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 Male genital waxing: possible and safe?
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Posted - 03/13/2006 :  3:54:39 PM  Show Profile  Visit Mermaid8773's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Try Surgi-Wax Brazilian....I love strips. Put it on, let it dry and harden, pull it off. Do VERY small areas at a time, making sure to pull the skin very tight.

As for the labia outer labias have plenty of fur. Going almost to the inner. So, it varies from woman to woman. Cheri is just very lucky. Or I am just very hairy. Not sure which. But, my bikini wax takes some time...I do it myself, and get every hair I can. Tweezers work for the hangers-on. Don't let the hair get too long before waxing...there is a happy medium of about 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch long.

Any other questions, feel free to email me....I wax every 4 weeks. 'Pits to Parts!!!!

Contact me for your travel needs! PM or email... or

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New Member

Posted - 03/13/2006 :  8:18:47 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am sure someone will consider me a little wierd but so what, I don't fit into an other mold anyhow.
I simply pull it out by hand. I use a rubber glove for grip and I pluck the scrotum also. I don't want the completely bare look but I don't want to look like a bear either. I have long grey hair and a beard and hair on my arms and legs. I also have a little hair around my nipples which I pluck also. I think that with a beard on my face and shaved or waxed pubic area would not suit me. I leave the hair thin but I think, natural looking.
For me, I don't think that it hurts any more than wax which I tried some years ago.

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New Member

Posted - 01/24/2007 :  6:12:34 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Try this... it works for me

Ingredients for Halawa Sweet, AKA Sweet, Egyptian Sugar Wax, or Hair Removal by Lucy Elsherif

1. Two cups of water
2. Three cups of sugar or three cups of honey
3. Two teaspoons of lemon juice
1. Place all ingredients in saucepan. Bring to boil.
2. When its colour changes to golden brown, lower the heat and continue to simmer.
3. Keep a careful watch on the colour. Once it starts to change to brown, turn off the heat.
4. Allow to cool a little, then pour small quantities onto heavy duty plastic, of the cereal bag type. Plastic that is not heavy duty will melt. It is not a good idea to use a plate, as you will need to peel it off something pliable after it cools.
5. When it becomes cool enough to handle, pull a piece off the plastic and pull and stretch it. This will immediately cause it to change color, from a clear golden brown to an opaque gold. It should be easy to stretch and pull. If it is too hard, you have left it on the heat for too long and must make a new batch. If it is too liquid, it has not been heated enough and must be heated once more, or a new batch made.

It is now ready for use! Good luck in bearing the pain!

The trick is in knowing when to turn the heat off, and may take a few batches until mastered. One test is to take a drop on a spoon and hold it between your thumb and finger (cool it under water first!). It should stretch between them. If it too liquid to stretch, continue to heat, and if it stretches but is brittle, discard and repeat, reducing the time you leave it on the heat.

An easier, although more expensive, alternative is to use just three cups of honey and a few drops of lemon. Simmer for a few minutes until the colour changes then continue from step 4.

Make sure you have the heat set low and do not stir it until all the sugar dissolves. After the sugar dissolves you can raise the heat. There is no guessing as to when the mixture is done if you buy a candy thermometer (not an expensive item) and bring the mixture to the hard ball sugar temperature of 350F to 360F. It will work every time no guess work there.

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New Member

Posted - 03/02/2007 :  6:23:55 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hey waht ever turns you for I shaved and do anice trimm...looks neater


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Forum Member

Posted - 03/02/2007 :  7:34:17 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Like you I shave that area, but leave a very hairy bush area, so I can either bleach or color.

I just can't imagine putting hot wax in that area.



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Forum Member

Posted - 04/18/2007 :  8:09:54 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have used the home waxing kit, bought at Wally Mart. Took some time to understand how to do it and to get it done well. Tried on my scrotum and it did take off some skin (ouch). Use tweezers for the stray and used to clear the scrotum since I am hesitant to try the wax again. Love the four weeks off from shaving. Sometimes I will touch up with tweezers and pull the hair that growes out sooner. Makes it easy to form the patch I leave in place up top, but I usually keep shrinking that smaller and smaller. With the hair trimmed, it is almost all gone, so maybe I will just finish it off and be bare in that area. I will shave the anal area and trim the chest some of the time. Never done a totally bare shave. Have shaved the chest, just didn't feel like keeping it up, so now I just trim when it starts to get too long for me.

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/19/2007 :  11:56:44 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have actually used a waxing kit for my pubic region before. I didn't use it on testicles, but I did use it on the base of my penis. It worked very well, and it was nice not having to shave for about 3-4 weeks! However, you can expect some bleeding, minor irritation, and for 2-3 days a little bit of redness. I found it all to be worthwhile. I haven't done it in quite some time, but in the near future I am going to get a "Manzilian." If you can stand the temporary discomfort, I would say it is absolutely worth a try!

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New Member

Posted - 04/22/2007 :  5:00:54 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well I have tried waxing, found it a bit harsh. Then I discovered sugaring, which was far better than waxing. Sugaring can still leave some bruising. It really depends on the technique. As with everything some people are better at it than others. The real chore is finding someone to do it on a male period. Finally tired of shaving, waxing or sugaring I turned to laser. Yes way more expensive but also way more permanent. I no longer have hair in the pubic area. I have some on the scrotum because the hair was too light to laser. For that I get it sugared off once in a while. Since it is such a small area it isn't very painful. If I had discovered laser years ago I would have had it all done. Yes it can be expensive, but you have to look at a lifetime of shaving vs. the elimination of hair altogether. For women at twenty to not have to shave pits and legs again, how much is that worth. Take a guy whose thirty years old, he can shave his balls every week for forty years or get leser treatment for a year and never have to worry about it again, ever! Unfortunately for me I started too late, so once every thre months I get some sugaring done.

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New Member

Posted - 06/12/2007 :  2:35:31 PM  Show Profile  Send Tannedsmoothie a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I have not gotten wax yet but really want to give it a try. Does anyone know of a saloon, spa in Northern New Jersey where a guy can get it done?? PLEASE let me know....
I want a full Brazilian.....front and back.......wax job.

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Forum Member

Posted - 07/27/2007 :  01:08:24 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've been waxing and sugaring entire pubic area for some years with excellent results. no itching with either method.

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Forum Member

Posted - 10/02/2007 :  02:59:17 AM  Show Profile  Click to see Digital_Cowboy's MSN Messenger address  Send Digital_Cowboy a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
This past Friday I had my second waxing session and I have to say that I much rather prefer the results of waxing vs. shaving. Sadly it took several tries before I finally found a spa/salon to do a Brazilian wax on a male.

When I finally found one, that was willing to work on men. It turns out that Id gone into the shop that was only set-up to do chair waxes. But they "referred" me to their sister store just a few streets over.

I went and they had no problems working on a male. I did have to wait a short while for the young lady who was going to do the actual waxing. As I was unaware of how to refer to or call exactly what type of waxing that I wanted. I just knew that I wanted to have all of my pubic hair removed. I of course now know what exactly it is called and that its essentially the same for both males and females alike.

Admittedly I thought that it would be just myself and the young lady who was going to do the waxing, but it was two of em. The first one that Id met and the second one that was called. One pulled the skin taught and the other applied the cloth strips to remove the wax and hair. They were both surprised by my reaction or lack thereof, of the pain involved.

I have to honestly say that there really wasnt very much pain. That is during the actual waxing. Now then when they applied the antiseptic THAT hurt like bloody hell. The first young lady that Id met when I first got there had admitted that when she first had it done that she cried. Now then Im not sure IF she was referring to just a bikini waxing or a full on Brazilian waxing.

When I went back Friday I guess they were a little busier then the first time as this time it was just myself and the second young lady that I had met. And this time around the antiseptic did NOT hurt at all.

And as a few others have said shes left the hair on my scrotom untouched. She has however removed whatever hair that may be on the shaft of my penis. So I guess that Ill just have to shave that myself. I did find one interesting thing when I went in for my second waxing, that is that Im their only male customer to get a full Brazilian wax. So I guess that that makes it easier for em to remember me.


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New Member

Posted - 10/24/2007 :  6:45:11 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello! :)

I've been waxing men and women for a little over three years now.

Yes, I do wax the scrotum. I've never had a problem. I think a lot of it has to do with the type of waxed well as making sure the skin is pulled taught.

A few questions I receive all the time are:

1.) Does it hurt?
ummm...yes, it does hurt. However, not for long and the benefits far outweigh a little pain.

2.) How long does the hair need to be?
ideally at least 1/4" long (about 2 weeks growth, if you've been shaving)

3.) How often do I need to get waxed?
every 3-4 weeks to maintain

4.) What do I need to prepare the hair?
Nothing. :)

5.) How much does it cost?
I charge $65 to $75 depending on the amount of hair being removed and time it takes to perform. (the price is the same for both men & women)

6.) Where are you located?
I am in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hope this cleared up a few questions without sounding like an infomercial! :)

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Forum Member

Posted - 10/27/2007 :  11:21:56 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have waxed a few times and it is great. leaves me smoother for longer!! costs me $45 for brazilian which takes about two inches off the top of my thighs as well as smooth. It is painful initially but each subsequent time it is easier and quicker. scrotum is not a good place to wax for sure, sensitive skin. my aesthetician plucks this area for me.
But try it, if you like it go back, if you don't, well at least you know

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New Member

Posted - 11/03/2007 :  08:08:43 AM  Show Profile  Send islander a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I tried waxing my shaft a few times. Used brazilian wax. While it worked, it was tedious and painful. Within a week the hair was coming back, it just wasn't worth it. I know laser is expensive, but it is a more permanent solution. If you are sure you want this look forever I highly recomend it.

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New Member

Posted - 11/08/2007 :  12:29:04 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
i don't think that i will ever get waxed, i might, but i'm not sure
right now i shave all of my pubes except for my testicles

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