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 Sun Meadow, Idaho
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Posted - 09/01/2018 :  12:59:38 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This last August (2018), I had the pleasure of spending four days at Sun Meadow resort in Idaho. I really can't compare their resort to others as this was my first visit to a non-textile resort, however I don't think I could have chosen a nicer place for my first nude vacation.

Getting there was pretty easy. I live in western Montana so I wanted to visit a resort that was within a few hours drive time. Basically just go to Coeur d'Alene and then take Highway 95 south for about a half hour. When I arrived, I was given a full tour both inside and out. The resort has on-site camping and places for tents and RV's, but I chose to stay in one of their rooms upstairs. The rooms aren't too different from a hotel room, but it feels a little more like home. The room was very clean and comfortable with a view that overlooked a garden area to the west. The room had its own bathroom with shower and sink, and towels are provided.

I didn't plan on spending much time in my room though. The first thing I did was take a hike. SM is surrounded by several miles of hiking trails. They have maps both in their office and hanging on the wall that show their trail network. The trails are easy to walk, so you really don't need heavy hiking boots or anything. I just wore basic trail shoes and they worked perfect. For the most part the trails are either dirt, small stones or grass. Some areas are under a canopy of trees and bushes, while other parts are in more open meadows. There's some wildlife in there, mainly deer. If anyone wants to hike, try going early in the morning, 6-7am. There's one section where you climb up a little hill and then come around a curve. When you get to the top you suddenly have the early morning sun shining right on you. If you decide to hike in the evening, take a small LED flashlight with you. It got dark real quick on me one night. If I didn't have my flashlight, I would have had a difficult time finding my way back to the resort. In all, one loop around the trail network took me about 30 minutes. The trails are fenced, so you don't have to worry about wandering on to someone else's property.

The swimming pools are nice. The indoor pool is heated to a very comfortable temperature. The depth is roughly 4-4.5 feet deep end to end. Indoor showers are located in an adjacent room. I liked the location of the indoor pool. From my room upstairs, I walked down into the lobby and then through a short hallway. The pool was located right off an entertainment/TV room. There's also a sauna located adjacent to the pool. Outside, you'll find a good size hot tub, and then out beyond the patio is the outdoor U-shaped pool. The depth on this one ranges from zero entry to about 6 feet. The pool deck is surrounded with lounge chairs, as well as some covered areas if you want to get out of the sun. Showers are located next to the pool, as are restrooms. They also have volleyball and pickleball courts, shuffleboard, horseshoes, etc. There's also a gazebo near the pool to sit and visit with friends or other guests. The back of the lodge has a full-length deck that overlooks a tree-lined patio and the outdoor pool. A propane BBQ is available for guests use, and a play area for kids is located next to the patio. Both the outdoor pool and the hot tub are enclosed by a fence for child safety.

Inside, SM has a refrigerator/freezer just for guests, so you can put meals or drinks in there during your stay. If you choose to bring a cooler, they sell bagged ice for a couple dollars. They also have an assortment of soft drinks and energy drinks, as well as a variety of ice cream desserts. Guests can also sign up for meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, however a microwave is available if you want to heat up your own meals. The lobby on the main floor includes a dining area, seating for watching TV on a front projection screen, a stage for live music, and a fireplace. There's also a library located just off the lobby that includes thousands of titles. Upstairs on one side of the building you'll find a well equipped workout room that overlooks the indoor pool. On the other side of the building upstairs are the guest rooms and a small common area with seating and a TV. Wi-Fi is available inside the lodge and a little ways outside towards the pool.

Overall, the hospitality was wonderful, and everyone was very friendly. When I went to leave, they said they thought I had left because they never saw me, but its mainly because I spent most of my time either hiking, swimming or relaxing out by the pool. This was one of the best vacations I've ever taken. Even though I was only there for a few days, it felt like a few weeks just because of how relaxing and enjoyable it was. As I mentioned earlier, I couldn't have asked for a better place for my first nude experience.

As far as being naked 24/7 in a social setting for the first time, I really began to appreciate just how much simpler things are when you donít have to deal with clothes. When I wanted to go swimming at 10pm, I simply left my room naked, walked down to the pool, showered and got in the water. No swimsuit to change into, and no soggy, wet clothes to deal with afterwards. Same for using the sauna or hot tub. Every morning I got out of bed, walked downstairs and showered outside by the pool and then went for a swim without ever having to get undressed. So not having to get dressed or undressed all the time is a HUGE convenience. And, no laundry to deal with when you get back home, haha. Thereís also nothing that compares to sunbathing completely bare. It just feels amazing. I was surprised at how comfortable I was regardless of the temperature. I hiked during a light rain shower one morning when it was 60 degrees and I sunbathed when it was 86, but it all felt the same to me, never hot or cold. I was also perfectly comfortable inside the building. For the most part I grew accustomed to being naked in the company of others. The only time I felt a little uncomfortable was when I would have to go downstairs to use the microwave to cook up a meal. It took some time for me to get used to the idea of standing there in front of the microwave without any clothes on for five minutes with other people around. After a couple times though I got accustomed to it and didnít give it a second thought, so its true what they say about how you eventually forget you're not wearing any clothes. I have a few body piercings. I wasn't sure if I should remove them or leave them alone. In the end I left them as-is. No one seemed to have any issues with them. One person asked me about them, and I was happy to answer his questions. I saw one other person with piercings while I was there.

As far as the weather, it was pretty good. There was a light rain shower one morning, but other than that it was 85-90 every afternoon, about 75 in the evening, and then about 60 in the morning. There was usually a light breeze blowing out by the pool every day, which felt great! There was a little smoke in the area that was coming from the wildfires in Oregon and California, but it wasn't enough to cause any problems. The one thing to be cautious of are bees. The staff and volunteers do a great job controlling them, but if you take any sweet drinks outside, make sure they're in sealed containers. I took a can of Coke out to the pool and within a few minutes I had bees crawling into the can. Luckily I saw them go in there. A plastic bottle or a cup with a screw-on lid would be a better choice there.

All in all, I had a really nice time at Sun Meadow. After spending a little over three days completely naked, I really hated to have to get dressed again, but I can always plan to come back next summer. Sorry for such a long review, but Sun Meadow, their staff and hospitality are worth it. I'm sure I left something out. If you're planning on visiting their resort and want to know more, please feel free to contact me.

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Nude in AK
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Posted - 09/12/2018 :  01:30:13 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It sounds like you had a good time. Thanks for the report. We drive through that area every couple years, so maybe there might be a chance to visit there.

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Posted - 09/13/2018 :  6:44:28 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I had a great time, definitely one of the best vacations I've ever taken. Looking forward to returning next summer.

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