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 Stories - My First Time As A Nudist
 My First Social Nude event
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New Member

Posted - 06/24/2013 :  4:06:48 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Hi I am sort of new to the site. Previous username was ninjaroo but I couldn't get logged in.

So here is the story of my first social nude event that happened last friday and saturday.

I got the idea about a year ago to run a nude 5k so I hunted and event down as close to my house as possible. I then recruited a high school track teammate to run as well. She was excited and agreed to come along and bring a friend.

Friday I drove up to Coventry Resort in Milton Vt. Checked in and I have say I gasped a bit when I walked in and saw four naked people in the registration office but that wore off quickly. I got all registered and paid up and got taken to my cabin and then did a golf cart tour of the grounds.

Back to my cabin I went and stripped down instantly and walked back out. WOW so freeing and exhilarating. As I walked back to the registration cabin I saw one of the owners she seemed surprised to see me walking the ground naked so quickly. But I continued on and got my questions sorted out.
Then back to the cabin and sat outside for a bit to soak it all in. Then went off and bought a pizza ate that outdoors nude fun time.

Later there was a bocci ball type game going on so I ventured up to see what was going on. Within a couple mins I was speaking with a few people and about 20 min later we were all invited back to a cabin for some food and drinks.
The couple were great and so were the other guests they went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. We were clothed by that point due to the temp.
Later as that party wrapped up and i was still waiting for my friend to arrive the owner invited me to hang out by the fire for my friends. 1:30 arrived andI got a text saying they were lost and checked into a hotel. So off to bed i went.

7am I got up and wandered nude to the public outdoor showers (that was different) then wandered down to the beach and just relaxed. I loved every second of that.
Later my firends arrive and i greated them nude I hadn't seen her in 20 years so that was a bit different.
We walked the running trail me nude and them clothed and later got ready for the race.
45 min before the race they stripped. We hung out and waited.
Race time came and about 40 people queued up.
Off we went. That was great fun and totally exhausting. My friend finished 10 min before me and I finished before her friend. We hung out all sweaty for a bit then packed up and headed home.

All in all a great time and can now consider my self a nudist

Edited by - Ninjaroo2 on 06/28/2013 3:24:21 PM

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Forum Member

Posted - 06/27/2013 :  11:57:59 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
welcome to the nudist world and it didn't take no time to fit in, 5k races are fun and best thing no clothes to burden you down. if you live or close to Vermont you got it made as it has a very relaxed outlook on nudity and many places to be nude other than a nudist camp.

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Forum Member

Posted - 06/28/2013 :  2:58:53 PM  Show Profile  Send Diger a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
I've been wanting to go to one of those nude 5k races. Guess I need to get back to running and get back in shape for one.


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Forum Member

Posted - 06/28/2013 :  3:33:14 PM  Show Profile  Visit JCP's Homepage  Reply with Quote
It's great to hear a positive experience. Were your friends Naturists already or was it a first for you all?


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New Member

Posted - 07/01/2013 :  1:55:58 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My friend had been to a nude beach before but pretty much she was a free spirit

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Forum Member

Posted - 07/01/2013 :  2:46:27 PM  Show Profile  Visit JCP's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Hello again Ninjaroo2,

Thank you for the reply. Sounds like everything at the right time in the right place :-}

I have suggested to British Naturism a 'budy scheme' where anxious first timers can meet up with an established Naturist and be intorduced to their first public unveiling. I'm pleased to say they are considering it. A lot of new members who post speak of anxieties and I think it may be a way round it. I'm a home Naturist, last night I joked with a neighbour that we aught to go down to a Naturist beach and give it a go. She didn't say yes... but she didn't say no :-}


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Forum Member

Posted - 07/02/2013 :  12:41:49 PM  Show Profile  Visit JCP's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Perhaps not a social nude event but certainly not an antisocial one.

Today I had my first Skype conversation in the nude with a fellow Naturist. It was a comfortable and relaxed experience. I may not of left the house and gone to the nearest Naturist Beach but I'm certainly much more enthusiastic about the prospect. If I had left the house thermal underwear would have matched todays version of a British Summer!

Thank you Mike. If anybody has doubts it's a great first step and something I am looking forward to repeating. Our conection was based on words alone and the words were so easy.

If anybody else has anxieties it is an experience I will happily pass forwards, email me via the site or my email address on my profile. We didn't swap full frontal views and only saw each other from the waist up, standard webcam, but it broke down a barrier by taking nudity in the nude beyond the front door.

A happy JCP

Edited by - JCP on 07/06/2013 9:14:26 PM

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