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 Longest consecutive time spent nude?
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Posted - 02/20/2007 :  10:08:15 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Like many here, we are nude at home all the time. If we don't have to leave for any reason then we could be nude Thursday afternoon til Monday morning. This happens so often I don't think we realize that we haven't worn clothes for that long.

At resorts, we've been nude for as long as 5+ days straight. We go to Club Orient every year and meet friends. Unless we leave the resort and go into town, we are nude all the time. There are so many great places to eat and see on St. Martin that it's hard not to go for a ride in the evening with friends and check out some of those places.

We rarely wear much when we do leave. I wear a pair of loose shorts, flip flops and a hawaiian print shirt. My wife usually wears a very light sundress, sandles and nothing else. We're as naked wearing clothes as we can be.

We are gradually lengthening our stay at Club O. Next year we will be there for 2 weeks or more. With that, I think our time without clothes will lengthen as well. We are hoping for a time that we get there and never leave so we don't ever have to get dressed until we leave for the airport.

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/21/2007 :  08:18:14 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Greetings FireProf.

I know you have posted many times about Club Orient as well as others. I don't recall anyone saying what time of the year they, or you, were there.
So could anyone refresh my memory and share the time of year they were at Club Orient and when the cruise ships *aren't* there and when they think the best time of year it is to go there?

As for the longest time being nude for my wife and I ......... 4 days. But. Friday night until Monday morning, no clothes. We try to do our shopping and running around during the week so that we don't have to get dressed and go out........if possible. We have tinted windows in the house so the blinds can be open, during the day, letting in the light.

Our hang out is Cypress Cove. Another couple we know there, put in a camper at the camp ground. He is simi retired. Last summer, he spent 4 months at the cove without leaving the grounds once. He said that he loved it so much that he might do it again this year. His wife is ......err.....well, upset. <G> She says that she couldn't get him to take her anywhere because she couldn't get him dressed. We have to laugh about that every time the subject comes up.

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/22/2007 :  06:33:29 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

The Professor and I go every June.....usually the later part, anywhere from 7-10 days. We were suppose to stay for 15 days this year, mid June to the end but are anxiously awaiting arrival of our 4th grandchild during that time so our stay will be cut short....back to a week at the end of the month.

The cruise ships and the parade of gawkers can be endless during that time. Since that's the only time we go, I'm not sure what the cruise ship schedules are like during other times of the year. The best time of the year to go is during the winter months. It's quite a bit more expensive but the weather seems to be a bit nicer and you're not dealing with as much heat as during the summer.

During June, we do get some storms that come through. Some last for a few minutes, others last quite a bit longer. It can be cloudy and humid during June as well. We picked that time because of our work schedules. After meeting so many great people that became very close friends, we now all meet at Club O during this time every year, so we return each June for that reason in particular. June '07 will be our 5th year in a row.

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/27/2007 :  3:43:24 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Five days when on a trip to Europe last year. Sometimes in summer when it's warm I will spend the entire weekend nude if I can, but I live in midtown, so there is a lot to do while clothed as well.

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n/a 04jan08

Posted - 02/28/2007 :  4:20:58 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
4 days in Greece Mykonos. except when traveling from hotel to beaches and back again. but in the hotel room and terrace nude.

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Forum Member

Posted - 02/28/2007 :  5:09:43 PM  Show Profile  Send naturalgar a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
Four Days...on a secluded beach in Bermuda.

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Forum Member

Posted - 03/07/2007 :  3:41:42 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Unfortunately, the longest I have ever been nude is only 2 days. But I plan on beating my record this summer!


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Jim in Boston
Forum Member

Posted - 03/07/2007 :  10:06:02 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by bzzlzz

Hi everyone, I'm brand new here, and I thought I'd kick things off with a general question/conversation starter:

What's the longest consecutive time you have spent nude?

I don't mean how long you've been a nudist, etc. but what's the longest you've gone without putting a single piece of clothing on (besides some socks maybe)


Three weeks. One on a boat (Bandaloop) and then two at Club Orient. Unbroken because the crew of Bandaloop left us on the Club Orient beach, from where we checked into the hotel still nude. We finally put on clothes and left SXM just about a week before Luis trashed the island in 1995. We may challenge the fates again one day soon.

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New Member

Posted - 03/09/2007 :  6:08:00 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Fifteen days, walked through the entrance to Flevo Natuur in Holland, into the bungalow, clothes off, not on again till leaving.Sunbathe, swim, eat in the restaurant or just chatting over a few beers in the bar without a stitch of clothing,perfect''

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New Member

Posted - 03/15/2007 :  5:28:00 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
im almost always nude apart from when i have to wear clothes

who needs it?

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/09/2007 :  1:37:44 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
A few years ago I restored our very private lake shore beach with 5 dump truck loads of sand. Nude entire time except for a loose-fitting old bikini briefly worn each time when loading the tractor bucket with sand at the edge of the highway. Spreading and leveling was hot hard work, but pleasant and cooler in the buff. Frequent dunks in the lake unattired meant rapid and convenient drying. Retaining sunscreen with such exertion was a challenge.

Almost a week naked. Tanned without tan lines. No distractions from visitors. Putting clothes on to leave seemed foreign and rather unpleasant.

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/10/2007 :  3:56:44 PM  Show Profile  Click to see EuroTim's MSN Messenger address  Send EuroTim a Yahoo! Message  Reply with Quote
For me, two weeks at La Sabliére near Barjac, France last summer (2006). Cottage, beach, supermarket, restaurants, all the time, everywhere. These's nothing like it!

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Forum Member

Posted - 05/20/2007 :  01:03:03 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
My wife and i spent 7 days straght nude at solair in CT
got a bit chilly at night but well worth it

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Forum Member

Posted - 03/16/2008 :  11:03:22 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
When camping at a club 3-4 days,anymore and I get restless and stir crazy in one place.

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Forum Member

Posted - 03/17/2008 :  07:37:00 AM  Show Profile  Visit Phydeau's Homepage  Reply with Quote
So far, 3 days is the record. Been there a few times, though.

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