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 Where do you travel most often to be nude?
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Posted - 08/05/2004 :  10:21:17 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Answered "nude beaches", because whether at home on Long Island, NY or in the Caribbean, I most often go to places with nude beaches. Some, but not all, have resorts where I can enjoy other activities nude (Club Orient & Grand Lido Braco have tennis courts which can be used nude, which I enjoy).

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Forum Member

Posted - 10/20/2004 :  11:14:28 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My wife and I travel to the closest nudist camp in our area which is Solair. During the Summer months we are there almost every Sunday.

As soon as Thanksgiving and Christmas are over, we leave the snow and cold and head to sunny Fla. We enjoy quite a bit of our time at Cypress Cove. I wished we lived closer to Calif., because I would spend my time at - - - . We have been there 3 times in the past two years, and I just think it is the best place. The weather and the fine dining that you experiance in Palm Springs is fantastic.

If I hit the lottery, I will be out there in a heart beat!

Let's go Sox!!!!


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Forum Member

Posted - 10/21/2004 :  10:38:25 AM  Show Profile  Send nudeisntlewd a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Of late, just to the bathroom . I have got to get out of this place! Getting cold here and soon it will become a vast frozen wasteland.

<--Still smiling and hoping for some sunshine to get naked under.

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Forum Member

Posted - 10/21/2004 :  3:17:21 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I like to go to Avalon in WVA and White Tail Park in Ivor VA. Also I think Gunnison at Sandy Hook is great!

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Forum Member

Posted - 10/21/2004 :  4:21:33 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hey Cookie,

Don't get upset but me and the wife are headed for - - - on Saturday. We've been held up in the house with all this rain this past week and looks like Palm Springs is gonna have great weather...80-82 degrees on Saturday so off to DS for us.

Wish all our FRIENDS here on the boards could join us.

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Forum Member

Posted - 10/21/2004 :  7:56:08 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
One of these days FireProf I hope to get up there an check it out. I have a Camping Bares, pool party/meeting this Saturday so I can't complain to much. Have fun.

"The best dress for walking is nakedness." Colin Fletcher

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Forum Member

Posted - 10/21/2004 :  8:03:11 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

You won't be disappointed. We stayed away for quite some time because many people we talked to didn't have good things to say. The resort is beautiful and they all agreed but they were put off by the unfriendly nature of the staff and owners.

We decided after much talk to find out for ourselves, glad we did. The staff was very friendly, with the exception of one, as were most of the guests. Again, if my wife likes a place I don't argue, we go there over and over as long as she's happy and comfortable and she liked DS so much we are returning.

They do allow singles there so if you are thinking about going and have to go alone, give me a heads up, maybe meet you there.

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New Member

Posted - 10/24/2004 :  10:17:55 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
In summertime, I rent a cottage on a lakeshore for the whole season. There I can stay nude day and night, enjoy sauna and skinny-dip in the lake.

In winter, I take a week off once or twice, and fly to Fuerteventura, enjoying the fabulous beaches.

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Forum Member

Posted - 10/26/2004 :  5:58:10 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote


Welcome to the forum.

Closest area for us is Sandy Hook Beach in NJ.


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Forum Member

Posted - 11/02/2004 :  2:19:20 PM  Show Profile  Visit stringsinger's Homepage  Send stringsinger a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I am nude most of the time at home. Also, I have recently become a member of Glen Eden Sun Club in Southern California, and visit there often.

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Forum Member

Posted - 11/02/2004 :  2:28:20 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote


Welcome to the forum, we look forward to your positve contributions.


Keep it smooth !

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Matt Cotter
Forum Member

Posted - 01/02/2005 :  9:45:30 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I practically live at the beach over summer and head indoors to a local clothing optional swim-night over winter.

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New Member

Posted - 03/29/2005 :  5:03:06 PM  Show Profile  Send jimmy57 an ICQ Message  Send jimmy57 a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
gunnison beach is great, if not for the 3 hour drive
there is a few spots near my home where i can be nude, like to visit some of the clubs in pa

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New Member

Posted - 06/23/2005 :  2:29:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I played nude darts(plastic not steel)...

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Forum Member

Posted - 06/25/2005 :  04:22:30 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I live in Wyoming so there is BLM land were I go hiking nude like to day.

I love to go near were I live to go cliff jumping off canyon walls in to water and swimming there near the Big Horn mountains.

There is not to many things in life I have not don e in the nude.

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