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Forum Member

Posted - 11/29/2005 :  9:54:34 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
All through my teens and up till now I have had the natural look. I did trim once in a while to. Finally after my frieds talked me inot it and i noticed how nice they looked without pubic hair i finally got rid of my pubes. I can finally join the smoothie club!
I like the look and love the feal. I dont know how i can ever go back! :)

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New Member

Posted - 11/30/2005 :  07:15:32 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hello One & All, I am a recent addition to the site. Still learning my way around, but since I stumbled onto this thread...

I have been keeeping myself smooth for about ten years, ( started out slowly with it in 1993) and it sort of expanded over time to include all pubic hair. It was a long learning process on how to do this, and not have it take hours, and be all sorts of troubles with "bumps and cuts", but I finally figured it out! I really like being smooth, in all respects.

I tried all sorts of ways and methods, and have found found that routine maintenance every 3 days with a god electric shaver and a weekend sit down and go over my scrotum with a conventiional double blade razor works best for me. Maybe it's not the place to suggest a "name brand" product here, but I recently bought a Braun "Activator" shaver, for my face, after a number of years with a triple header rotary, and this Braun is fabulous. It works just as well for the smoothie shaving, too!

anyhow, there's my first post, and I look forward to many more! See you all in some of the other areas.

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Peter Pan
Forum Member

Posted - 01/15/2006 :  05:05:34 AM  Show Profile  Send Peter Pan an AOL message  Send Peter Pan a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
hello everyone! i'm so excited to find this forum!! i have been a nudist for about 10 years, i started with my younger brother back when we first got AOL..needless to say, it was also about the time of puberty, and i was not a fan of my pubic hair (although my brother, not having any, loved it) and so i've been shaving it off and on since then. i'm fairly light haired, in that when i do shave it actually looks natural on me cause i have sparse and light leg hair, and pretty much no chest hair. sometimes i leave a puff on the base, sometimse an exclaimation point, or sometimes an arrow pointing down with a thin landing strip going up. i use an electric beard trimmer for the initial shave, and then i follow up with a mach 3, or anything really. i just use shampoo as a shaving cream, works great. anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and let you all know how much i look forward to posting on such a great forum!

~Petey Pan~

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Forum Member

Posted - 01/17/2006 :  7:19:17 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I don't know, folks, but it still seems that shaving one's pubic hair is a form of exhibitionism.

But then, if a guy's face is clean shaven, does that mean he's trying to bring attention to his chin?

Edited by - GeeWilly on 01/18/2006 4:07:07 PM

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/25/2006 :  07:19:20 AM  Show Profile  Visit solarg8r's Homepage  Send solarg8r a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
What exactly defines one as a smoothie? Am I considered a smoothie if I only shave my pubic area? I shave my pubic area, but have a beard and fairly hairy chest & underarms. I tried shaving my chest, but to be honest, I could never get used to the towel sticking to my chest whenever I was wet and was drying off. Having my chest hair allows the towel to move much more freely over my chest, and to be quite honest, having no chest hair felt a little creepy to me. The look was fine, but I just could never get used to no chest hair when I was wet. Do any other guys here get that same feeling?

Follow the link & find me in the Photo Gallery -

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/25/2006 :  9:44:12 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
OK here we go, I think being a smoothie is just like being a nudist, its because you want to be. I have been smooth for years, some times just the pubes and some times all of the body hair. It just feel good! G.F.s have mixed opinions some tried it some didn't. But like the old man once said try it you might like it.

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Forum Member

Posted - 04/11/2006 :  12:07:11 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I shave completely every day. I've been doing so for four years now. Like most who shave, I love the feel and the look. I doubt I'll ever go back.

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New Member

Posted - 05/06/2006 :  2:50:21 PM  Show Profile  Visit mustang_lex's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I am smooth from chest to testicles. I have hair on my legs and little on my chest. I was gifted not to have hair grow on my shoulders or back. :) I used to use a Mach 3 but still got blisters in the waist area. I was a devoted Mach 3 razor until I got the BodyBare for my wife then tried it on my self. Needless to say I will never go back to a razor except my face. I love it so much!!!

Alex SAVED ME! Serious. no razor on me anymore

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/31/2006 :  12:23:27 AM  Show Profile  Send jherazob a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by mustang_lex

I was a devoted Mach 3 razor until I got the BodyBare for my wife then tried it on my self. Needless to say I will never go back to a razor except my face. I love it so much!!!

I've been seriously thinking of buying it to do the scrotum since i haven't been able to wax it (been waxing the rest of the area except for a small patch on top of it all to give it personality ), and dislike the itching that normally happens the very same day after you shave, so a shaver that works well there without suffering so that i could use it daily without worry would be nice.

Now the comment. Do you think it'd be bad to also use it on the face? I've also been waxing the beard (unbelievably it hurts much more than all the pubic area combined) just to get rid of the bad reaction and skin trouble i normally get from shaving it, and wonder if the bodybare would also work there without risking it or reducing it's life.

"Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something."
Robert Heinlein

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New Member

Posted - 05/31/2006 :  06:14:41 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
i'm smooth for a pretty long time, i did leave sometimes a little patch and shaved it after a while.
i couldn't decide what i did like more and felt comfortable with.
i'm smooth now and i think i don't wanna go back. i love the feel and look being smooth.
much easyer and faster to shave smooth instead of shaving arround a little patch.

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New Member

Posted - 06/03/2006 :  12:12:46 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I was doing the same thing....Left a small patch above the shaft.. Too much work to keep the look defined. Took it all off, totally smooth, and WOW now wondering why I didnt do this sooner...FEELS awesome.

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Forum Member

Posted - 06/04/2006 :  4:52:27 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I am smooth from my nose to my toes and have been for many years. A few yearts ago OI started using an epilator and I LOVE the results. I admit the first couple of times it hurt a lot. After that the pain became less and less ans in a short time there was no pain at all. The best thing about the epilator is after usinf it for a while the hair comes back much slower and thinner. Ther is no stubble because the hair that does grow back isnew hair and it is soft. My pubic area has all but stopped growing hair. It seems taht way because I only go over it a couple of times a monthand I see no hair ther before I do. I think being totally smooth looks so much better and so does my wife. I still do my legs evey other day but the hair is hardly visable. I could probably go a couple of weeks before I would see the hair easily, but I prefer to do it on a regular basis. About a year ago I started using it on my face. Talk about pain!!!!The pain did go away after several uses and now allght tug when the hai I feel is a slight tug when a hair comes out.

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Forum Member

Posted - 06/04/2006 :  6:57:10 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
After our big "Labor Day Shaving Party" last year, my wife and I let it grow. When we went to DS this Spring we saw that we were in the minority, so when we were in the "left coast", we did the deed.

We have been shaved since April, and I think we are starting to get the feel for it.

This will be the first summer in years that we will be "smooth" in many a year.

If the weather ever breaks here in the Northeast, we hope to go to our fav. club.

It will be interesting to see if the "smooth club" has gained any new members during the cold months.


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Forum Member

Posted - 06/07/2006 :  12:44:25 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Enjoy, Cookie. It's a great feeling! Keep us updated.


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New Member

Posted - 06/11/2006 :  9:49:39 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
When you talk about head to toe, are you including the rear area? I always have a hard time deciding where to stop between my legs and as the stubble grown back it rubs in a bad way (between my legs)!! I have never gone further than the front area between my legs. Anyone have any advice for going further back?? My wife like things smooth, but donít want to do anything I will regret. Also, any men done a brazilyn wax? I found a professional salon in my area that offers this service for women and men. The technician I talked to said that they have many men requesting the full brazilin wax -- but I did not ask if this includes the "rear" area.

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