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Posted - 09/09/2007 :  4:43:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi to davidandcathy,

It was interesting to hear that enjoyment of nudity in childhood, going naked in the home when alone, etc., was not exclusively a male thing. At the time of the boyhood "naked club" I think we felt pretty daring walking around naked together, but would have been mortified if a girl had seen us (or, gasp! wanted to join us). But judging from what I have read, it seems boys playing naked together in childhood is fairly common. So I guess I just assumed it was a "boy" thing. I had wondered if interest in nudism in later life might have been a link back to pleasant nude experiences in childhood and youth. And if so, thought that may have accounted for the fact that it seems it is usually males who wish to try nudism first (and wondering how they could interest their partners!) Even when I first started visiting our city's nude beach, (Wreck Beach), at 17 years of age, it seemed there were many more naked males there than females, so it was natural to assume nudism was more popular among males. But I think I went there at first because I was just trying to recapture the wonderful feeling of being naked outside, from my childhood. The added benefit was that instead of having to hide away in the woods, you could actually take your clothes off out in the open, at a beach. I had no difficulty disrobing (probably got naked faster than any human being before or since), but the biggest thing was the wonderful feeling, for the first time, of being able to openly walk around naked with a few hundred other naked people, from my own age to people older than my parents.

It seems that nudism, for too many folks, is the husband going naked around the house, tolerated by his wife if he's lucky. There are probably a lot more middle-aged people who still furtively go naked around the house if nobody is home (as I did as a child). So I just assumed it was more of a male thing in the majority of cases. Nice to know that the fairer sex does it too!

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Posted - 07/08/2009 :  4:32:55 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
for me, I guess public nudity started when I was around 11 or 12 yrs old at the YMCA. My dad had stopped by to see a friend who's son was already in the pool. I was looking sad since I didn't have any trunks and my dad's friend told me, "its okay son, you can skinnydip" and I had no idea what skinnydip meant so I just looked at him puzzled. he said "naked, you don't need any trunks man you can swim naked"

now I was looking really puzzled as he and my dad kinda laughed at my naivete and confusion. They both took me to the locker room, showed me how it was common and okay and accetable as other grown men were naked. And then he showed me the pool area, my friend was already swimming naked as were a few other grown men and young boys.

So after much encouragement, I stripped in the locker room and reluctantly joined my friend naked in the pool. I felt LIKE A MAN like the other dudes I saw. It was so cool.

Sadly, those days are OVER!

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Posted - 05/01/2011 :  01:17:29 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Wow, I love this topic!!!
So many of the posts remind me of my pre-teen years.
For me my first knowledge of nudism was on Denman Island here in British Columbia, in the late 1960's. My familly and two other famillies were capmping on a beach and decided to go to the only lake on the island to "rinse off the salt from the beach". We arrived at the very small lake which had no beach and just a dock to swim from, and as my parents, siblings and the other famillies walked closer to the dock one of the other mothers shreaked in horror as she realized there was a couple of naked famillies on the dock. Looking back at it now it seems hilarious, the adults in our group were apaulled that one of the women on the dock was "pregnant and nude in public". I was about 9 or 10 yrs old and so curious about what we were seeing.
After that I tried nudity when ever I was alone at home. I also started sleeping nude. Both made me feel so free and relaxed.
The next summer my two buddies and I were exploring a creek near our homes and found a great looking swimming hole. One of the guys dared us to skinnydip. I was so nervous but exited at the same time. I looked around as if hoards of people were going to come out of the bush any second and then went for it anyway. We swam and layed out in the sun for an hour or so. The whole time I was nervous that someone would catch us naked. I think the adults reaction to the naked famillies on the dock the summer before had me believing I was doing something morally wrong (this is a perfect example of adults influencing a child's veiws of body acceptance).
A couple of summers, later the same buddies and I were doing a sleep over and again one of us dared the others, this time to go streaking up the street. Once out on the street I wanted to stay naked and run around all night. Of course being in our own nabourhood we were careful to keep out of sight. After that I would occationally go out on my own at night and loved the feeling of freedom being outside with nothing on.
After I post this I'm going to get my wife to read this thread so she can better understand what got me hooked on naturism.

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Posted - 05/01/2011 :  09:11:38 AM  Show Profile  Send Diger a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Great story Steady,
Don't you wish you had a video of that encounter. How did the nudist families handle your groups horror to their nudity? It would be interesting to bring up the subject with your parents to see what they remember about of the encounter. It would also be a good test of how or if their opinion has changed any through the years. Don't kid yourself, you were not the only one that was curious after that encounter. Joke about it, saying why didn't we join them?

Who knows you may uncover another nudist in the family.


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Forum Member

Posted - 05/01/2011 :  3:05:16 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by DigerIt would be interesting to bring up the subject with your parents to see what they remember about of the encounter. It would also be a good test of how or if their opinion has changed any through the years.

I had a conversation with my Mom that was along those lines. In brief: when I was about 4 or 5 and my parents and I were living in Germany, we would go exploring the countryside every weekend. One such trip landed us at a nudist lake. I remember very little; except how I was rivetted by seeing how comfortable the nude children and their parents were around each other. I also remember my Mom's refusal to disrobe; and as a result, did not go nude myself. But I felt, even at such a young age, that this was something I wanted to experience. It never happened until I became a Dad myself.

Over twenty years later, the events surrounding that day came up when I declared myself a nudist to my Mom. And she recounted with surprising precision what had happened. It was my Dad's idea to check out the nude lake. He went nude himself (which I did not remember). My Mom briefly thought about disrobing herself, but gave in to her hesitations and misgivings about being see nude, particularily by me. But then she added that she'd really wanted me to disrobe and join the other children playing - she thought the experience would be good for me; but I refused in spite of her encouragements.
I told her that had she gone nude, I would have undoubtebly gone nude myself. As a child, I interpreted her reluctance as a sign that there might be something wrong with being "publicly" nude. She gave me a surprised look and declared that was not her intent at all. I then asked her if things may have been different if she'd known what I was really thinking, these long years ago. Much to my surprise, she replied: "Of course!" I was stunned.

I've replayed in my head how I probably would have become a nudist at 4 if my Mom had disrobed and we would have gone off to meet the other nudist families there and play with their kids. But...oh well! At least i got to experience it with my own family...some twenty years later.

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Posted - 05/01/2011 :  3:29:25 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
As I went to a public school in grade school I had to go to Catholic Catacism class every Monday night. I soon learned that the public high school next door had open swim for boys every Mon night. It was the 50's and clothing was forbidden because the lint it was thought would clog the filters! what luck! It wasn't long before I learned I could ditch the church once or twice a month and swim NUDE. it lasted until my siblings learned why I wasn't in class and threatened to tell the folks! It was the 50's after all and life was different then!


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Posted - 04/08/2012 :  7:13:19 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My teen years experience with nudity was like most I assume just nude and solo. Just me sunbathing nude in my parents backyard. I never had the joy of my first nude experience being social with freinds skinnydipping.

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Posted - 04/08/2012 :  7:31:36 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I had forgotten about this until recently. I couldn't have been more than 6 years old, I was friends with this girl on my street (who I am still friends with today, 34 years later). Next door to her was an older couple who's grandson used to visit often and we were friends with him. The three of us used to go upstairs in his grandparents house and play doctor. I used to always volunteer to be the patient, and I would strip down naked and lie down while they examined me. Each of us would play the patient, but I always wanted to do it the most. That same girl and I used to play school in her basement around the same age, along with her little brother & sister, and maybe my little brother. Usually she or I would be the teacher, since we were the oldest ones. Well whichever one of us was the student would act up and the "teacher" would take them to another room in the basement and punish the student. The punishment was to strip naked, just for a minute or two. It was so innocent, but it was the beginnings of my nudist life!

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Bob Knows
Forum Member

Posted - 04/09/2012 :  12:42:16 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
When I was about 10 or so it was common for boys to sleep outside in our back yard, me and the neighbor boys together. One summer we began sneaking out of the yard and running naked to the school and around the school, playing naked in the night. It never became a daytime activity with those boys.

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Nude in AK
Forum Member

Posted - 07/26/2015 :  09:41:48 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I know this one has not been active for a long while but....I think, like many here that lived in the country, we (3 boys and 2 girls) found places/ways to be nude whenever we could. We had several hundred wooded acres close by that was our 'play area' and a lake about 1 mile from there. We also found some caves and places where Indians ground acorns for meal. Well this was our place to run nude and enjoy the summers. There we times that we would camp out there and be nude the whole time. We even went fishing/swimming at the lake in the nude. There would be other people fishing also and at first it was a little odd, but nothing was ever said to us. There was also a ranch near us that I was helping water the pastures. There was a few hundred feet of pipe that needed to be move twice a day. This was a perfect time to be in the nude, as I would not get my cloths wet. While it was work to move the pipe, I enjoyed it as I was nude and enjoying the sun and fresh air. Later on in life we had to move and then I had to ride by bike to find places that I could be nude. It took a little time but I always found places that I could enjoy my nude time. When I was old enough to get my drivers license, this opened up a many more areas that I could get to, to enjoy my nude time. Again as life changes, I had little time to enjoy being nude and being in the authority positions that I was in, I protected my nude activies. Now that I am retired, I can enjoy being nude more of the time, with the limiting factor the 'wife'! I now spend a fair amount of time nude and enjoy my nude hikes, 1-2 times a week.

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