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 Nudism and The Law
 Latest Nudist Law Updates
 constitutional contradiction.
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Posted - 05/10/2018 :  11:41:13 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Please forgive me if this has been talked about before. I have seen and read many stories about things like the 10 commandments being removed from court houses with the reason of separation between church and state being used, in the same breath when asked why simple nudity is illegal, I have heard some bring up Biblical laws and interpretation. So, it is ok to scream separation between church and state but use Biblical interpretation to have a law in place? the idea that the areas of the human body are dirty makes no sense either, i bathe like most everyone else, bring on the next argument, gotta protect children from seeing these areas, whats that? they have these parts too? not to mention, they have seen mom and dads or brother and sisters? Sorry for my rant but sometimes the human mind is a strange thing for me to try to understand.

Not new here, I usd to have the s/n loves2bnude

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Nude in AK
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Posted - 05/10/2018 :  1:35:58 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Interesting topic! It is amazing the different take that some have on our life style! My wife has talked to some, LEO's and such, that have told her that people can not expect to have private time on their own place. On the other hand I have talked with LEO's and some in the legal profession, that feel and say differently. Our place is on the end of the road and once the leaves come out on the trees, one does not have a direct view on to our place. So for now I have to be content with a few nude hikes, a little nude time in the house and being able to spend some nude time with friends that have a large wooded place.

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Posted - 05/10/2018 :  5:47:41 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Sounds strange, how can nudity be an issue in your own yard if no-one else can see you.

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Posted - 05/10/2018 :  6:03:28 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
theres a cartoon that pretty much somes up the back yard issue, it shows a family of nudists in their own back yard, neighbors looking over the ( +/- 15 ft privacy fence and complaining about the nekkid people. seems there is reality in such a cartoon.

Not new here, I usd to have the s/n loves2bnude

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Posted - 05/11/2018 :  9:33:51 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
This topic has been discussed on many nudist websites, forums and message boards. The tone is usually the same by most of those that participate in the discussion but it seems that some nudists actually change their tone on the subject on other discussions. Religion, politics and upbringing play a huge part in who we are and how we feel about various issues and it can be confusing to some that keep their philosophical opinions throughout any and all discussions and others who seem to change with the tide or if a particular topic gets under ones skin.

Case in point; The Constitution is almost always referred to for various reasons to strengthen one's argument for their side of the debate but if the other side tries to use the same document and argue for their side of the debate, The Constitution is being misused or misinterpreted. There is a separation of church and state but I suspect that there are quite a few, many, lots of nudists that want prayer in schools and school functions ... which prayer? Which God? Which religion? It's okay if it's your religion and God we are praying to.

I find the reference to "The Founding Fathers" wanting something a specific way in the Constitution, argument, to be without hypocrisy. First; how do we REALLY know what the founding fathers meant on passages within the Constitution? Guns, religion, acceptance of ALL and ALL are created equal ... many hypocrisies within those that hold that document up as the answer to all but don't follow it completely when it doesn't serve them specifically. It is a living document!

"The Constitution is referred to as a living document because it is open to constant change whether by ratifying the Constitution with a new amendment or by repealing anů existing amendment. Consequently, as time goes on and new issues and concerns arise, the Constitution can be changed to meet the demands of the present and future."

Given our background and how we as a nation began, it's no wonder there is such an issue with simple nudity in this country. The very religious convictions some nudists may have are completely differernt from those within their very religion but are devout textiles and think nudity is a sin, dirty, wrong ... divisiveness even within those in the same religion and political base. Too many people thinking that their way is the right way and the only way.

The cleanliness argument; I would bet my life that the vast majority of nudists are far more cleanly about their genitals and anal area than the vast majority of textiles but because nudist's genitals and anal area are exposed, they pose a much more chance of exposing others to their areas of bodily waste. Dumb argument but you'll not get most textiles to even discuss this topic.

The Children; Children are natural born nudists. From an early age, they resist clothing and are much happier being naked. One of the problems is that, children aren't born potty trained. From early on, they are in diapers. Some are in diapers and training pants for a few years, others not as long. It's almost like they are trained from the beginning that they need to wear something covering their genitalia and butt. Our girls grew up as nudists but always seemed to look for those panties when they didn't need them. It was not an easy sell to convince them they didn't always need them. Our grandkids have been expose to our lifestyle and they also enjoy it but aren't nudists like we are.

Still see mom and dad naked; yes, to this day, our girls and grandkids and one son in law have seen us naked, vacationed with us to a nude beach resort in the Caribbean and skinny dip at their home's. When they are here, we don't expose them to nudity in common areas of our home. It makes them feel uncomfortable in those situations but out around the pool, in the hot tub or the nude beach, they are fine with it. They do still, however, walk in on us in our bathroom and see us naked most of the time when they visit.

Sorry for the long rant!

Loves being naked. Plays well with others!

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Posted - 05/12/2018 :  7:24:09 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Reminds me of a situation is was in many years ago (mid 1980's) and was working for local government in a large city. We received a complaint about some building work by a woman regarding her neighbours. I had to investigate and met the woman at her house. She showed me into her laundry where she had a chair beside her washing machine (she would have been mid 70's I'm guessing) and climbed up to the washing machine and said I could see the neighbours building work from there, she got down I got up and sure enough there was work going on. She then complained and those men walk around naked all the time, every time I look over the fence I see them naked. I think I advised that we would talk to them about the building work and if she didn't want to see them naked maybe don't look into their property.

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