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 Employees - clothed or nude?
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New Member

Posted - 09/01/2009 :  12:45:52 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello all,
I've only been to a couple of nudist resorts. At the most recent one, I was surprised at how many people were fully clothed. All of the employees that we saw were dressed. There was an area of homes and cabins, and everyone there was completely dressed, off duty employees and other residents. We didn't see another nude person until we got to the pool. Even there, the off duty employees came and hung out on the deck after their shifts, and remained clothed. In fact, as my wife and I disrobed after we arrived, our son asked if we were sure it was c/o :-). We walked around to explore the resort, and we were the only nude people. We were OK with that, as it is a nudist resort after all, but it was still not as comfortable as it would be if others were nude too. Is this normal practice at most resorts, or do some have their employees nude also?

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Forum Member

Posted - 09/01/2009 :  6:56:15 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
From a veteran nudist who has attended over 40 of the nudist resorts and clubs in the US, I would say that it has always surprised me hte amount of people that are either dressed or covered up in some fashion. As for employees, they must be dressed for health code reasons if serving food or drink. Honestly its just more professional anyway. At our club the General Mgr wears shorts and shirt while walking the grounds and on duty. When on a break he might disrobe to play a game or two of volleyball, then re dress. The girls in the food cafe do the same thing. On a hot day, on break may get naked for a dip in the pool, then redress to go back to work. This is all normal to me and more professional for EMPLOYEES anyway, in my opinion. Although, I wouldnt mind if not a stich of clothing was worn, it makes sense in that regard amoung the club staff.

That said, as for the guests, members, visiting crowds and the like, I do find it obsurd how many remain in some sort of dress. I feel many are not even nudists per say, and may be attending the club venue for other To play tennis..many of these people remain clothed. In my book if you are not a nudist, but want to hang out at our club that is fine. It does send a mixed message to newcomers though, about the main reason to be at a nude resort in my view, But many of us nudists have seen this, and it is what it is, has been for quite some time.


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Forum Member

Posted - 09/05/2009 :  11:57:33 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Just to throw a couple of thoughts on clothing. When our resort in Florida opened up it was originally designated as a nudist resort, meaning residents and guests were to be nude at the clubhouse and around the grounds during daylight hours unless inclement weather and good common sense dictated the wearing of clothes. This law evolved into a clothing-optional code after it was concluded situations such as women at that time during the month and people with dermatological problems would feel more comfortable wearing clothes. Today if one goes to the clubhouse the scene is much the same as it always was, save for the occasional person huddled under an umbrella in full swimsuit apparel.

To answer the other question, most states have law enforcement codes regarding employee nudity, which probably originate with the age-old establishment euphemistically known as the gentleman's club. Long used as a modus operandi tool for law enforcement to bust strip joints, the debate rages on in courtrooms whether fully nude dancer Betty Big-Boobs was 6-feet from the customer- who was illegally imbibing on alcoholic Cactus Coolers- or a mere 5 3/4 feet with the datum plane being at a set point from the end of her nipples. Now at a nudist resort this law is ridiculous yet it is strictly enforced to this day.

At our somewhat upscale resort they've attempted at various times to institute what I call the "Trader Joe" look for employees, color coordinated Hawaiian shirts and matching pants. Most guests like the Trader Joe look and aren't offended by CENG- Clothed Employee, Nude Guest.

Now if Trader Joe's would actually open a store in the Tampa Bay area...

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Posted - 02/10/2013 :  07:37:01 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
When I was in Cypress cove 15 years ago , it was just as Jenn stated anyone serving food etc were often clothed but other staff members were free to go nude,topless etc. I found it much more welcoming to a new person to check in at front desk with a nude employee.

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/10/2013 :  11:39:09 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I visited a small club about 15 mins away from our previous home. It was a bit rustic and probably still is, compared to other clubs but a nice club just the same.

I checked in and was walking up to the pool area when I came upon a woman doing some landscaping for the club's renovation project. We talked, I found out that she was a resident and a long time nudist. She had on work boots, levis and a denim shirt that was unbuttoned.

I asked her ... "it's certainly warm enough and the work you're doing would get your body temp up ... why work clothed?" She was not only a nudist and resident but ... also an full time, paid employee. She HAD to be dressed for OSHA laws, workers comp regulations and went with the flow until she was off the clock.

Some of these people that work at clubs and resorts may very well be nudist and hate to be dressed but ... they also need the job and there are ruleds and stipulations to that employment that they, regretably, have to follow and adhere to.

Loves being naked. Plays well with others!

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/12/2013 :  11:48:52 PM  Show Profile  Send JimmieMac51 a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Yea, gotta love OSHA, make rules for everyone elses job (ones they wouldn't dare get their hands dirty in).
They made my job at the factory a lot harder. I don't mind some of the stuff, it's the rules that don't make sense.


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Forum Member

Posted - 02/13/2013 :  09:03:32 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Many have mentionned OSHA...but what does OSHA specifically says about what has to be covered - based on profession/work duties? I get that any use of a hammer, nails or a power tool would require neck to toes coverage. That makes sense. But what about bartending or cooking? Why would those duties require more than an apron, a hairnet and some Crocs? Pool cleaning: is there really anything that states that the breasts and genitals have to be covered to clean a pool!? Housekeeping: yes there are chemicals in house cleaning products, so I can see covering the neck down to mid-thigh.

I'm not being facetious here (well maybe just a bit); someone once posted a link to the actual language used regarding nudity. I'm just curious at to what it actually is.

Edited by - Nudony on 02/13/2013 09:09:24 AM

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/13/2013 :  10:14:11 AM  Show Profile  Send nudesunguy a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
As Piggy said in "The Lord of the Flies," "We'll have lots of rules!"

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/13/2013 :  6:52:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have only heard of rules regarding nudity in reference to food service. Not really sure what the argument would be for the maintenance guys who clean the pool at our club to wear clothes..They all do, just never understood why they "have to"


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Forum Member

Posted - 02/15/2013 :  8:47:50 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I truly believe that this is simply another regulatory myth, like driving barefoot.
OSHA does not care if genitals are exposed in the course and scope of a particular job duty unless that exposure presents a hazard to employees. OSHA sets standards for protecting workers from 'recognized hazards'. Nudony correctly references some examples. Other requirements are set by other interested parties such as insurance, local ordinance and industry groups.
Let's take massage therapists as an example. There is absolutely no safety protocol requiring clothes while giving a massage. You might find a CSHO (OSHA compliance officer) that would try to cite a therapist for a PPE violation, but it wouldn't hold up; except maybe for glove use. Some states or municipalities have licensing requirements that would cover draping or therapist clothing.
I spent 5 years in regulatory (OSHA) and 10 years in insurance. The insurance company may require all sorts of impositions, but they usually focus on the potential for claims. I recall one audit of a topless club. The girls were all contractors, not employees, but the establishment was still responsible for the health and safety of the employees, contractors and public. We checked all the usual stuff like the bar/restaurant, stairs, doors, fire exits, dance pole, dressing area, toilets and other public areas for potential hazards to injury and illness. We did not bother with the amount of skin showing.
If the company, resort or club has a requirement that the workers wear certain clothes to perform certain duties, then the establishment is obliged to enforce those requirements. OSHA can cite them for not enforcing their own rules, but that does not mean that the rules are in any OSHA standard.

Bare Safely,

"Wearing nothing is devine, naked is a state of mind."

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/20/2013 :  8:53:47 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
this is why i like the mom & pop nudist camps - everyone is nude.

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