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 Longest consecutive time spent nude?
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Posted - 09/11/2008 :  7:17:21 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
One day is the longest for me.

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Forum Member

Posted - 09/12/2008 :  09:27:53 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
9 months, just prior to being born.

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Forum Member

Posted - 09/17/2008 :  03:17:36 AM  Show Profile  Click to see aquizinaga's MSN Messenger address  Reply with Quote
Camping in the western part of ST CATHARINES, ONTARIO along 12Mile Creek nude for my 2 week vacation, in all about 12 days. This also include night walks all the way to Brock University and back, which usually took about 3 hours to complete & I was brave enough to only take/wear sandles and bug spray. Would love to find new suitable sites to camp nude near St. Catharines....

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Forum Member

Posted - 09/17/2008 :  03:28:21 AM  Show Profile  Visit balataf's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I have had many routine stretches of 2 or 3 weeks of nudity inside my home.

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Forum Member

Posted - 09/26/2008 :  11:50:01 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It's friday, the clothes get to come off for two whole days, Friday is my most favorite day of the week.

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/08/2009 :  10:33:10 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My wife and I are planning on renting a cottage along the 1000 Islands in New York this summer. I'm trying to get a place that has a bit of land, so my plan right now is to spend the entire week sans clothing. My wife has already invited her sister to come, but I told her that she'd better let her know that I plan on being naked.

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New Member

Posted - 05/09/2009 :  10:21:05 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The longest ive spent time in the nude has been 3 days. My roomates arent really big fans of my nudism, but when i move out ill have more time to be nude with no problems.

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/09/2009 :  5:51:11 PM  Show Profile  Send Warmskin a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by balataf

I have had many routine stretches of 2 or 3 weeks of nudity inside my home.

Why Balataf, you must be a nudist. My gosh, and in this forum of all places.

"To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them."

George Mason

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/10/2009 :  09:49:23 AM  Show Profile  Visit balataf's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Being a disabled amputee makes me somewhat more of a hermit, so it is easier for me to avoid clothes than for most.

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/10/2009 :  11:16:13 AM  Show Profile  Send seallin an AOL message  Send seallin a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
The longest we've spent was this past Thursday at Cypress Cove. It was just one day for us. We got there about 9:30 that morning and got naked almost immediately. We stayed til about 8. We really didn't want to leave. Where we live in Florida is about 2 hours away from the place. So we had a good 2 hour drive back home. We actually didn't get back home til about 10:30. We really did not want to leave though. It was our first time at a resort and we were very much enjoying it. We had a lot of fun.

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/29/2009 :  9:59:52 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Petty much an entire tree day weekend. Only time I had anything on was putting on a robe to get the newspaper. Other than that, nekkid as the day I was born.

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New Member

Posted - 09/22/2009 :  8:40:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
About two weeks during the start of the summer before my internship started. I just stayed at home and had friends over everyday. They all stayed clothed but were fine with me being in the buff.

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/14/2010 :  5:56:40 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This is the first time I have seen this topic and I was looking forward to putting in approx. 36 hours...until I started reading some of the posts. I'm such a rookie!! Gives me something to shoot for though.

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/14/2010 :  6:53:54 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Since I last posted....I've retired. There are sometimes, now, that I'll go without clothing for 2-3 days straight. If I don't have to leave the house for anything and have projects I'm working on....I can go the entire week but...usually I have to make a Home Depot run during the I have to put shorts and a t shirt on from the parking lot to the store and back to the parking lot!

Edited by - FireProf on 02/15/2010 01:05:37 AM

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/15/2010 :  12:18:13 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have never been to a nudist resort or my longest stretch is probably just a day or two.

But in the summer, I would have weeks where I would be naked at home, and only put on clothes to drive to San O, then be naked all day, then put on clothes to drive home, then be naked at home. For what that's worth.

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