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 Nudism and The Law
 Media Watch! Pending anti-nudity ordinances etc.
 Boulder Anti-Nudity Law
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Posted - 09/29/2010 :  3:46:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Sigh. The wife and I just returned to the Denver area after a wonderful weekend at the Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs, California. Unfortunately, we just discovered that a few months ago Boulder passed a law banning public nudity. They did not pass a law banning toplessness, probably because of equal protection issues.

Worse, a proposed Colorado state law would actually force people ticketed twice for nudity to register as a sex offender!

I guess we will not be laying in the sun in Dream Canyon. And so much for the naked pumpkin run and the world naked bike ride! Boulder just got a little less quirky.

Boulder had already banned nudity at the shores of Coot Lake years ago to combat nude sunbathers.

One City Council member seemed more sane, stating, "I don't believe that stripping down, taking your shorts off, is an issue,"

He said he thinks the city should be more concerned with reducing its carbon footprint than rounding up streakers.

Several Boulder residents agreed, including Catharine Pierce.

Pierce, 53, has found herself at the center of the debate over public nudity for years. She recently riled neighbors and passersby when she tended to her garden while topless, and she's been threatened with eviction because of her nudism.

A fully clothed Pierce told the council Tuesday that she enjoys being topless outside as part of her religion, and she's not trying to make trouble.

"I'm not out to offend anyone," she said. "I want to enjoy my life as much as I can."

Boulder resident Ben Binder told the council that he thinks most police officers are interested in going after "bad guys, not kids running around naked with pumpkins on their heads."

Binder asked the officials to spend their time on other matters, and he suggested a solution for people who are offended by good-natured acts of nudity: "Don't look."

We agree with Mr. Binder and Ms. Pierce!

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Forum Member

Posted - 09/30/2010 :  09:36:25 AM  Show Profile  Send nudesunguy a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Yes, Boulder, easily one of the most "liberal" places in the country, has gotten all uptight. Where does this come from? What does anyone have to fear from people sitting and swimming naked in nature?

We live in a very liberal town in northern CA. While they haven't passed laws yet, the number of people who go to the wonderful nude beaches nearby must be .0001% of the population. Apparently liberals aren't as liberal as they think when it comes to their bodies.

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The Natural One
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Posted - 10/24/2010 :  02:47:24 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I live in Colorado but not Boulder. It seems I am always looking for places to be free, and kind of daring to the point I could get in trouble someday. Just love to be nude and wish more people would understand. To me we are headed the wrong direction in every way and uncle sam is not happy unless he can dictate our every move.

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Forum Member

Posted - 10/25/2010 :  3:22:54 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
So for clarification..Was it Ok to be naked in public in Boulder up until "a few months ago"? I doubt it was.


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Forum Member

Posted - 10/26/2010 :  4:10:46 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well, it wasn't encouraged, but there was no law specifically against being naked in Boulder until the city decided to pass a law against it. At least that is what I have been led to believe.
There were instances where the police wanted to cite naked 'offenders' but couldn't because there was no law on the books against it, until 'a few months ago'.

"Wearing nothing is devine, naked is a state of mind."

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Bill Bowser
Forum Member

Posted - 10/26/2010 :  7:21:26 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My memory of this may not be quite accurate, but I believe that for many years the authorities in Boulder tolerated such things as a naked pumpkin run at Halloween time. Last year the Boulder police started arresting participants, and they were threatened with being prosecuted with sex crimes. I don't know the outcome, but it certainly didn't look good for anyone who wanted to be nude in public. Anyone have any more information?

Bill Bowser - Cincinnati

Nudists are everywhere, but they're hard to identify with their clothes on.

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Forum Member

Posted - 10/27/2010 :  12:20:38 PM  Show Profile  Visit barefootguyinco's Homepage  Send barefootguyinco a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I live in Colorado and what's happening in Boulder really bothers me. They are making to big an issue out of things like the World Naked Bike Ride and the Naked Pumpkin run. Yes, we shouldn't be able to run around all the time in public, naked (well I'd like it if we could, but I understand the logic in not being able to), but making it illegal to ride naked in the World Naked Bike ride is just going to far to me. Many are in body paint and when sitting on a bike you really can't see much more than the side view of hips, and womens breasts which isn't even illegal and should never be.

So it seems Boulder is going backward instead of forward and this bothers me as it could start a trend in other cities as these things often do. I'm 300 miles away on the other side of the state, maybe thankfully, but I hope a movement will grow to reverse these laws and to educate people as to the true nature of simple social nudism. We as a community need to promote a better image of nudity and the nudist lifestyle.

Just for example, here's what we are doing. I started a nudist group here in Colorado called the Grand Junction Naturists ( ) and we do things like we hosted a World Naked Gardening Day at our house this year and we invited the media to cover the event if they agreed to present it in a positive light. We made the front page of the local paper and were on TV 4 times and all of it was very positive. Next year we plan on hosting it again and again inviting the media to cover it, plus we hope to begin some safe advertising to grow our group and offer free information for those who want to learn about our lifestyle. Our website has a decent amount of educational material on it already and we plan to add more including a printable version so they can share it with others in a printed form.

This year my GF and I decided we no longer cared who knows we are nudists, including her employer and fellow co-workers, and guess what? We have had almost no negative reactions. Some were a little shocked and said they could never do that, but most were curious about why we do it which opens up to the door for us to be ambassadors for the lifestyle and to try to encourage them to get over their negative body issues.

And it's working, slowly, a little at a time, but we are having an effect. Here's some examples. One friend of ours is very heavy set and was very self conscious of her body and said she could never go naked around others. Well over the course of maybe 8 months I gave her reasons why she shouldn't be embarrassed about her body and just slowly let her know about the nudist values and way of life. Finally one day she went to a private commercial hot springs with us and surprised us all by dropping her robe with nothing on. Since then she is much more comfortable being nude around others and in talking about it.

Case #2 - My Girlfriend and I have lived together for about 1.5 years and in that time I've been chatting with her daughter on facebook and generally working on her. She is also heavy set and did not like her body or nudism. But now after all this time she now is fine with us being nude at home when she and her hubby visit and she is MUCH more comfortable with her body. She has told us that she is even nude at home a lot now and she posts comments on her Facebook page about positive body acceptance and supporting our nudist lifestyle. When it warms up next year, or if they come over for an indoor party by themselves, I plan on suggesting they get comfortable here and not worry about the clothes. But, if she has her sons with her we can't do that as we can't be nude around them since their father (her ex) is not ok with it, yet. We've been slowly educating the boys about nudism and even put a nude photo of the two of us by our pool on display where they could see it. The photo is very tasteful and while we are fully nude, I'm sitting while Carla stands and no genitals are showing. Anyway, they saw it and mentioned it which gave us the opportunity to further explain that we are nude whenever they are not around and that we are more comfortable with no clothes. We also explained that there was nothing wrong with, nor in seeing our picture. We hope to have them out to soak in the hot tub one day and we plan on having a sign stating that no suits are needed in the tub, which will again get them talking. Then maybe one day they'll want to go without suits as well, even if we can't yet. Or we will take them to Orvis hot springs and explain on the way what to expect as it's clothing optional. We'll 'probably' wear suits to prevent problems with my girlfriends daughters ex but if the boys say it's ok for us to not wear them, we probably will go without. Anyway, it would be a good way to get them around a larger group of people who mostly soak naked.

So, slowly, we are helping friends and family, as well as strangers, learn to be comfortable with social nudity and hope to expand our efforts in the coming year.

Body shame, like prejuduce, is not natural. It is learned from others and benefits no one.

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Forum Member

Posted - 10/31/2010 :  9:09:05 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Dream Canyon was an area where nudists could go. It was beautiful and just above Boulder up in the hills. The wife and I went there and liked it. It is just sad to see places like that go.

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Posted - 11/01/2010 :  9:23:07 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
i believe the people that are making these laws may have some dark secrets that they are guilty about. i like the 60's and 70's when i was a teen if someone got caught nude they most likely would get a warning or scolded and sent on their way. now we are a society that every time someone sneezes a law needs to be made.

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