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New Member

Posted - 02/10/2013 :  4:55:46 PM  Show Profile  Send kritivas a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Hello Kritivas from India...... would love to meet some nudists from India and especially from Bangalore......
Do ping me on



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New Member

Posted - 02/12/2013 :  9:14:34 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi, everyone. I would like to become a nudist. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, but have only recently entertained the idea seriously. I'm from Paris, Ontario.

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Paul and Angela
New Member

Posted - 03/01/2013 :  1:40:41 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi, were newbies to the site but have been naturists for twenty or so years.
We are members of M.S.A.S. in Cheshire UK and enjoy naturist holidays as well.

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Forum Member

Posted - 03/01/2013 :  2:45:10 PM  Show Profile  Send Diger a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Hello, Paul & Angela (that's my wife's name also) nice to have you on the site, hope you make yourself at home here.

Buck, I have never heard of someone wanting to become a nudist. I suspect you are one deep down already and have realized you enjoy being nude. Just go for it and enjoy yourself.


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New Member

Posted - 03/21/2013 :  06:43:51 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My name is Ralph and I'm from western PA. I have been a home nudist for two years now. Like most wish I had started it sooner oh well better late than never. Like most my wife is not only not interested she is against nudity completely. I am interested in chatting with people from most anywhere about nudism. I would like to visit a resort or beach when I retire in a year. Strange five years ago I would have never taken my clothes off, now I can't wait to be clothes free. I have never skinny dipped but I am looking forward to it. That in a nutshell is about me, other than trying to convince my wife that there is nothing immoral about nudism. (Which will probably never happen) Time to put clothes on and go to work. Stay true to yourself.

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Forum Member

Posted - 03/31/2013 :  06:02:05 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello I'm Fred R from Rome, NY. I've only been a nudist for two years. I enjoy every second being nude. I'm a member of the TNS and AANR. I'm on [deleted re: photos of minors], [deleted re: photos of minors] and Community forum of AANR.

Fred R. Rome, New York

Edited by - nudist2011 on 03/31/2013 11:27:38 AM

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New Member

Posted - 04/22/2013 :  12:26:12 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi everyone,
A newbie couple here. my name is Joe, my wife is Kay. We've been at home nudists for a little while now, and both really enjoy the freedom of it. We are planning a visit to Avatan in June or July. We are REALLY hoping that meeting real nudists will be as body accepting in real life as they are on the internet!
Going nude in the company of others will be a huge step for both of us! Neither of us has the most confidence in our shape, but we're coming to terms with it, and are doing pretty well eating healthier and getting more exercise.
Looking forward to making some new friends!

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/22/2013 :  5:13:02 PM  Show Profile  Send Diger a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Welcome Joe and Kay,

Good luck with your adventure this summer, I'm sure you will wish you had done it sooner.

I use to worry about getting in shape then I figured out round was a shape. LOL

Just work on getting healthy and the shape will take care of itself.

Welcome to the site.


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Forum Member

Posted - 04/24/2013 :  04:07:30 AM  Show Profile  Send MTBnudist a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Hello Joeka, welcome! Yea my girlfriend and I have a trip planned to a nude resort in June and we're both in diet mode to lol. I have found through my own experience, people at resorts (at least the one we go to, Avalon) are very excepting of everyone and will not judge you or your wife for you size or anything else. Though it's always good to get in shape, as long as your doing it for yourselves. When you go on your trip you'll meet a lot of great people and have a fantastic time!! :)

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New Member

Posted - 05/11/2013 :  1:48:51 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi All
I live in Southern California. Love the sun on my skin and skinny dipping. Looking forward to some simple conversation about something I love to do. Be Naked.

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/16/2013 :  10:26:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
SKYCLAD27,,, you bet, Avalon is a top class resort. Really enjoyed the times I've spent there. Good people and fine area.

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Forum Member

Posted - 06/22/2013 :  12:08:03 AM  Show Profile  Send Diger a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Welcome Erin,

Sorry but that happens sometimes, when puberty hits some kids get shy and it seems to be the boys most of the time.

Just stay with it they will come around in the end.


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Forum Member

Posted - 06/27/2013 :  6:18:51 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
That's interesting that he asks to put clothes on. Do you have a "no clothes on in the house rule" by any chance? ;) Welcome to the site.

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Forum Member

Posted - 06/27/2013 :  8:27:50 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We have a 13 y.o. granddaughter. She's pretty self conscious of her changing body. With that, she's now become very shy about being nude around us ... BUT ... she continually asks if we are ever going to return to the "nude beach resort" we took them to a few years ago.

She's always reminded that ... "there are lots and lots of naked people there and we will be naked as well." She says ... "I know, I still want to go. I just don't want to be naked." It's in their minds that their changing bodies are going to be the "focus" by others and for most of them, especially females, they are bombarded with images of what they "think" their bodies should look like.

So ... I'd just continue to be nude at home, like you've been and allow him to dress. If you stop, I think, it will send a message that it's "now" not right to be naked around each other. If you continue, I think, he'll get through this difficult time and get back on track. He needs reinforcement from you that it's still okay to live nude and there's nothing wrong with it. He'll come around to your way of thinking and not what he might be hearing from friends.

Good luck!

Loves being naked. Plays well with others!

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Forum Member

Posted - 07/05/2013 :  11:05:27 AM  Show Profile  Send nudesunguy a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Good luck to you Erin, but based on our son I can't give you a very positive prognosis. He grew up going to nudist resorts and being naked at home, but once puberty set in the swimming trunks never came off and he was so miserable at resorts (his only same-aged friend there moved away) that we stopped going for a couple of years. He's now 20 and sometimes goes "skinny dipping" at night in the hot tub with friends, but that's about it. Your milage may vary, but it's especially difficult for boys that age unless they have friends who are nudists.

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