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 Nude Beach Conduct - "Lewd It And Lose It"
 Beach Etiquette: Nude and Non-Nude
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baie rouge nudists
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Posted - 08/13/2013 :  12:50:20 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hopefully, we will hear from our fellow nudists that have been affected by the closure of LightHouse beach on Fire Island.
This past weekend, we went to our local beach which is Riis Park. As nudists and supportors of LightHouse,(following NAC's le minimum request there) we went here due to time constraints as we live close by. Our hope is to let people (FINS and Park Rangers) see how unfair this is to those of us who enjoy being naked at the beach.
We sat at the eastern part of Riis because this is where a woman can go topless without being leered at and a man can wear a brief bottom without being ridiculed.
While there, we noticed, people carrying on foolishly and in a somwhat rowdy manner. There was loud music, alcohol in excess,pot smoking, and total disregard to fellow beach-goers nearby. When we left, we noticed others leave their refuse behind. We are not saying this was ALL the beach-goers there, but a good majority.
Therefore, I feel I must ask as well as try to inform; what is the purpose of preventing nude use of at LightHouse? I'm not saying it doesn't happen there, but we do notice that nudists are more considerate of others when enjoying the beach, we clean up after ourselves and we don't disrespect our fellow nudists with loud music or foolish and inconsiderate behavior. It is the small minority that go to LightHouse that ruin it. We need a beach model like Haulover in Florida. Why do those in charge refuse to compromise and help?
We need to let others know that FINS, and others who wish to destroy nude status at LH are being punitive. They fail to realize that public beaches where people wear swimsuits are creating problems for the majority as well. Their justification for refusing nude use is unfounded. We are being punished because we would rather not wear swimsuits but rather enjoy sunning, swimming, and playing naked at the beach. Please visit Save Lighthouse Beach. org and please support the the Naturist Action Committe and help us get Lighthouse back to nude use for next summer. This attack on nudists is very unfair and disheartening.

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Posted - 08/15/2013 :  12:59:54 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi I'd just like to comment
As a nudist I like your comment, it hits home problems that are starting to rise within the nudist communities. Everyone should be able to do as they please when and where they please it. Unfortunately a few bad eggs have got into the basket. I have been to beaches where it dominated by men, others dominated by couples and others by families, all happily mixing with textiles.
I went to a local municipality meeting a couple of years ago and on the agenda was the closure of the local clothing optional beach. The reason given for the motion to close the beach was based on sexual penetration complaints. I have to admit until that point I had never really paid much attention to such happenings. Thankfully the motion was denied, but from that point on I started noticing sexual acts happening all around and not just limited to the local beach in question.
My point being (at last hahaha) should the average nudist be more involved in the control of such instances ? Has nudist etiquette reached an all time low and spoiling it for everyone?
Please don't read this the wrong way, red blood courses through my veins. I'm quite happy for my wife to hold onto the things she loves the most, I don't even have a problem with guy's standing to attention, but penetrative sex in any orifiss is a step too far. Especially when there is a family (that couldn't care less if your naked) is no more than 25 feet away. Worst still how could a local government support such cases happening.
Whilst I support nudism whole heartedly and enjoy being naked, some how we need to clean up nudist etiquette. Even if we petition local governments to display signs that clearly state what should not be done, it can only be a step in the right direction for our cause.
More so count me in on any petition to save any nudist beach including lighthouse :-) and wish you the best of luck with your lighthouse cause :-)

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