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 Does your family know?
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Forum Member

Posted - 07/10/2006 :  4:41:28 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Cat's out of the bag, so to speak. This past weekend we hosted a get together at our home with my side of the family. Swimming, BBQ, music and just idle family conversation.

Last year, we installed an outdoor shower, hot and cold water, and have used it quite a bit after swimming and I usually take my showers outside instead of inside, just like it better. Anyway, my brother in law came up to me after his kids, my niece and nephew, were done taking their showers and asked if I would mind holding up a towel for him so he "could take a shower in the nude."

I looked at him and said, "you've got nothing to worry about, didn't you know this is a C/O home?" He looked at me and said..."C/O?, what's C/O?" I said, clothing optional. He smiled and chuckled a bit but I could see him thinking as he walked away. My sister and her family will be spending a bit more time with us this next weekend. I'm curious to know if we were the topic of discussion and if the questions will surface after my conversation with this brother in law.

I'm actually hopeful it does surface cuz I think we'd both just like everyone to know.

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Forum Member

Posted - 07/10/2006 :  10:49:25 PM  Show Profile  Visit HG8Harrier's Homepage  Send HG8Harrier an AOL message  Send HG8Harrier a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I received enough flak from my congregation when they found out I was unbaptized and chose to remain so... enough to chase me away from the church. I'd hate to think what my family members and neighbors would say if they found out about my nude preference.

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Forum Member

Posted - 07/11/2006 :  08:37:06 AM  Show Profile  Send Nuderthanthou an AOL message  Send Nuderthanthou a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Years ago, my first wife, a truly European woman, mentioned to my mother that we were visiting a nudist resort on a monthly basis. I thought that I would never hear the end of it, particularly since my mother was highly Victorian. My worries never materialized; it was never a matter of discussion, at least not when I was around.

Much later, I found out that my sister and her girlfriend were in the habit of skinny dipping in their pool and invited me to do so too if I was so inclined.

I'm sure that my tendency to worry about my family's acceptance is common, but in my case, I worried for naught.

As I posted elsewhere, knowledge of my nudist preferences outside the family unit is another matter altogether.

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Forum Member

Posted - 07/11/2006 :  10:10:54 AM  Show Profile  Send tommyjoe a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
My wife knows of course because, I sleep in the nude or Sunday mornings when I make coffee. She also found my shorts in a different room instead of the bedroom. But I can't talk her into giving it a try. I have two girls neither one of them knows and our friends don't know either.

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Forum Member

Posted - 07/11/2006 :  11:47:40 AM  Show Profile  Visit jim19452's Homepage  Reply with Quote
As I have posted elsewhere, I don't care whomever among my friends and family knows and have sent emails about my habits. I've sent out a trip report or two about my nudist resort visitations.

Some outside of what I would call friends but 'nice' acquaintances know of my nudity, are amused by it, and remain friendly, and somewhat interested in my nudist escapades.

Best Wishes, Jim

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New Member

Posted - 07/11/2006 :  2:17:55 PM  Show Profile  Send naturist_from_india a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
No one in my family or any of my friends know about my nudist lifestyle. im a 26 year old from India and very new to this kind of living. Nudism as you all would know is unheard of in modern day India. However it was very much intertwined in the Ancient Indian culture. These days however the very word is scoffed at and is taboo. Honestly speaking i have yet to come across any nudists in India. I however look forward to broaching this issue to my family and friends in future but i fear resentment.....

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New Member

Posted - 07/24/2006 :  8:25:47 PM  Show Profile  Send manneartucson a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Some of my best, non nudist friends know, and are cool with it, as for my family, no, they do not know. Not sure if they need to, had an ex girlfriend told them, trying to be mean to me, they didin't believe it, said I don't have the time, ha, guess all those "bbq's with friends" never sank in with them? I never denied it, just kind of laughed and shrugged. It would not go over real well where I live.

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Thomas Hinds
New Member

Posted - 07/25/2006 :  09:50:27 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Most of my friends know, but not my family, other than my wife that is. Her sister knows that I a home nudist and that doesn't bother her as she is nude at home as well. Although we have never been nude together. We never really had the chance. When we are together, her kids or father have been around.


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Forum Member

Posted - 07/25/2006 :  7:57:12 PM  Show Profile  Visit TheOmne's Homepage  Send TheOmne an AOL message  Click to see TheOmne's MSN Messenger address  Send TheOmne a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
My parents know, they ask the occasional question about it. They've only know for less than a year but they are finally getting used to the idea I think, they don't get that weirded out look when we tell them where we are going anymore. My brother knows, he's 17 and has gone from disgusted reactions to considering trying it out someday. My wife's mom knows, we're not sure if she's ever told her dad, he's never mentioned it. Her mom said she would try it if she "looked better", she's a former body builder and still wears a size 3 (hmmm... body image issues?) My wife's sister (17) also knows and hasn't expressed any interest, but we really haven't talked to her about it.

Our best friends know, one has expressed an interest in joining us sometime. Any other friends may or may not know, the ones who do just think we're kind of strange. I have at least one aunt that knows maybe more, they've never said anything about it though.

All around, I don't try to hide it at all. My MySpace profile states very clearly that I am a nudist and anybody who takes the time to read it would know all about our lifestyle, though my wife's profile doesn't mention it at all.

All in all, I'm very open about it and more than willing to explain my views and choices to anyone who expresses interest in hearing more.


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Forum Member

Posted - 07/31/2006 :  3:01:31 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
All our friends know that we're nudists. My family all know with the exception of two girl cousins who we don't see apart from the "Births Marriages & Deaths" occasions but I will tell them as and when we are with them for less formal reasons. My late Mother-In Law was marvellous about it and even came into the bathroom once while I was having a shower to change the towels. Lovely lady. Nobody has been shocked or lost contact with us over our naturism. In fact I feel that being honest and open solves a lot of problems not least having to explain what you've been doing without "stretching" the truth or being vague which can be perceived being a bit offhand or rude.


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Forum Member

Posted - 08/01/2006 :  01:46:49 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

My parents know I sleep nude since high school, but not wether my wife does or not. Ironically, my parents don't know we are casual in-the-home nudists, yet her family do! Her father is only a bit irked that I learnt how to say "nude" in korean before saying other mundane stuff like "food". Otherwise, everything's cool.

Will I tell my parents? I don't know. I guess I won't until neccesary.

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Forum Member

Posted - 08/01/2006 :  11:12:39 AM  Show Profile  Visit vealj's Homepage  Send vealj an AOL message  Send vealj an ICQ Message  Click to see vealj's MSN Messenger address  Send vealj a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I don't think there is anyone in our family who doesn't know unless it's someone I haven't seen in over 40 years

Take care and ...
Keep it Bare !!!
- veal
Nudist Blog:

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New Member

Posted - 08/02/2006 :  4:13:20 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My mom and Dad, my ex's family, and my current wife's best friend know. but no one else really. Since I moved from Cali to Illinois it has never come up in conversation. IL is not like cali with all of the beaches and easy access to clubs. I have to drive 2 hours to the nearest club now and it just isn't worth it. So there is not much interest in it here.

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New Member

Posted - 08/02/2006 :  5:08:48 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
no they would understand cuz i wasnt raise that way...only my ckose friends know and there with as long as i got friends who as joined me im ok....and they like it more private but im working on it...

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Bare in the Desert
Forum Member

Posted - 08/02/2006 :  7:45:30 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Yep, friends and family all know. When the news first hit the streets there were several people that were absolutely against the idea but are now starting to ask intelligent question and seem some what interested. My closest friend is still having a difficult time with my lifestyle and continues makes comments about it. But he's also the biggest prude I know so I cut him some slack, words like sex and nudity just aren't in his vocabulary right now.

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