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 Some Behavior Is Not True Nudism...What To Do?
 People Openly Having Sex On The Beach
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New Member

Posted - 04/30/2005 :  12:38:15 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/30/2005 :  1:09:35 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Quite frankly, I think that having open sex any where is not a cool thing. For some reason, privacy is a turn-on for me and being an exhibitionist is a fetish most nudists don't practice.

Everyday is another reason to be yourself.

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New Member

Posted - 04/30/2005 :  1:10:28 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
If its a public beach and in full view during the way! If its more private, maybe at night and a couple wants to enjoy love making on the beach...why not. Question is just about who can see them...adults who accidently find them or anyone (children namely) who has eyes.

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/30/2005 :  4:26:19 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have to agree no way!! I have never been on a beach where this happened the closest was a couple making out pretty serious in the water and after some cat calls it was broken up. It just isn't very cool to do this on a beach during the day with other people around. If it was a secluded spot or far away and at night with nobody around then have at it.

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New Member

Posted - 04/30/2005 :  4:43:45 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Here at Gunnison beach in New Jersey you will find gay men in tents openly having sex. This kind of spoils the fun for people just wanting to relax.

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/30/2005 :  7:10:47 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Just a little on the trashy side, since you asked.


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Forum Member

Posted - 04/30/2005 :  8:32:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
not cool.

and i agree with suzanne, a little trashy and disrespectful to others

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/30/2005 :  10:41:05 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It rarely happens on true naturist/nudist beaches. Those who push the envelope are the reason we have lost beaches in the past such as Higbee in NJ. If I were to witness something, I would use my cell phone and call 911 as most nudists would. There are beach ambassadors at Haulover. I've never seen it on a nudist beach: LIghthouse, Haulover, Collins Beach, or at Gunnison.


Doing what I can to positively promote nudism

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/01/2005 :  2:25:06 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I wish I could say the same cheri.

For many years I could but I found I was wrong when I said it dosen't happen at my beach, San Onofre. Many of the regulars at the beach do dicourage that activity as much as they can but there is a certain element that seem to want to do it. There is an even larger element that enjoy watching it. I would be kidding myself to say it can't happen. I would prefer it didn't but at the very least they need to keep it discreet. Inside or somewhere else would be prefered but at the very least go behind a screen or a tent or an umbrella. DON'T PUT ON A SHOW!! It gives our beach a bad name and it is what eventually gets used as an excuse to shut down the beach to nude use because the vast majority of the population can't differentiate between nudity and sex. Of course that is the same reason these exhibitionists are doing what they are doing they don't see anything wrong because hey afer all we're naked on a nude beach aren't we.

On the plus side we have a pretty good relationship with the park rangers. If we see something like that going on we can call them to take care of the problem. It's just we hate to bother them with this stuff. If we can take care of the problem ourselves we will. But hey, if they won't listen to us I know they will have a visit from the rangers in a few minutes.

"The best dress for walking is nakedness." Colin Fletcher

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/01/2005 :  6:13:59 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Unfortunately, NudeAl is right, we have seen many of these people that think just because everyone is nude that we are also okay with them having sex in front of us. We have not had to call the rangers yet. Everytime we have confronted these exhibitionists they have left the beach without incident. Some name calling and nasty looks but nothing physical.

What is really needed is for those that have witnessed this type of activity, to speak up and tell these people to either stop or leave the beach. Tell them that their actions will close the beach for everyone else and their actions will not be tolerated.

When you turn your head and eyes away and chose to ignore these people, you are jeapordizing the status of the nude beach as well. I know it seems difficult to do, but once you've done it, if you have to do it again, it gets easier and easier.

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/01/2005 :  8:27:12 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I find an interesting parallel here. Just substitute "nude sunning, swimming, whatever" for "having sex on the beach" and this could be a textile thread on nude beaches. Do we deny to others what we are denied by others? Perhaps they deserve beaches for their thing just as we deserve for ours? Just something to think about. BTW, I'd stay on the nudist side of the fence.

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/02/2005 :  01:34:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You're right, Copperquail- maybe they DO deserve their own beaches- but we'll never see something like that in OUR lifetimes. (It's hard enough to get "vanilla nudism" accepted on beaches, as it is- in fact, our lifestyle is increasingly under attack!)

I agree that public sex on beaches is what's threatening many nudists' desire for "innocent" nudism. (Sunning, swimming, etc.)

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/02/2005 :  01:41:19 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I can understand the overwhelming urge to have sex with your significant other on the beach, ALL ALONE, full moon out, warm night, slight trade wind blowing, bottle of wine, etc, etc. but.......

to do this with lots of other people around in broad day light is just plain rude and disrespectful to those around you and each other.

I don't think we should be setting aside places for these people to have sex on the beach just because we, as nudists, want beaches set aside for us to enjoy nude. Being nudist, enjoying the beach in the true nudist fashion and having sex on the beach with others around......I don't see the correlation.

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/02/2005 :  02:51:59 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm sorry about my last response, fireprof- I'm sure it will be misunderstood and looked at as negative by a lot of forum members & guests.

I don't have any personal desire to have sex in front of other people. (In fact, I wouldn't be comfortable doing it, period.) I also agree that it would be tasteless, and rude to do so. (And inconsiderate of other people who were around.)

But- I'm a real lover of individual freedom (that's one of the main benefits of nudism- the feeling of freedom that you get from it)- and, in a perfect world, nobody would get offended by people having sex in public! (They'd simply turn their heads and ignore it.) And, in that perfect world- if I were on the beach with my beloved, and spontaneously felt the desire to make love (knowing that nobody would mind), it would be be an incredible, (again) FREEING experience. (Again, this is purely hypothetical- since I have no desire to do this in my "real life"- at least at this point in time.)

The correlation is this, fireprof (I think Copperquail had a very valid, insighful point): Since a lot of people view the simple practice of nudism as weird, perverted, etc (ignorantly, IMHO, I might add), we have places set aside to practice this so as not to offend them. Why, then, do we have the right to judge people who enjoy having sex in public? (Just because it's not "for us"?)

We're on the same side, fireprof (when you think about it): if there were beaches set aside for people who enjoyed doing this, it would keep this type of behaviour from "tainting"/threatening the "purist" naturist lifestyle that so many of us want to partake in.

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/02/2005 :  11:46:12 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

I think you should go back and re-read your last post.

What we do as true nudists and what we have tried to get so many people, including law makers, to see is that we nudist honestly feel that sex and nudity are not synonymous.

Many of those out there feel that what it is we do is exactly what it is you are saying is.....okay, even though it may not be for us. True naturist/nudist's would not only frown at this type of activity but would not be telling those new to naturism that it's okay, but not for us.

I think we should be giving those joining this forum or reading this forum the true principles, philosophies and policies of nudism and OPENLY having sex on the beach isn't one of them.

You may be on the side of being against open sex on the beach but your post leaves me feeling you still think it's okay. It's not okay with many true nudists, and if these people want a place to have sex out in the open, they can visit any of the many ADULT resorts that cater to this type of activity and keep our naturist beaches, club and resorts out of it.

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/02/2005 :  12:18:41 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You're right, fireprof-

I was just trying to be tolerant/open minded to other points of view. (Kind of "thinking out loud", actually.)

But my post was probably not in line with what this forum is trying to accomplish. (And, no- I DON'T "still think it's okay". Remember, I was mainly taking a HYPOTHETICAL point of view during the discussion...)

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