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Forum Member

Posted - 03/19/2006 :  1:22:05 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
New to this group and grateful for the opportunity. My intention for joining is to find nudist-friendly places throughout the US. I travel extensively and might be called a "closet nudist". I have enjoyed that clothes-free feeling throughout my life, especially when it means an "inhibition-free" mind. Maybe I should rephrase that as a mind that is "unclothed" as well as the body. Might sound a bit suggestive, but I don't mean it that way. I'm late 50s and more intrigued by the truth and scope of the journey we've taken than the momentary indulgence. I'm ready to take it one step at a time and don't need my employer or my wife bailing me out of jail.

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Forum Member

Posted - 03/20/2006 :  12:23:10 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I'm John. I'm 33 yrs old, live in Texas, married with 4 kids. My wife and I decided last spring on a whim to visit a clothing-optional beach in the Carribean, and we were hooked.

We have not yet visited any nude camps or clubs since then but we'd like to introduce our family to nudism.


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Forum Member

Posted - 03/21/2006 :  10:27:04 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Welcome to the site! We are always happy to gain new friends. Enjoy!

Thank God it's almost warm!!

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New Member

Posted - 03/24/2006 :  7:59:57 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi, we are Fawaz and Shama from Karachi, Pakistan. The scene here is very conservative but more and more people are coming out. In the early years of our marriage, we used to be naked all the time in our house, but with the kids around, its very difficult now. Enuff said now, wish u all the best
Fawaz & Shama

A very fun loving cpl from Pakistan

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New Member

Posted - 03/26/2006 :  08:39:33 AM  Show Profile  Send comanche a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Good morning. We are new to this site and lokk forward to discussions and meeting some of you at the variuos good resorts around this country. We particularly like Cypress Cove, Coventry and Turtle Lake.

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New Member

Posted - 03/26/2006 :  4:36:01 PM  Show Profile  Send scifi1390 an AOL message  Reply with Quote
Hey I am Vin i live in NJ.

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New Member

Posted - 03/26/2006 :  7:58:35 PM  Show Profile  Send smoothy33567 a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Hello from tampa bay, we travel as well, hope to drive the east coasdt and visit all the nudist "hangouts" on the eastcoast of US

Never say never

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New Member

Posted - 03/29/2006 :  3:46:33 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
hi, to you all
i'm new here
from europe-belgium
a wonderfull site with a lot of information
looks like a nice communtity here.

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Pete Knight
Forum Member

Posted - 03/30/2006 :  06:26:44 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I've been on this forum for a few days now, so I suppose its about time I introduced myself.

I'm Pete, I'm from Great Britain, I like to think of myself as a "naturist" as I like to commune with nature. Home nudity is OK, club and beach nudity is great, but I feel free when I can roam the countryside naked.
I've walked with Steve Gough of "Naked Rambler" fame, and those summer days walking and swimming in rivers was the tops for me!
I believe some of my photo's of the walk are to appear in the gallery, they were taken on a very special day at Haye-on-Wye in Herefordshire, England, very near to the Welsh border.

My dream is to find work in the naturist tourist industry, to live somewhere that I can be naked ALL the time is my ideal. Are there any resorts looking for staff?

Get naked and feel the freedom.

Pete Knight

Even a prude
has to be nude

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New Member

Posted - 04/04/2006 :  10:32:46 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello all, my name is Dave from Upstate NY.

I thought I was a member here before... but maybe not... too many boards and listserves out there.

I have been a nudist my whole life, started going to Empire Beach in NY as a kid... finally joining ASA/AANR through Buckridge *Now Bonita* on my own when I turned 18. I then joined Empire Haven a few years ago.

My schedule unfortunately does not allow me to visit either place often... with maybe a visit or two a year. At Empire Haven, the regional convention was the one time one year a few years back... and the annual car show is another... I really need to take more time off!!!

On my road trips to car shows I do stop by others for a night here and there. Cypress Cove when in Florida and Serendipity in Georgia.

Currently I am a full-time student, work PT and am a volunteer firefighter and EMT.

Talk soon!!!

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/04/2006 :  1:13:53 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm Jim from Richmnond VA and went for my "first time" to a wonderful facility called White Tail Park. In spite of being somewhat nervous about "baring it all" in a social setting for my first time, I found that most of the anxiety was left in the car once I pulled into the parking lot and checked in. Everyone was tremendously friendly and I felt at home after the first few minutes it took me to walk naked from the parking lot to the pool area. I expected to feel self-conscious or out of place, but that didn't happen. Instead I had this tremendous feeling of freedom and exhilleration that I've never felt before.
I talked to a number of very nice and accepting people there and played pool volleyball until I was water logged. Everyone was in a great mood and having a blast. It was the most relaxing day I've had in years....maybe forever. I can't wait to go back and I would encourage anyone in the area of VA or NC to come visit. If you've been sitting on the fence trying to get the nerve to try it, I advise you to "just do it" won't be sorry.
I remember reading on a list of "Things to do before you die"...."visit a nudist facility" was one of them. I'm glad I went and now I know what I want to do for the rest of the upcoming summer.


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New Member

Posted - 04/11/2006 :  11:40:12 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi. I'm Jamal from Boston, MA. I just, just got started taking nudism seriously. I had thought about it before, but was never brave enough, plus part of me wasn't doing it for the right reasons. Now I have a clear understanding and reasoning for being nude, which goes along with my outlook on life. I have begun to tell my friends and roommates about the decision. I talked to my one female roommate first, since I figured she'd be the most apprehensive about it, and she seemed pretty cool with the idea, but one of the guys insisted I keep it upstairs. I found it a bit hypocritical on his part, since he's a fellow artist who recently hired a female model, so everyone in the house could have a group figure drawing session, and he regularly smokes Js. I've been cautious so far, but only being nude in private goes against the reasons why I started, so he's either going to have to deal with it, or admit there's an alterior motive to hiring the models (another one is coming next week), and that he shouldn't be able light up, because it's illegal and has a negative image.

I haven't been to a club or resort yet, as I don't have a car. The only place locally is a gay group, and I have no problem excepting the lifestyle, but I'm a bit wary of the interests of a group whose club acronym is "BANG". I have a nice balcony with high walls, and the houses around here are the same level, so when it gets warmer I'll ba able to sun myself without gawkers or offending anyone. I'm 24, and hope to enjoy a long lifetime of nude freedom.

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/11/2006 :  1:52:55 PM  Show Profile  Send keithnc67 a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I'm new to this site; looking it over and it looks great; so far Cheri (i think you all know cheri, lol) has been nice enough to point out a few things to me. I have been a social nudist for years, starting in the early 90's while stationed in europe...I continued my social nudism stateside by joining/working at/living at bluebonnet resort in alvord (ft worth) tx...Charlie was a great person and I think still ownes bluebonnet...
I live in Charlotte NC now and would love to meet other nudists in this area and may consider starting a club if I cannot find one already established. I hope any nudists in charlotte will email me or respond to this post. Looking forward to making new friends on this board! -Martin (keith)


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Forum Member

Posted - 04/11/2006 :  7:21:21 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Martin, Charlie Moss from Bluebonnett passed away several years back, I believe. That was my first TX park visited a very long time ago.

Doing what I can to positively promote nudism

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/12/2006 :  05:26:32 AM  Show Profile  Send keithnc67 a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Cheri, I hated to hear that news; I checked out the web site for bluebonnet a few years ago and saw pictures of Charlie with his wife, who came into his life after I left in the fall of 96...I was happy to see that he was married and doing well...
On my first visit Charlie noted my light skin tone, obviously one who had not been nude in sun, and assumed this was a first timer. I told him of my social nude experience in Germany, and explained my pale skin was the result of being "sun shy" - if I was outside I wore a button up shirt (unbuttoned) to protect my back from the sun or I was saturated in sun block, or I waited till sun down to be totally nude - I burn easily! He offered me a job running the kitchen that day, and we became good friends; I am sad to hear of his passing...
I wonder if any of my old friends are still out there?


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