they need to involve the courts to do so.
In the past 40 years of my visiting nudist venues I have never once seen any that promoted anything other than a healthy interaction between people of all ages.

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/25/2012 :  09:57:56 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I know I'm gonna regret getting involved in this thread but I have NO choice!

The resort in question is a beautiful resort. It's been one of many destinations we've visited since taking our naturism social ... almost 15 years ago. Every resort has it's nitch and marketing model and this resort has gone from family nudist resort that allowed singles, then to a couples resort that began going in a direction that was not family oriented, then back to a family resort, now ... couples only, no day use singles.

It's their business, I think they can do what they want BUT ... what I have had an issue with this resort and it's owners is ... credibility!

These owners can NOT get their stories straight and have changed their story on this issue and several other issues concerning their resort. They're not the "nice" people some are saying they are. You should read some of the posts they have posted about people that have been loyal guest for several years and what they say about their so called competition.

The economy has hurt many a people and hurt this lifestyle and it's clubs and resorts. But that doesn't give ANY resort owner the right to out and out lie about another resort and that's what the owners of the resort in question have been doing.

On another site, they've been caught in lie after lie and when they can't lie their way outta the lie ... they retaliate to those posting only the truth that maybe they shouldn't visit their resort anymore and post untrue statements about another resort.

The OP/Admin's post is nothing more than the truth. The owners of said resort have changed their reason for going couples/adults only 3 times that I'm aware of. First: NO kids because we just installed fire pits and we would not want children to be hurt. Then: It's the model our guests and residents prefer ... after asking and polling said demographic. NOW: Pedophilia!?

I read the female partner's quote in the paper ... several papers and news postings on the internet. I've been following this story because these same nice people have launched an attack on another nudist resort in the same city all because of ... money. They can't fill their resort enough times to mirrow what the smaller resort can do and they are upset and the only way to turn that economics around is to try and cast doubt on the safety of the neighborhood in which the other resort is located, cast doubt on the safety of the guests of this resort by stating that the safety bars on the windows on this resort were installed because of the neighborhood (they were installed after a SINGLE incident in over 15 years of attempted break in), AND ... "suspected" prank phone calls to the tune of about 5 times a day to ask about this resorts "new" children accepted policy ... only to go onto other websites and tell other nudists looking for resort information, that their "competiton" NOW allows kids so if you don't wanna hang around screamin' kids all day...come to "OUR" resort where we do not allow kids." Really "nice" people!

You can have any opinion you want of the media and I do take what they say with more than a grain of salt ... but when numerous news outlets report the same story, the same quotes and you've followed the goings on of this resort since it's first owners ... you'd be hard pressed to convince me and many others that the resort owners are not back peddling into a corner and they are now getting ... "what comes around."

Loves being naked. Plays well with others!

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Bob Knows
Forum Member

Posted - 04/25/2012 :  1:03:06 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The term "pedophilia" is one of least understood and most abused hate words around lately. The term accurately means someone with a psychosexual predilection for pre-puberty children. It is now often hurled by feminist haters at all men who are naturally attracted to young women of child bearing age.

Apparently "pedophilia" is now being used by haters to attack nudist families. Most of those people hate marriage and families. Any demonstration of women being happily married and children enjoying life with TWO good parents is bad in their twisted hateful feminist minds.

The "nudist" resort management is hurting themselves by their attack on nudism. The public won't distinguish between "this" nudist and "that" nudist. They are as stupid as they are mean. The Nudist community should react by avoiding their resort and supporting the family businesses.

Management of this forum should restirct their ability to advertise and promote, but should allow them to be named and shamed by other nudists. Their access should be restricted to appologizing for their stupid acts.

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Posted - 04/26/2012 :  1:37:37 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I would just like to know what resort this was?

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go n nude
Forum Member

Posted - 04/27/2012 :  9:29:38 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I think if i were the manager or CEO and a Resort, that is bent on spoiling this Lifestyle and Resorts nation wide, for their own agenda, banned would be to put it mildly, the judge will surely reguire proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that pedofiles frequent it and porn has occured at this beautiful resort, and he will surely grant their wish, I'm Sure, hopefully they get it good.

go n nude

Edited by - go n nude on 04/27/2012 10:14:21 PM

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/28/2012 :  3:00:39 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
So ... why is the resort not being named? Are we worried about a possible lawsuit against NRO or people who post here?

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/28/2012 :  4:16:42 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
To be sensitive to not posting the name here for various reasons...just google it like I did to get the answer. I used...naturist resorts and pedophilia.

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/29/2012 :  3:05:23 PM  Show Profile  Send Diger a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I'm not going to mention the name but .....


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Forum Member

Posted - 04/30/2012 :  10:53:14 AM  Show Profile  Send nudesunguy a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I don't get it. Aren't there many nudists resorts that don't allow children, for whatever reason? And I don't buy the bs "protect the children" excuse either.

Don't you have the right as a business owner to say your resort is "adults only" and leave it at that? This doesn't necessarily imply swinger; some resorts cater to an older crowd that doesn't want the noise/activity of children. Not a crime, I would hope. In fact, there is another, smaller resort in Palm Springs that has an "adults only" policy. They also state specifically that they are not a swinger resort; they simply don't have the room and facilites for children (playgrounds, etc.). Why are they not being sued? (Because they have less money?). This does sound like a lawyer shakedown to me, on the other hand the resort owners need to honestly state why they are becoming "adults only" and stop using the pedophilia excuse which harms naturism immensely.

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go n nude
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Posted - 04/30/2012 :  6:47:10 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Yes resorts do and operate as they please, they are private property, they can cater to adults only it's their choice, maybe some consideration and planning as to transition from family oriented to adult's only (couples), members/residents with children, would be surprised i would think.The next generation of this lifestyle is again being blocked from enjoying life naturally, and many young people are of the impression resorts are for old folks now more than ever, The AANR,TNS & INF are very concerned indeed.
Resorts/Clubs can not be held liable or responsible for the actions of guests or members unless they are found negligent and did nothing when they should have or could have.
Resorts can suffer when the actions of members or guests involve children and crimminal activity or sexual assault ect. as the media will sit up and take notice as does the public.

go n nude

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Forum Admin

Posted - 05/03/2012 :  01:21:32 AM  Show Profile  Visit Admin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Just to clarify our policies in effect regarding this situation.

When a resort has demonstrated it doesn't support a wholesome perception of family-friendly nudist philosophy, or in any way damages the reputation of the nudist industry, they are entirely banned from these pages.

This includes mentioning them by name, linking to them, or in any way directing people to the establishment. When a business is banned from our community, the removal is complete and all-encompassing. Otherwise, the so-and-so resort you might be condemning is still enjoying free advertising and those seeking a non-wholesome environment will use our resource to send business to the banned establishment. This is the meaning of being banned, you lose any and all support of any kind from this community. It's absolute.

In the example here, the ban is partly punitive, and partly cautionary.

The punitive part of it is because of the damage done to the reputation of the nudist community, by equating family nudism with the promotion of possible child abuse or pedophilia. This punitive ban should remain in effect until everyone is sure the damage has been forgotten by the general public worldwide. This obviously won't be for some extended time, since the news outlets are global, and far reaching.

The cautionary part of the ban is in effect until we see which direction this particular establishment will choose to go when they realize they are not receiving the support of the family nudist community. There is a distinct possibility the owners may choose to advertise, either openly or through grassroots channels, that they welcome the lifestyle community, or wife-swapping as it's commonly called. We will not know conclusively which direction they've taken until we can make an analysis of web chatter after some appropriate time has passed. Often the web chatter is a good indication of the true nature of a resort. Time will tell.

We have no problems with a resort being adult-only, provided the web traffic confirms there is no deception in advertising, and there is no overt or covert encouragement of such activities as swinging.

We are quite comfortable drawing this bright line. It defines nudism from hedonism, and it is not impossible to determine with some appropriate research.

Of course, avoiding litigation is a concern, but not the primary one.

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Forum Member

Posted - 06/17/2012 :  03:08:57 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
pedophilia is asickness.
we have had many of our freinds over our place and swim and play nude. no one ever was bad.the kids didnt feel concerned or un comfortable
they didnt have to think nudity was sex over all it is a good lesson for all. the author of that law must be a pedophile at heart. nudity is good and natural no secrets when your naked you are as open as you can get

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