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 Nudist Men - From the Male Point of View
 Unwanted Erection
 Family with teenage boy thinking about joining
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Posted - 06/19/2013 :  8:14:52 PM  Show Profile  Visit JCP's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Thank you for your reply.

I appreciate the heads up about Amazon.

Naturism is a theme in my books but a complimentary one not the central one. I have given as open a description of myself and my objectives in my profile, it will explain where I'm coming from.

I want to say to the world, take note, adolescent sexuality is not taboo and should be discussed. Abusers will often step in to answer the questions children/adolescents have about sexual function. I'm trying to say, if you want a model for a healthy open environment where taboo is balanced with reality look at Naturists. This forum is the first honest and open discussion I've found. You wouldn't believe how many Naturist organisations have child protection policies but won't acknowledge childhood sexuality. If you won't discuss what's normal how can you fully protect from the abnormal? Passionate about this one


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Posted - 06/19/2013 :  8:18:22 PM  Show Profile  Visit JCP's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Sorry, when I say you it's 'everybody', nothing personal. New to this forum experience.

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Posted - 06/21/2013 :  4:44:14 PM  Show Profile  Send Erin948 a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
We are at the point where my teenage son has just started getting frequent erections. They are embarrassing for him and as of late hes wanted to start wearing clothes at home because of it. Have been thinking about joining a nudist resort this summer, maybe to put his mind at ease and make him feel better about himself but not sure how we would handle him walking around like that if hes going to get frequent erections.

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Posted - 06/21/2013 :  4:53:11 PM  Show Profile  Visit JCP's Homepage  Reply with Quote
From what I've read on forums and Naturist sites there seems to be real atrophy amongst adolescents and I think it's a great shame. In the UK you have to be 18 to join Young Naturists and that seems to be missing the point. Teenagers exist through unity and shared experience. They want to hang around in like minded groups and reinforce their belief systems.

I haven't come across any group that empower teenagers in Naturism and deals with their specific needs, just families on their own in what tends to be dispersed community when not congregated at a beach or club.

As a fourteen year old boy I'm sure pressures from the more active interests his 'textile' friends have, awareness of his developing sexuality and external taboos from outside the Naturist community are having their toll.

You could suggest a skinny dipping party for all his mates and try and bring them to him but the chances are you would be locked up.

Personally, I think teenagers need adult guidance more than at any other time. Their not meant to exist and were never designed in nature to be trapped between childhood and belonging to the adult community. They need help with that but it seems to be a time when parents want to step back a little and give them the independence society has deemed they can't have.

As my stepson went through his teens we had a very open relationship. It led to too much information being received at times and his habit of peeing with the bathroom door open but the upside was the more he understood his behaviour was natural and what he did was not a slap in the face of family and normal development the less his cause was a revolution. I think we rode those years well and the fact that even at eighteen he would happily give his mother and I a hug and a kiss in spite of his mates jeering looks still makes me feel proud.

I hope you don't feel this is a crude answer but it certainly matches my research and experience. Don't just except that erections are part of teenage life, acknowledge they have a purpose and discuss them with him.

A good way to prevent an unwanted erection is to find a private place and masturbate. That's what his hormones are trying to tell him and so should you, not his peers, not urban legend but his parents.

Erections are part of his claim to a new adult body, he should be proud that it's all working. Flaunting is socially unacceptable but having one shouldn't be. It's not his responsibility to look embarrassed, it's other's responsibility
to look away.

I don't believe in super human Naturists with no sexual response, they learn appropriate behaviour.

Appropriate behaviour for a fourteen year old boy is having and erection,.

Buy him a star chart

Hope this is helpful, non of its advertising, just research I've been doing for my books.*EN/html/sexual*activity*in*adolescence.html*appropriate*sexual_behavior*What*Normal/

More than happy for anybody to contact me directly but please be prepared to be open about who you are. I will discuss any aspect of my research in the strictist confidence. If something concerns you I've probably read what the professionals think and can either direct you to them or paraphrase.

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Posted - 06/21/2013 :  5:27:29 PM  Show Profile  Send Erin948 a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Thanks for the response, Everytime i look at my son hes walking around with frequent erections. I hope we can find a good way to deal with it. Hes been fine with nudity up until now. Your responses were pretty helpful. Things are difficult for both of us at the moment. Thanks,

Edited by - Erin948 on 06/21/2013 5:28:08 PM

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Posted - 06/24/2013 :  12:45:46 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
if a teen is willing to go to a nudist camp/resort take them , kids aren't usually required to be nude unless they go into the pool, but they can get use to nudism at their own pace and other kids will help them get comfortable.

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Posted - 08/21/2015 :  1:02:50 PM  Show Profile  Send MikeinFL10 a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Understand your dilemma. But got a boy and girl thru all that (nude) with little trouble and lots of fun

Get with me I can help

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