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 Tween (pre-teen daughter) questions !!
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Posted - 03/10/2011 :  8:24:27 PM  Show Profile  Send JimmieMac51 a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Truthfulchat, I'd worry about your religous zealots, preachers, preachers kids, and priests before I'd worry about the nudist population.

I grew up in a conservative family, went to church every Sunday, belonged to the country club. When my sister turned 40, the rest of the family found a new meaning for "Daddy's Girl". It seems she was molested by him since she was 4. All the fancy cloths, education, sermons in church never prepared us for that!


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Posted - 05/26/2011 :  12:31:01 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by truthfulchat

Was a daunting issue when I came up with trying to make it illegal for children to do nude photos ...

SCENARIO: If the technology exists which allows a minor child to operate a digital camera, smartphone with camera or other imaging device, they will eventually be taking pictures of themselves naked.

SOLUTION: As a society we cannot make performing a task that is as simple as turning on a lightswitch illegal. These modern photographic devices are extremely user-friendly and I believe the only way to prevent them from being used for naked pictures is if the software is made smarter. What exists now is facial recognition software, and I do not believe there would be any limitation to making a device with "body recognition" or "flesh-tone recognition" capabilities. The question about this then becomes, 'Should device manufacturers build in this *anti-pornography* capability?'

I believe many societies spend to much time attempting to legislate morality rather than teaching it to young people BEFORE they are faced with making a decision themselves.

The nudists I know and have associated with over the past twenty-four years have appeared to be responsible, observant and careful when it comes to their children's behavior. So I do not see any need to enact a special law targeting the taking of naked pictures BY children (or of children). This is something that ALL responsible adults must educate children on when giving them that first camera-equipped cellphone.
(sorry this is almost entirely off topic...)

topfreemom, run your household the way that makes you comfortable and keep an open door policy for questions, concerns and answers.

I believe many parents may be shutting their children out when it comes to communicating, and need to coach themselves not to be embarrassed about discussing any subject with which the child is concerned. Parents are the child's "gateway" to the world of adulthood, and if parents don't make the effort to discuss "touchy" and difficult subjects, the children WILL find the answers they want elsewhere. Mom, dad, wouldn't it be better to KNOW what they're learning about in all areas rather than allowing some mish-mash of information to fill their brain?

A recent Special Edition magazine on brain development is on newsstands now, and one of the subjects it covers is teenager mental development and capacities. The article describes the ages of 7 to 14 as being the most important years of brain development a child will live through. By age 14, the article reads the brain begins "pruning" off the neurons it does not need for decision making and thought processes. Furthermore, the pruning is all done by age 20. So if this article's information is correct, the teenage daughter of age 10 is in a critically important stage in her physiological development. I won't write any more on this point, but getting the Special Edition for $8.99 (US) may really be worth it for parents of 7 to 10 year olds.

My only experience with parenting is from the perspective of the child (e.g. my own recollections of things my parents never taught me!) However my parents and grandparents equipped me with a good basic education and a desire to learn things completely on my own; along with a willingness to help others whenever possible! So now as a step-dad, adopted grandfather and uncle I am trying to "be there" for family members and friends in the nudist community.

Equip your children to form good questions, seek information, analyze the information and match-up the answer piece to the questions they (themselves) formed and YOU will have a well-equipped child.

The foundation of self-proving logic is something like, "If A = B, and B = C, then A also equals C" is something more schools need to teach earlier. In social nudism we might structure an argument like this, "If clothing-free feels good, and touching without permission is feels bad, then... It does not matter what I'm wearing if I don't want to be touched!" --- A truth that contains its own justification.

"If I want to take a naked picture of myself, but I do not know how to protect it from being copied off of my phone/camera, then I should not being taking ANY chance by taking the picture in the first place." Even the most careful child could/might drop their gadget while personal/private images are stored on it, and they might never get it back.

Thanks, I hope this thinking is useful to someone.


"Why didn't I think of going nude sooner?!"

Edited by - Centauri4 on 05/26/2011 12:40:56 AM

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